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I can’t recommend more strongly NOT to attend Cortiva Seattle. Very disorganized and run like a business - a badly run business. Very fake admissions person all hugs...but cleverly did not provide anyone with copies of the contracts. Especially the part about paying full tuition even if you leave 1/2 way through. I had to do that and had to pay thousands to them. Whic I did in full and with a copy of my zero balance statement. Then 3 months later I start getting calls from a collection agency. Cortiva admitted their error. All I can think is what is going on there that they can’t get their records straight. And who wants their personal and financial data to be in the hands of people this incompetent?
Cortiva institute is a great school. They make you feel welcomed as soon as you come in. Before I arrived at that school I was extremely nervous, didn't know what to expect and how to afford it. They explained the whole program to me, let me tour the school, and they helped me come up with the best way to pay for my school! during the tour, i met some of the teachers and they were so informative. Just by the 20 min tour i have learned so much already! i cannot wait to start this journey with Cortiva!
Scam artists disguised as education. Filthy environment ripe with sexual discrimination, racism and disability discrimination. It is a waste of your money to attend this school.
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Because of my current schedule the full time program at Cortiva fits very well into my life. But if is easy to tell that by only offering full time days or part time nights and not a combination of the two makes the school very demanding schedule wise and it would not be easy for some students to adapt their lives around it without making major changes.
They offer specific courses in order to complete state certification exams. Also the whole program is tailored to the specific requirements of Washington State. I have had multiple friends who completed this program and successfully started a career as an LMP, which played no small part in my choice to attend.
The program is very hands on, which is the way I like to learn. I feel like I am being personally attended to and am learning practical skills. Some very in depth anatomy and medical classes makes it hard on some students who approach this as a trade school without much interest in those fields.
Cortiva does everything that you need to become licensed and prepared and benefits from being located in a city with very good well paying job prospects for graduates who apply themselves.
Since my school only offers one major I will simply say that after lots of research I believe it is the best program in the Washington area. Only one other school came close to being as well suited for my needs as well as being respected by working therapists and alumni who I spoke to.
The classes are great and I love the program, however they don't have much flexibility for scheduling because it is an intensive program.
You only have two options for classes, day time, or night time. If you are planning to work or have a family, this can cause some minor issues. It does help for planning however, and having a set schedule is helpful.
The online resources are easy to use and easy to access.
The team here does an excellent job of ensuring job prospects and keeping you aware of events/career postings.
Everything has been great so far! The staff and students have been phenomenal and supportive, and the resources available are easy to access and easy to use!
As long as you truly apply yourself, you will be able to take the skills you learn here in to any applicable employment opportunities. The school does a great job of keeping you up to date on potential employment opportunities, and has regular job fairs etc.
There is a definite sense of work/life balance here, and the team provides so many opportunities to find employment.
From day one, the staff at this school made me feel welcome and cared for. There is a genuine

"doors open" feel about this place, meaning no questions are unwelcome, and you can talk to pretty much anyone. A lot of the enrollment staff have actually been through the course and done massage themselves, so you have so much extra support available.
The school includes every possible thing that you will need to know or you'll encounter once you leave. The professors share their own personal stories and experience when they were in school, they offer tips to be stay on top the work we may have. The work load isn't too bad to where it can't be done, that's more of telling yourself it can be down and it has to be done.
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It's honestly feels like you're not alone. Everyone is in the same study as you so there's a lot of help and support .
The computer networking is good, it's open for students doing research. The speed is good, nothing to complain about.
All the resource center you need are available for you to use. The staff at each center are there to help with anything you need. My favorite is the library, it is filled with all sorts of books and studies having to do with massage therapy.The librarian is super nice and attentive.
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