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Fine Arts department student here. The top three things that I think Cornish has to offer is student personal studio space , a good grounding in modern and contemporary art history, theory, and critique, and a diversity conscious and accepting student body and faculty. The bottom three things that I think keep me from rating Cornish higher are the Administration's inability to communicate effectively, the often dodgy way in which courses can morph from one thing into another, and a couple of instructors who are not good teachers. That being said, the vast majority of instructors are great; knowledgeable, thoughtful, and engaged in what the students are doing. Over arching this is Cornish's ability to offer a range of disciplines rather than just painting + drawing as is the case with various Universities. All in all, I would recommend Cornish and I'm still here, three years later, and planning on graduating next year.
Cornish has a dream location but that's the end of greatness. The student body is just strange. My group of alumni struggled to find paying jobs in their profession. You must seriously weigh the cost vs earnings potential. If you go to LA you will have more opportunities.
Cornish College of the Arts is a fantastic program. If you are a prospective student searching for an individual focused and dedicated curriculum, Cornish is the place. As a musical theater student, I am being challenged positively in all aspects, and am even given the privilege of taking courses outside of my major. Cornish provides a home in which to push the artist, challenging you to see what you can do, and to not take no for an answer. On the side of cons, they are still fleshing out the musical theatre program and adding more dance. To me though, that is not a worry, as most colleges grow over time and change their programs to better suit the needs of their students, which is what Cornish is doing. I highly recommend this innovative and exciting college to any artist looking for a place to start.
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Overall I have been very satisfied with Cornish College of the Arts! I am in the Visual Arts program and there is such a diverse range of opportunities to complete assignments in your own respective field. The food is alright, there is always a decent salad bar and fresh pizza. This is NOT a party school, check out UW for that one. Dorms are decently sized for 2 people.
Great place to learn from professors who are experts in their field. Small classroom sized helps you connect and learn from your peers and your professors.
I love how it is within walking distance of most of the attractions. Its right in the center of downtown seattle.
The staff and faculty at Cornish are amazing. They really make it a point to work hands on with each one of their students to make sure they are learning everything they need and more. Also, there are a wide range of opportunities available to all students in every major. The only thing that I would change is the lack of communication. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to be on top of information as a student due to instructors or staff members not getting information out to their students fast enough.
I would like to see changes in the way Student Life and Security deal with key cards. I recently crack mines on Friday ( I have absolutely no idea how) and I am not able to fix it till Monday. They should have someone that'll be able to fix it on the weekends because my roommate is also being unaccommodating on the whole situation and it's such a hassle and stressing me out because I can't really leave my room or I'll be locked out.
The school wants whats best for their students and want them to feel safe. They do a great job at doing that.
My overall experience at Cornish has been great so far. Classes tend to be small, which I prefer. The professors are wonderful and want the best for you.
Cornish has a good name and reputation in the Seattle area.
The housing at Cornish is amazing. It is the nicest housing I have seen compared to the schools nearby.
The athletics at our school are very good, and the facilities are up to par.
My overall experience at this school has been amazing. The teachers are very interested in you and want the best for you. The school environment is very comfortable and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to others!
This school is the best for what I want to do, it's tough at times, but I love it.
It's very professional and the work load is difficult and heavy. It is very beneficial though and you learn a lot. Extremely good program but only for those serious and hard working.
We have a very good security team and protective system. Very good about making you feel safe even for small issues.
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A lot of the professors are very good about giving career options and setting you up for success in your field. We often get several performance opportunities and opportunities to be noticed at different performance venues due to the help of the professors.
There is a huge variety of courses you can take to better your major. Class sizes are small and intimate and they are very accommodating.
It has been amazing. I've learned more here in a week than I have in my field ever. The work load is huge and extremely difficult but when you manage your time and complete it it has been all worth while. Definitely getting my money's worth.
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