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I plan on attending Cornerstone in the fall and have loved all the visits I've been on. The professors are awesome and the food is good too. What sold me on Cornerstone is the new creativity and innovation honors program that they are offering.
Cornerstone's dynamic approach to a liberal arts education has allowed me to educated broadly and make myself more employable in the future. Everything from Philosophy to upper level Marketing courses have provided me a unique opportunity to analyze problems in the world and seek to bring positive and culturally satisfying solutions to the table.
The best decision I ever made was to attend Cornerstone. It has been a great experience with students, professors and courses.
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Cornerstone University is an awesome school for students that desire a more intimate class setting. The professors are very personable and welcoming. It is very easy to connect to other students, faculty, and staff because the class sizes are on the smaller spectrum. There are pros and cons, going to a private Christian college. The school has a lack of diversity, but the staff and faculty work hard to welcome in and embrace all cultures, so that the CU community can be rich in color, background, and tradition. God is prominent in the classroom, and every class begins with a prayer. Cornerstone provides a rigorous academic program for their students and incorporates many study abroad opportunities, creating a very well rounded experience for the students.
I enjoy going to Cornerstone University so much! They have helped me in my faith and my academics in ways that I would have never imagined! I have met so many people who have made a difference in my life. This being said, going to CU has been a burden financial wise. I am struggling to still go here and it is only my second semester.
I liked the Christ-centered environment. I connected with, felt important to, and respected many of my professors.
They're very welcoming school, but they are not well-built for commuters. If you're looking for a warm Christian school, it's excellent.
If you're looking for a God-centered education and to be surrounded by a strong influence towards God, it's the right place. Education possibilities and diversity is limited -- you'll probably have the same two or three professors for your major core classes. Pre-reqs can be quite the drag, especially to your GPA if you aren't the Biblical ace. Be prepared to deal with very conservative and close-minded people. There are still open-minded people in the outskirts. You make the best of what you have.
Cornerstone University is a super well rounded school! It has small classrooms which allow you to get to know your classmates very well and your professor. The professors are amazing at answering questions, setting up meetings, and caring about your success in all aspects of life.
I absolutely love Cornerstone University. The school has created an amazing environment for growth as an individual, as a follower of Jesus Christ, and as a young professional. The faculty and at the school is phenomenal, personal, and individually invested in each student! The approachability of the leadership is one of the aspects of CU that sets it apart. Students have a great opportunity to enter into mentoring relationships with many of the faculty and staff, and are given the ability to truly shape the campus and culture of CU.
As a "Christian" university you'd tend to believe that they loved God more, but they have a huge misdirect about where their priorities lie. A couple of years ago they focused on Christ, but now all they focus on is a profit.

Another fallback is their favoritism of athletes, I cannot tell you how many times my basic needs were denied because an athlete got their way. I had to live in a dorm room with constant banging on the wall at almost all hours of the day for an entire year, athletes were to blame, when I would complain it was if nobody heard me.

If you go here, expect to be frustrated about 90% of the time, unless you are an athlete, then they will love you.
It is a great Christian college-very firm and steadfast in their beliefs, and they train all who come through their doors to reflect Christ in all they do. Professors are the highlight of the campus, they care about your future, they will take interest in you and your life, they connect with you on a daily basis.
After freshman year, both of my roommates left the school; however, I still feel attending is the best decision I made toward my future.
What I love about Cornerstone is how open they are about real life issues, and express ways we can help. Cornerstone is a community that genuinely cares about your well being. Cornerstone is very personal, friendly and open about their faith. It's not about religion with them, it's about connecting with others through the love of Christ.
Overall, CU is a decent school for returning adults. You can take advantage of weekly 1 night evening classes which work best for your busy schedule.

One thing that was good in theory was not so good in practice. Their PLT's or Professional Learning Teams were a bugger. It was nice to be teamed up with 3 or four other students of which you could learn from. However, after the niceties wear off people can be at each others throats. Some don't complete work on time thus putting you against t he clock to get things done.

In the end, it is a personal choice you have to deal with.
As a senior, I've had the opportunity to reflect on my entire four year experience at Cornerstone. While no university can be perfect, this campus is going in the right direction. The professors cared for me and the learning of all of our students, the staff and faculty want to see the campus positvely progressing, and the extracurricular programs fostered spiritual growth
It's a great university and you can connect with others easily. The atmosphere is fun and people genuinely care about others there. Unless you like to party, drugs, or drink alcohol, the campus is amazing to attend and beautiful.
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So far, my experience here has been trilling and exhausting. Between our transition or Terra Firma week before classes and the hard academic life here at CU, I've managed to meet so many wonderful peopleand faculty. I'd love to see more emphasis and development in the film program so that aspiring filmmakers like myself get even more experience and funding for our projects.
From what i have been around when on campus at Cornerstone, I love it here! The professors are very dedicated and connect well with the students! not only will you grow in education but you will grow in your christian faith! Great Recommendation
I've visited the campus before, and it is very lovely. The students make you feel welcomed, the classes are small, and church service is really involved. It is a very likable campus, I don't have any disagreements on how the college is run.
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