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What I like about Baltimore school of Massage is that it's convenient to my home address, it's only fifteen minutes away. I also love the push of some of the staff members, even though I wanted to throw in the towel the continued to support me, and encourage me, they supported me by many wonderful months of jeans for beans which also allowed us to have dress down day. They also had different holidays that they cooked for us or had a feast in the break room. Some of the staff listened to my sob stories, when I was having a hard day or bad day. Some of the instructors were very passionate about their work which translated over into our instruction or our lesson. It is a pleasure to be instructed by a passionate person for their work because the level of knowledge, experience and education helps give you the cues of what you might learn years later on your own.
The one teacher is very intelligent. She is very funny and makes learning fun. She is the best thing about the school.
The Academics at my school are definitely an A+ like there always involved with everything that you do and they will help you reach to the top and help you with anything you need help with.
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I say A+ because the major i am settling with is Esthetician and Skin care. The good thing i think about my program is that when you in class learning you get to learn new things you probably never knew about and how to correctly clean/cleanse your face and get all the dirt, and with that you can let others know what there doing right and wrong.
I say A+ because this school they will do anything to help you get into the school and go through with finical aid so you don't say no or turn the school down. The people that attend school and work there are very friendly and they want to see you succeed and go and get a good paying job. Also as soon as you graduate you will probably already be look at a job waiting for you.
the school does have exceptional resources which are very obtainable
the career services are excellent, everyone are extremely helpful
the education is good and all that I receive is good , financial aid is necessary
I was very dissapointed with this school we never had the material we needed, always improvising. We used things that range from trash bags to styrofoam cups. Highly dissapointed in the carelessness we recieve from the staff, im sure they know that this is unacceptable. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS FUTURE STUDENTS IN MAKING A DECISION ABOUT COMING TO THIS SCHOOL. My advise to you is research and choose another school. Good Luck
They do not offer online courses which is actually very inconvenient for those of us who cummute
There are about 6 computers at the BSOM "library" the majority of the time the computers are either in use by another student or not working. Your have to email your documents to the front desk to have them printed "must be school related"
The supervisor of the financial aid department knows her job and does it very effectively.
I am a current student who has to work while going to school. So far the career center has been very helpful sending me links to possible jobs.
This school offers flexible class schedules which is really amazing. We do lots of hands on work here which is a great way to get a feel for the type of work we will be doing. The professionalism here however is slim. There is lots of immaturity here which effects my learning
The student body is pretty diverse each individual has a similar goal and that is to help others. This is a trade school so most people are accepted and I also feel like we are needed, administration does an amazing job reeling students most exceptions are met some aren't.
So far have been at BSOM for going on 4 weeks and I must say the teachers here are really nice but they are also very unprofessional we spend almost have the class off topic or laughing. This is nice but considering the price of the school I had higher expectations, the teachers allow students to laugh, talk joke during class. Upper class-man come in and out of our class. This is a bit disappointing to me. And the classes are set up really confusingly but on a good note I do like the fact that half the day is hands on while the other is lecture. This helps keep me focused!
Baltimore School Of Massage provides valuable education for students and can earn a certification in as little as 7.5 months. This is ideal for me because I am ready to learn my major course without having to take prerequises. After graduating there are an estimate 1,600 jobs available for us along with may different locations such as Miami. In learning massage therapy you can alleviate back pain, decrease labor pain/time for expectant mothers, ease medications dependence, increase joint flexibility, etc. So this education will not only help in getting your career started but it will also provide you with the necessary knowledge to living a healthier life.
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Books Included in Tuition – I understand where one might get the idea of including book and additional supplies in their tuition however, this in my opinion should be optional because i'm for certain many students including myself would rather just rent or buy used books cutting the cost. This school doesn't give you that choice which is quite disappointing considering the fact that I could have save hundreds of dollars.
Doors of Happiness – What I love about the career center at my schoool is that we have alot of job fairs for recent grads and current students where we can network and meet our future employers and get a sense of how to apply myself once I've completed my education.
Save Us – We only have 2 good working computers in the student lab and one printer for the entire school which always brakes every other day.Its usually a line for the computers that I'm in for over a 30 minutes.
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