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N/A - I took all of my classes in person. But their platforms were exceptional and I still utilize the portal when I need to interact with the university. Self service is easy and functional.
Proud to be an alumnus! I have a great experience that set my starting point in my career. The campus was, and still is, beautiful. I know that I received a top notch education and I can trust when I see Cornell on a resume that the person is hard working and critical thinking.
Professors were understanding and accommodating, and made online learning as engaging as possible through breakout rooms, comment threads, etc.
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A stimulating and diverse environment—the faculty and students are all beyond passionate and accepting.
I only took classes online because there were no more in-person classes, due to Covid-19. It was challenging because the environment (being away from campus) did not motivate me. Additionally, it was easier to participate in discussion in person. However, my professors did the best they could and acknowledged unique circumstances.
I just started at Cornell University, but it seems to be a very good school. I believe more of an effort should be made to diversify the school, and to listen to student demands/requests. Additionally there are many teachers that numerous students are not very fond of. However, Cornell does make an effort to teach students what they need for their future academic/career-related endeavors. There are also many clubs, teams, programs, etc. to keep students interested and involved in activities outside of their classes. Furthermore, the classes offered cover a vast range of interests and students take such opportunities to develop new interests and learn new things.
The Cornell experience can be described by the often over used saying, "We play hard, we work hard". A campus full of adventures, Cornell University is the perfect place to become an adult. The mix of people, scenery, and opportunities is eye-opening. The people you meet are very different and many students are open to try new foods, cultures, and languages.
I never had any online course unfortunately. Usually, the web based activities that we used for the core science classes translated well online. Many labs are made to modules.
Cornell is a great institution that offers a number of opportunities in the real world. My first year was so far the hardest year and that is mostly likely because I was not sure of what I want study. Also the fact that I was worried about my capabilities of doing well. However, I was able to figure out my interests. I am majoring in Biology and Society with a Nutrition and Health minor. I work at one of the campus libraries and the staff radiates warmth. I am involved with the community service fraternity. Most importantly, I have a supporting friend group. I have a family at Cornell who is always there for me. Professors show empathy and care about their students. College in general is a unique experience because this is the time you take to expand your horizons. Cornell works hard to create a beautiful college and real life experience for their students. I still have two more years at Cornell and I am excited to see what is upcoming in those two years.
I really appreciated how well my professors transformed to virtual learning. They focused more on us and our situations. The changes made in the curriculum was able to help us learn the material better. For one of my nutrition classes, my professor gave us exams with real life situations. This made me understand the material better because I was applying the knowledge I had gained. My evolution class was well put into videos and team activities that I actually enjoyed watching. Implementing these changes made my learning better. It wasn't all about memorization. It was a new experience and my professors have done their best to make it a memorable experience. Now I am trying to take a general chemistry 2 course online which I need funding for. I am very excited to take the class but, coming from a low-income family and parents not having work for two months, financially I am not able to pay for the course. I am looking forward to continuing my online learning experience
Cornell is a very academically rigorous school and the students can be equally competitive however there are many things that balance it out. There are at student run organizations to participate in as well as varsity and club sports. Despite the many different types of students on campus they all have one thing in common: they are all proud to be Cornellians. Go Bears!
Most professors did their best to accommodate students. It was difficult to transfer such rigorous classes online and only have access to office hours over zoom. However I believe that the professors worked out some of the issues over the remaining course of the semester. Some of my professors switched exams to take-home exams whereas some had the exams taken over zoom. I found take-home exams to be a lot more convenient and fair because not all students have access to locations at home where they can study and focus so it levels the playing field for all of the students. I believe that the courses that had zoom finals could have done a lot more to accommodate students in this difficult time and could have had more lenient grading.
A large breath of subjects and learning styles are available at Cornell. While it is an Ivy League university, it doesn't quite have to inflated ego of the others and students there have to work hard in order to earn a good grade. While it certainly is a difficult school, Cornell teaches you how to work hard, organize your projects, and build your independence. If you don't mind the cold and the rural campus, Cornell is the school for you.
The transition to online learning in light of the 2020 pandemic was somewhat bumpy and, of course, some professors transitioned better than others. I ended up having to do a significantly greater amount of work to keep up with my assignments and maintain my grades. It was very difficult, especially since Cornell didn't maintain a consistent set of regulations throughout the classes. Some professors increased our workload, others dropped tests and assignments to lighten the load, and others stopped teaching entirely. While this was an extraordinary time, it would've been better if Cornell had taken a more hands-on approach to set rules on what professors could and couldn't do. For instance, Cornell did not switch to a pass/fail system like more universities which failed to take away the pressure of maintaining grades in our courses.
I have absolutely loved my time at Cornell so far! What makes it so different from other schools is its idea of eclecticism: from its incorporation of all types of architecture on campus to the multitude of classes available, it truly is an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.
The professors were patient and understanding of the quick shift to online instruction. They were able to adapt quickly to new technologies such as Zoom and existing technologies such as Canvas. They effectively communicated to students of the changes made in the syllabi.
I really loved the waterfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nature scenery is so nice and I can understand why people find it so enjoyable to study outside.
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I love Cornell! It is the perfect balance of everything I could want out of my college experience, including academics, environment, fun, extracurriculars and more. Ithaca is a great town with a good amount of things to do. However, Cornell isn’t for everyone so be aware that it is far from cities, it’s a lot of work (depending on your college), and it’s really big. I’m fine with all of those things, so it’s great for me.
Online learning at Cornell has been a struggle. It’s no one’s fault, but no one was prepared for this and as a result I feel like the quality of my learning was significantly less the end of this semester.
I have had a good experience with my classes overall. The professors are very dedicated and smart. Other students can be over-competitive and rude at times. Everyone is caught up in their own academics. Dorm-life has been rewarding in a Residential College program house. Food is pretty delicious and better than most colleges. Ithaca is a small town- if you like city-life, it probably isn't the place for you. It's pretty homogenous and not diverse compared to a big city area where I grew up.
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