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Cortiva Institute - Salt Lake City Reviews

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It's all about getting a career. From class registration, orientation, class work and graduation, it's ALL about career.
Everything is geared to help me succeed and to gain meaningful employment. All of my classes mean something, I don't have to worry about "filler" days
UCMT is very easy on scheduling, they give you a list of courses and when they will be taught so that you can make plans and adjustments right from the get go
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It's not an online school, I can't really say anything except about the website?
Everyone in admin has been very kind and helpful. They have made things nice and easy
There is not really a computer network since most of our skills are hands on people rather than keyboards
All the help that I need can be found right at my school. Clinics, admin, TA's and teachers are always available when I need help
UCMT is career driven so even after I graduate I will still get help in finding a job and using my new skills
I have had a lot of help in getting things organized and easy.
We are like family, and not just the students but the teachers too
I love that every time I walk into the building I am warmly greeted, it always makes me feel welcome.
I love this place the instructors are great and the courses are really useful and interesting.
What is so wonderful about this college is the techniques and exceeding minimum state requirements. They really ensure you have all the knowlege and techniques that make the massage therapy field a rewarding one. They focus on medical massage therapy. They also put me in touch with a contact that will certify me in Equine massage therapy. The opportunity to become certified in many different types of speciality massage is more than what I expected.
The Dallas campus has not been established for over 2 years so was not able to help me with my college veterain benifits. I had to take a loan instead of using my MAP scholarship.
The reason I chose to enroll in this massage therapy school was the curriculum, hours and techniques exceeding the minimum requirements. I have full faith I will have all the tools for sucess to build my massage business.
Post Grad and Job Placement Too! the masters course is top notch and we boast over a 90 percent successful job placement rate
Fully Stocked Library – we can come to our fully stocked library and research updates and all the latest news in our field! we can also look up licensing laws in different states and contries!
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Touch the World – my school is amazing! with top notch instructors, and a proven formula to motivate and promote success, not to mention all the companies that only job recruit in our schools, clearly UCMT is the college to learn bodywork from!
My classmates are wonderful. We have a smaller class so everyone knows each other very well and we all get along great most of the time. Everyone is very helpful and it's not hard to find a study group.
Most of the instructors are absolutely fabulous. There is one that enjoys his power a little too much. Likes to control things because there's nothing the students can do about when and how they get their grades. Everyone else is incredibly helpful!!
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