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From the first day I visited the campus, everyone was friendly and very helpful in helping me discover where my dreams could take me. I would definitely recommend them to others.
Cortiva is a great school. The teachers are caring and kind. They teach in a way that everyone can learn. They are such a great support system. The teachers are what makes Cortiva such an amazing school.
great people, teachers care, want you to graduate, fun people to be around, easy days sometimes, teachers make it fun, a lot of hands on which is great
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The wireless is unreliable, there are two computers, and there is not a printer on campus.
The workload is super light, and the curriculum is set up well.
No registration is necessary per term. We know from day one our general schedule and are told which classes we have when.
In terms of education, this school is excellent. I have learned quite a bit and am excited to learn more.
I have federal financial loans and an in-house loan. It is what it is.
The facility is quiet small, but we do have a resource room where we can get a lot of information regarding massage and anatomy.
all of the professors are helpful, explain the materials clearly, and will repeat until you understand. they have a certain way to teach that will make such classes like anatomy, very easy to learn and understand. the teachers are really great!
All the teachers and staff here are great and wonderful. they are helpful, caring and fun. they make the school environment feel like we are all one big happy family! i love it ! they also take the extra step to help you out if extra help is needed!
Cortiva is down to earth and holistic. They care about you unlike the last massage school i atarted but dropped first week, which was florida college of natural health (which they were all about the profit and not the student.) Cortiva has a very caring experinced staff and genuinely care about there students
the student body is pretty average. the classes become very divided and cliquish rapidly. The dividing of personalities is very much encouraged by staff. It is an old trick known as management 101, if you keep the masses divided and unhappy with eachother, they will not form bonds and have a unified stand against the administration.
Computer Lab Provided – there is wireless internet available and a computer labe available for use. this is a small school so for the most part only 3 computers available and working at any given time. there is absolutely no way to print anything at the school it is your problem if you would like any printed material. find another way.
Night Court – II knew when I started my classes what to expect. I would be take evening and weekend courses for one year. My classes would be from 6 until 10 pm and sat mornings. It was easy to commit to the process. I have had no frustrations at all.
Donna Is AWESOME!!! Our school's financial aid person is Donna. She has made the entire process of getting the financial aid that I need quick and painless. As far as the education that I am getting being worth the price of tuition? I have got to say that you get out of school what you put into it. For me I have put much more than just the money, time in classes, and what it takes to just get through. In return I have made very good friends and contacts that I will cherish for years to come. Not to mention all of the things I can learn from these people outside of school. This stuff is priceless and well worth what I am paying. Tips? All you need to do is talk with Donna. She finds every possible way to get money for you.
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