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Cornell is such a wonderful place! The campus is stunning, and there are so many classes to choose from.
I am currently in the process of completing my Finance and Managerial Accounting certificate. It is a 100% online certification that only takes two months to complete. With two different options for completion - standard and accelerated. This allows you to complete the course work at a comfortable pace for. Without breaking the bank or overwhelming you. I am extremely happy with my decision to go through eCornell.
I truly enjoyed my time at Cornell. It is beautiful, made great friends, and is very academically challenging. I took one star off because the faculty advisers need some assistance and training on accountability.
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Cornell is an amazing university with beautiful views, amazing people and lots of valuable resources that are crucial for learning. Cornell allows students to both learn knowledge that is crucial for their future careers, and enjoy a happy school life.
Cornell offers a lot of opportunities to its students, and the workload is honestly what you make of it. If you can manage your time well, you won't have trouble doing well. The professors are all super patient and there's a huge diversity here.
Incredibly fruitful experience. I find the culture however, to be very anxiety-inducing and restricting to creative minds.
I love the wide variety of opportunities available for individuals of all backgrounds. There is something for everyone here!
It is a massive university with a great environment and people. The university is very diverse and has something for anyone, allowing for constant fulfillment and enjoyment of the university. I highly recommend going here as it is a very unique and invaluable experience to one's maturity
Amazing 5 years of learning and growing. Rigorous, well-curated academics with a great social environment.
I love Cornell University. This place is the most challenging and interesting university environment. I am consistently pushed to do my best here and surrounded by excellent educators and resources to help me achieve my goals. Campus is beautiful. The only thing in need of change is the university culture at this Ivy League institution centers heavily on competition; it is easy to get overwhelmed in this environment. More focus should be placed on mental health services here.
Cornell is an amazing college to grow your horizons and learn from your fellow peers and everyone around you.
I love the environment and community, and the hidden cafes and delis are a delight to find and sample. The slope, rivers, gorges, lakes, waterfalls, and trails are soothing when the semester gets hectic, and there's no shortage of available activities, clubs, events, and things to do on campus! The winter is harsh but its gorgeous to see, and the overall environment is very friendly.
I enjoy the numerous activities the students can partake in. The city is also very beautiful in the spring. On a negative note though, it’s a hilly environment so there will be a lot of climbing up and down to get around. Depression is also a major problem at Cornell. The system of median-grading in many of the classes results in a rather competitive environment, which doesn’t help that problem.
Beautiful campus with great professors. It wouldn't kill them to put AC in the dorms though. Transportation around campus is hard to get the hang of, but there are lots of cool places around campus and around Ithaca.
Great campus, great food, great atmosphere, and great education to be had. Wished it was cheaper or at least offered some sort of scholarships.
I'm a rising sophmore in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. The food in the dining halls are great and the nature is beautiful (depending on the time of the year). The weather is completely horrible during the winter, so come prepared with your warmest clothes. The dorms are also not the best quality, with the exception of the newest ones for North campus. Expect a lot of hills and exercise.
Cornell is a very diverse campus that challenges you in all your weaknesses. Unless you went to a very rigorous college preparatory school, be prepared to work harder than the average college student. In addition to the rigor of classwork, the campus life at Cornell is also great. So many activities in every category possible are available on a weekly basis.
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Although predominately white, Cornell does seem to make an effort in terms of diversity. The campus is beautiful and the people are very welcoming. Financially, however, it can be a struggle.
Rigorous academic culture. Great food. Great community. Lots of social and academic opportunities. Greek life is strong, if you're into that thing, so ample amount of parties.
My Favorite Things About Cornell:
- The people at this school are the most genuine in the Ivy League
- Everyone is such a go getter
- AMAZING Professors
- Amazing opportunities in and out of school
- Generous financial aid
- A community for everybody
- Diversity in thought. I didn't realize that even within your own political party, there is so much divergence in how people think. I came from NYC's bubble and talking to Southern Democrats is always interesting

Least Favorite Things:
- The workload can be grueling and some classes grade deflate
- Our clubs and school admin get NOTHING done that improves the school
- Stuff on campus is unreasonably priced all the time
- While Ithaca is pretty, it's also pretty dead
- Multiple hate crimes (and crimes in general) this year
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