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It is a great Christian college-very firm and steadfast in their beliefs, and they train all who come through their doors to reflect Christ in all they do. Professors are the highlight of the campus, they care about your future, they will take interest in you and your life, they connect with you on a daily basis.
After freshman year, both of my roommates left the school; however, I still feel attending is the best decision I made toward my future.
What I love about Cornerstone is how open they are about real life issues, and express ways we can help. Cornerstone is a community that genuinely cares about your well being. Cornerstone is very personal, friendly and open about their faith. It's not about religion with them, it's about connecting with others through the love of Christ.
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Overall, CU is a decent school for returning adults. You can take advantage of weekly 1 night evening classes which work best for your busy schedule.

One thing that was good in theory was not so good in practice. Their PLT's or Professional Learning Teams were a bugger. It was nice to be teamed up with 3 or four other students of which you could learn from. However, after the niceties wear off people can be at each others throats. Some don't complete work on time thus putting you against t he clock to get things done.

In the end, it is a personal choice you have to deal with.
As a senior, I've had the opportunity to reflect on my entire four year experience at Cornerstone. While no university can be perfect, this campus is going in the right direction. The professors cared for me and the learning of all of our students, the staff and faculty want to see the campus positvely progressing, and the extracurricular programs fostered spiritual growth
It's a great university and you can connect with others easily. The atmosphere is fun and people genuinely care about others there. Unless you like to party, drugs, or drink alcohol, the campus is amazing to attend and beautiful.
So far, my experience here has been trilling and exhausting. Between our transition or Terra Firma week before classes and the hard academic life here at CU, I've managed to meet so many wonderful peopleand faculty. I'd love to see more emphasis and development in the film program so that aspiring filmmakers like myself get even more experience and funding for our projects.
From what i have been around when on campus at Cornerstone, I love it here! The professors are very dedicated and connect well with the students! not only will you grow in education but you will grow in your christian faith! Great Recommendation
I've visited the campus before, and it is very lovely. The students make you feel welcomed, the classes are small, and church service is really involved. It is a very likable campus, I don't have any disagreements on how the college is run.
Its an amazing campus and very friendly atmosphere. I can't wait to attend here next year, because it's so amazing. Great Programs.
Cornerstone is flat out amazing. The professors genuinely care about your education and almost always pray before each class or at least the beginning of the week. The food is A++, love it. The dorm life is pretty good. The rooms are a decent size, with about three/four pieces of furniture for each person. All of the faculty and RA/RDs are always happy to help. There is little partying even though there are no curfew hours for sophomores and upperclassmen. Activities are always happening and there are a blast. The sports are really fun to watch and Cornerstone has some pretty amazing teams. Overall, who wouldn't want to live somewhere so cool?
The first time I stepped on campus, I felt like I was at home. Everyone is so amazing here and I can connect with others through my faith in Jesus.
The new Center for Student Success is a great visionary team dedicated to helping students find and create a career. Couldn't be happier. It was a sore missing spot in the academic side of campus that has now been filled.
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The professors care, the classes provided function as they should, and the atmosphere is wonderful. Obviously not perfect, but still great!
The safety on campus is wonderful! I've never felt threatened
The community life is, by far, the best aspect of the dorms. Dorms are dorms, they just aren't big, so the community makes up for it.
I do not participate in any sports, but they are a large part of campus and have adequate, maintained facilities for them.
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Cornerstone isn't for everyone. I understand that. But, for those who are invested in learning and growing spiritually, it is a great place to do that. Since I started going here, I noticed need for change on campus. Since then, I've applied myself wherever I can in order to help make these changes. The university puts so much in the hands of the students, so I've been able to see noticeable, positive change in the community. If you put in the effort, staff and faculty can see that and will reward you with responsibility.
Cornerstone is 4th in the state in my field (education), and that;s comparing it to all the big schools like U of M and Michigan State.
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I love my school. I feel like I am learning a lot, academically and spiritually. I love my friends, I love my RA, and I hope to be an RA next year. I wish Cornerstone had better science facilities, though
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