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I would like to see changes in the way Student Life and Security deal with key cards. I recently crack mines on Friday ( I have absolutely no idea how) and I am not able to fix it till Monday. They should have someone that'll be able to fix it on the weekends because my roommate is also being unaccommodating on the whole situation and it's such a hassle and stressing me out because I can't really leave my room or I'll be locked out.
The school wants whats best for their students and want them to feel safe. They do a great job at doing that.
Cornish has a good name and reputation in the Seattle area.
Review Cornish College of the Arts
My overall experience at Cornish has been great so far. Classes tend to be small, which I prefer. The professors are wonderful and want the best for you.
The housing at Cornish is amazing. It is the nicest housing I have seen compared to the schools nearby.
The athletics at our school are very good, and the facilities are up to par.
My overall experience at this school has been amazing. The teachers are very interested in you and want the best for you. The school environment is very comfortable and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school to others!
This school is the best for what I want to do, it's tough at times, but I love it.
It's very professional and the work load is difficult and heavy. It is very beneficial though and you learn a lot. Extremely good program but only for those serious and hard working.
We have a very good security team and protective system. Very good about making you feel safe even for small issues.
A lot of the professors are very good about giving career options and setting you up for success in your field. We often get several performance opportunities and opportunities to be noticed at different performance venues due to the help of the professors.
There is a huge variety of courses you can take to better your major. Class sizes are small and intimate and they are very accommodating.
It has been amazing. I've learned more here in a week than I have in my field ever. The work load is huge and extremely difficult but when you manage your time and complete it it has been all worth while. Definitely getting my money's worth.
Foundation year for ADFM is a joke. We are lab rats for the schools new "ground breaking freshman year" program, when in all reality nobody has any idea what is going on. If you are a design or film student feel ready to feel out of place for the first semester. The food is absolutely terrible. Quality and freshness is great, but you get the same options every day and dinner you have like 4 options. Don't expect comfort food or junk food. You'll have to like tofu, salmon and lamb to enjoy the entrees. The pizza is great and the salad bar isn't shabby, it just gets old. The location isn't terrible you are close to all your classes and close to westlake. There just isn't a ton to do around here. There is no parking for kids that live in the dorms so be prepared to pay $300 a month for street parking. The dorms are nice and brand new, but there are only 2 elevators for 18 floors of dorms which is actually worse than you'd think.
I love my school, it is everything I want in a school for the career path I have chosen.
theres new apartments being build left and right in the city, however they're incredibly expensive and filled with business class families that don't need college kids around them
its great if you're of age. theres a few clubs around the city that allow 18+, apart from that most concert venues will have a show every weekend
Review Cornish College of the Arts
the food in seattle is wonderful. especially because the campus is directly in the heart of the city you can walk a block in any direction and end up in another part of the world cuisine wise.
the dorms are heavily monitored for our safety and i respect that. i don't know of any incidents within the halls
its all incredibly healthy made to order food. but for nine months its could get a little out dated. id love to see a bit of variety as the seasons change.
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