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There is a computer lab for us to be able to email, research, and anything else we need. The speed and the availability is great.
Since it's a one year program I was only able to receive half the tuition in financial aid through the government. So that is what I opted for. The student loan rates were high and going to put me out of more money then the tuition, so I only received half for financial aid and the other half I have to pay out of pocket. But that was my chose. The financial aid team was happy and helpful in finding everything out for me and letting me know all my options.
This school is very friendly and open minded. The faculty is open and willing to listen and aid in what I need to peruse this career.
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There are tutoring hours available for anyone who needs additional help. Everyone is always helpful and always with a smile.
The school is very hands on and straight forward. In every class I am learning more and more about this profession and I'm excited to work hard to get there. The workload and curriculum is reasonable and helpful.
The student body is very diverse. I am Jewish and the students and faculty are very accepting and helpful in accommodating to my needs.
I have been told that the career services will help me in applying to the job sights I want to work in.
The staff is worm, helpful and open to answer any questions or concerns I have.
The student center always ready to sit with me and help me with any questions I have.
Don't Get Behind – I wish they notified me of my back payments before they got too big. Like the first month I felt I should have received a notice, not 3 months later. That's my only negative I have. Other than that school is amazing!
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