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Cornell University is located in a gorgeous town in upstate NY and experiences all 4 seasons! Not only is the campus beautiful but so are the surrounding areas. The academic courses are demanding and require a lot of your time as a student but there are many things you can do on campus to balance the rigor of the courses. Overall Cornell is an Ivy League institution and that status allows the university to offer its students a lot of unique experiences that other colleges cannot.
While the university has great resources , they are not necessarily available to students. Since it is a research university, many professors do not have a primary focus on teaching. Each department varies greatly. Some departments are small and a student can grow tremendously throughout their years there, while others have students and professors taking the easy way out--defeating the purpose of the institution.
Academics are good, but nothing that you can't get anywhere else. Remember that if you're going to a certain school for education, you're going for the wrong reasons. People attend selective universities just for the brand name. Frankly speaking, the price I am paying is nowhere near worth what I am getting in return.
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Cornell is a community of brilliant people with varied interests. I have met talented students in many different disciplines through the extracurricular activities available on campus.

The work at Cornell is difficult; however, the student body is very collaborative. Students work together late into the night to complete major projects, and at the end of a course the knowledge you gain prepares you well for the professional world.

Especially in the engineering program, there are many opportunities to be involved in student organizations that offer technical experience and hands-on work applicable to roles you might accept for an internship or full time job. While job-hunting can be competitive, career services on campus ensure every Cornell student is prepared well to interview with their dream company.

Overall Cornell is a great experience, despite the long winters. The vibrant social scene also makes it easy to forget that you are far from any major city.
I was one of various students from University of Puerto Rico chosen to form a part of the Hurricane Maria Relief Program. I had an amazing once in a life time experience where I enriched my vocabulary and academic knowledge. Also, had so much fun in all the activities coordinated through out the year. Cornell University is in Ithaca, NY where unfortunately there is not much to do, but if you make a nice group of friends you will be all right.
I have absolutely love attending Cornell University. Their staff within the Communication department really care about your well being and your progress within the program. Professors, no matter what major, will always take extra time to make sure you are truly grasping the material and want to help you succeed. The only downside about Cornell is their location. Ithaca can become repetitive and start to feel small after awhile.
Cornell may be a tad overhyped but if you take the initiative you will get an exceptional education with an impressive degree. The general area is just okay for me. I'm not a fan of the weather.
I transferred to Cornell this year as a sophomore. It was 100% the right decision. This school has become my home and have been welcomed into the community. The students, faculty, and staff all share common values and care about their studies and work. And everyone is very down to earth. There is so much to do on campus, so much diversity, so many opportunities. I am honored to call this place my home.
I love ILR! Ithaca weather is not for the faint of heart. Visit in June when the campus is at its most gorgeous.
As a junior in the university, I am very glad I chose this place as my place of study. I found friends who are in for the long haul and have made connections with many peers whose economic and social status is either the same or different as mine, but they show they are empathetic as the normal person. This campus opens up the medium between many lives and experiences to bee shared. Although, with these great experiences, there are still signs of ignorance and racial tension that come up and shock the community. We always want to have an open understanding campus, but certain people in our community want to ruin it and keep it divided. To come here, you have to be strong and empathetic at the same time.
Cornell University has a very good curriculum for its academics, however, the social aspect of the university could be either beneficial or detrimental to ones experience here.
Cornell was very challenging but I learned a lot over my four years there. What I really appreciated about Cornell was that as long as you took the initiative, you could get whatever opportunity/help for what you wanted.
It's a really nice place. I love the teachers and the student life is great. My problem with the school comes from the environment. The school is literally in the middle of nowhere. but it's a really amazing school though.
The weather is crazy. Generally nice people. Heavy course load especially for pre-health. Beautiful campus with bunnies and squirrels. Dining hall food quality is very nice. Relatively safe campus.
Amazing biology research
Great alumni network
Lots of amazing clubs and organizations
Awful housing lottery system
Need more vegetarian dining options
The city of Ithaca is quaint so don't expect a huge city...
A rich, academic environment surrounded by a scenic view- Cornell offers a new perspective that one wouldn't expect to find elsewhere in other places. But besides the setting, the people there truly define ambition and perseverance every day.
The admittance process is rather grueling. Don't let yourself get tied up too long that your other choices disappear. I ultimately chose to go elsewhere knowing Cornell may have superior academics but not a better situation overall. The social life, atmosphere, and emotional health of students are inadequate for myself.
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Just about perfect except for the dorms. The students are very competitive with each other so make sure you thrive in that environment.
I really have enjoyed my time here thus far! The diversity on campus is refreshing, and the academic environment outstanding. The dorms vary greatly in quality, but the food is always delicious! I have made a ton of friends through clubs as well!
My experience at Cornell has been great! The friends I've made will last me a lifetime and the opportunities are endless. The campus is breathtaking and you will find something new and exciting everyday. Professors are at the top of their field and the education you receive is incomparable. I look forward to spending my next three years here!!
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