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The computer network is limited and the wifi is so weak we have to use the one from the business next door.
I will never forget the first time I toured the campus. I was initially unimpressed with the facilities until they showed me around and interviewed ME! They made it clear that they aren't about the money students bring to the institution, they care about whether or not you will succeed and if you will contribute in a positive manner to the school. It was the first time I'd found a school that was more about the students and learning than the money and that's what convinced me to choose Cortiva.
Campus is small so there isn't much for resources but the faculty and administration can readily point you in the right direction to find things like computers and printing off campus.
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Cortiva is an institute not a University so there are much for social activities but what sets Cortiva apart from other schools I think is the level of commitment to its students not just on an academic level but on a personal level. They keep track of everyone's progress and lives outside of school so they can help keep everyone on track and happy. They even have programs for students who lose their jobs, lose their homes, etc. Cortiva cares far more than I've ever seen a school care before.
Classes are not flexible, you must be on time or you have to make up the hours another time due to the program needing to be exactly 720 hours to meet licensing requirements. The teachers and staff are understanding in some cases but they do not like tardiness or lack of attendance so make sure you are prepared to miss NO class.
The worth of the program most definitely meets or exceeds the tuition required. If nothing else, the fact that you are licensed to practice Massage Therapy in the state of Arizona at the end of the program makes the school more than worth it. The only unexpected fees I found out were for things like sheets and lotions but they are minor.
The student body is diverse across the board including Ethnically, Sexually, Economically, Politically, even diverse in body type. Most are introverted but there are a few class clowns and everyone is there to eventually get a job so are pretty focused.
Post-graduate services are top notch at Cortiva. You have assistance in Licensing, finding a job in a field of your interest and expertise, and even help if you are wanting to work in a different state; each state has their own requirements for Massage Therapists. The only thing I wish they had was more than one person working in their Career Services Dept.
Cortiva's academics are some of the best. While earning your initial certification for liscensure you learn Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, and Prenatal massage techniques; all of your basic modalities. With these you have the potential to work anywhere. On top of the basic curriculum you are also eligible for Continuing Education Courses in subjects such as Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Russian Sports Massage, extended studies in Prenatal and Deep Tissue, and many others. These courses are taught by experts in their fields but are not simply about the physical aspect of the massage but also the deeper feeling, energy, and culture behind the types of massage, which are all important for proper execution. Registering for classes is a breeze because your curriculum is set for you in a logical order so the classes tie into each other. As for the teachers, they are all working Massage Therapists, even the front office personnel are, which gives them an inside knowledge of what they are teaching.
My school has only one program but it is an excellent one. You learn all your basic techniques for performing an effective and enjoyable massage while also preparing to enter the work force right out of school. Outside of the classroom you get working experience while working in the school's Massage Clinic as well as working at various events around town such as Expos, Races, etc. Upon graduation you are assisted by expert career services in finding not just work but work in the area of YOUR interest; they are always telling us, "You perform best in the environment that makes you the happiest." After graduating and beginning to work Cortiva still continues to support you with Continuing Education Courses, which are needed to keep you licensed, and the courses are taught by both instructors at the institute and world renown experts in their moralities. Cortiva is a phenomenal institution and I would recommend it to anyone looking to become a Massage Therapist.
At Cortiiva Institute in Scottsdale. the class sizes are very small. The teachers are passionate about teaching with a very hands on approach as well as a great visual approach to teaching. The Class load is always four classes at a time and is a 11 month program total. This will make it very easy to acquire my major in being a licensed massage therapist. Registration was a breeze, I had Shawn the only school interviewer, help me fill out everything, once he felt that I was a right fit for the school. Cortiva goes through a physiological exam towards all the students before bringing them onto the class schedule. making it very easy to excel in class because I'm only working with others that are just as passionate as I am.
There are two class schedules, one is for the morning and one is for the evening, I have personally attended both classes. The Morning class is composed of about 20 students and the evening class has 11 students of which i currently am attending at night. Morning class seems to be comprised of students straight out of high school, and evening class students are comprised workers or student out of high school minimally 2 years ago. There are no racial, ethnic, political, or sexual discrimination's. Just students who have one thing in common, and that's Learning from people who are passionate about helping others.
I have yet to take any online courses at Cortiva, But they do use schoology to keep track of all my grades and assignments. When I first enrolled the work load for the first semester is very light, but has been gradually increasing. Also having schoology makes it very convenient to turn in my homework through a very nifty drop box link. Making it extremely easy to turn in papers and assignments early. Also because there is excellent communication via email, text messages, and phone calls. My teacher Mrs. Brooke is very passionate about teaching us, and give us lots of communication and notice about upcoming assignments.
Be Open-Minded – If you have the right mindset you can work with or on anyone. You'll learn fast that everyone is the same, anabolically speaking.
Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone at Cortiva is ready and willing to help with anything. They will work with you, and help find solutions for any matter. No matter how tedious that matter may be.
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