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I did not take any online classes so this is not applicable for my education. All classes taken were online.
I did not have to deal with this since I am a recent graduate. But I have heard good things from friends.
An amazing school with great opportunities. I love all the clubs and organizations available to make the large campus feel like a small community.
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No online classes taken at Cornell. However, they remain a leader in technology and learning. >>>>>>>>>
Cornell is the toughest school in the Ivy League. If you want to work hard; make strong lifelong connections; and have top employers and grad programs look at you as smart, tough, and inventive enough to be worth their investment, Cornell is your place.

However, if you're planning to slough off because you made it to the Ivy League, Cornell will knock you off your feet. Cornellians work hard and play hard—but most work harder. Slackers don't graduate with a Cornell degree. But, if you want to be treated like a grad student and you want to know the every "A" you earned, you the hard way—by doing the work—Cornell is your place.

That work ethic is derived from Cornell's working class origins. Ezra Cornell was a self-made man. An abolitionist, he founded an institution open to both Black students and women in an era when nearly every top college was segregated and single sex. If you want self-discovery and advancement surrounded by natural beauty, Cornell is your place. Onward.
It is the best experience. It is a very diverse community, and the professors and TAs are very friendly and easy to approach. Classes are well structured to cater to the need of each individual.
It is the best experience. It is a very diverse community, and the professors and TAs are very friendly and easy to approach. Classes are well structured to cater to the need of each individual.
I love Cornell. I feel like I have really found a home there. The classes have been great, the food amazing, and the awesome people. Having joined greek life was also a great way for me to maintain a balance with school and having fun.

The only thing Cornell needs to do better is when addressing financial aid...
I love this school. It is beautiful and the resources are incredible. The workload is tough and the classes are hard but the opportunities are there to get help and achieve a lot.
The staff members and local community are very kind and welcoming. The academics are rigorous, but there are a lot of resources to get help.
Online classes at Cornell were very straightforward and simple to understand. The professors have no problem giving help as long as you ask for it.
As a freshman at CALS I can 100% say I LOVE it at Cornell. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is really nice.
My experience has been great regarding the assistance and aid I received to make college possible. I am a first-gen student and the admissions officials have ensured that I receive aid every step of the way. I appreciate it a lot and wish more low-income, inner-city students had the opportunity I had.
My time at Cornell - albeit short - has been grueling, challenging and transformative. Within a single year, I've learnt more than I could've imagined. I was encouraged to push past my comfort zone and grow academically, socially and as a person in general. One of my very first classes was about nano-science, where I not only expanded my knowledge on transistors, microscopy, microfluidics, and quantum mechanics, but also got hands-on experience with operating microscopes, growing carbon nanotubes, fabricating resistors and so much more. The class was Cornell in a nutshell: difficult but rewarding, academic but also applied.
But by far, my favorite part about Cornell is the community that's always engaged in personal growth, discussing new and innovative ideas, and taking the initiative for social change. It was clear from the moment I stepped on campus that I was surrounded by people that would change the world and I'm excited to see where this takes me.
Proud to be an alumnus! I have a great experience that set my starting point in my career. The campus was, and still is, beautiful. I know that I received a top notch education and I can trust when I see Cornell on a resume that the person is hard working and critical thinking.
N/A - I took all of my classes in person. But their platforms were exceptional and I still utilize the portal when I need to interact with the university. Self service is easy and functional.
Professors were understanding and accommodating, and made online learning as engaging as possible through breakout rooms, comment threads, etc.
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A stimulating and diverse environment—the faculty and students are all beyond passionate and accepting.
I really appreciated how well my professors transformed to virtual learning. They focused more on us and our situations. The changes made in the curriculum was able to help us learn the material better. For one of my nutrition classes, my professor gave us exams with real life situations. This made me understand the material better because I was applying the knowledge I had gained. My evolution class was well put into videos and team activities that I actually enjoyed watching. Implementing these changes made my learning better. It wasn't all about memorization. It was a new experience and my professors have done their best to make it a memorable experience. Now I am trying to take a general chemistry 2 course online which I need funding for. I am very excited to take the class but, coming from a low-income family and parents not having work for two months, financially I am not able to pay for the course. I am looking forward to continuing my online learning experience
I have absolutely loved my time at Cornell so far! What makes it so different from other schools is its idea of eclecticism: from its incorporation of all types of architecture on campus to the multitude of classes available, it truly is an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.
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