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Academic Programs – The programs most associated with my school have to do with the business of pleasing others. They include skin care, which mainly involves facials, waxing and makeup. Then there is massage therapy, electrology, premedical (advance skin care course) and an advance massage therapy class. Currently I am in skin care but I am also going to be doing massage therapy. So far the skin care course has been amazing! The instructors are great! They really get into depth about what you really need to know and expect; not only in your field, but also in any job-related environment. The registration process is really fast and easy, the school is very helpful on helping you with scheduling classes and the financial aid process. As far as homework and tests there is a lot of homework at times but if you make sure to do it is extremely helpful and it is necessary for understanding the material, but it is never too overwhelming.
My School Environment – I really love my school because of the environment it provides for the students. It's not too big so there's no getting lost and there's no time wasted in between classes. Everything is right around the corner and the classroom sizes are also very small (approximately 15-20 students per class) which makes it easier for the students to concentrate and be able to ask questions and able for the teachers to be able to explain the answer thoroughly. Another thing I really love is how hands-on our classes are. The teachers are also very close by to help us out with anything we have concerns about. Another advantage about our school is how knowledgeable our teachers are. My teacher has actually graduated from the school and had plenty of experience in the field that she now teaches and she learned it all through the same program as her students. It's very reassuring to know the instructor is actually someone who went through the program and it is also inspiring to see how successful she has become.
Mostly,some people in my school have kids and husband to take and they alway busy they dont have to do anything in school.Some people in my school they not friendly.Me i dont know anyone in my school i dont know what they do or my school nobody care about other they only care about themself.
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Online Course Experience – for me the online course was so easy because the work was so easy;it was not a callenge for me.
My School Is the Best School Ever – I like everything about my school. Especially the services they give me.My school is like another family to me.In my school, they help you with everything. For example, registering for class and financial aid.They also have the best advice ever.That's why I'm happy for the decision I made.
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