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Cornell is truly a great school. The academics are excellent and people aren't afraid to help on homework or geek out on whatever. There are clubs for everything and generally the student body is very involved, there isn't much else in Ithaca. Things from business clubs, project teams, Greek life and more tend to be needlessly exclusive which can contribute to the general competitive culture.
I graduated from Cornell (College of Engineering) in 2017. I'm not going to lie - it was a TOUGH four years, but the skills I learned are invaluable to me now. I met some amazing professors and students who are still part of my life. To prospective students - prepare to work hard, especially if you're in STEM!
I am a graduate student at Cornell. I really like its campus and high academic quality. the competition atmosphere makes you to study hard what leads to success.
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I had a wonderful time touring Cornell. The beautiful campus, location, and buildings are everything I look for in a college. I am especially thankful for our wonderful guide. She answered all of my questions and seemed to have a very genuine admiration for her school.
Attending Cornell really made a difference in the way I saw life as a whole. Their study abroad program is a very good way to learn about different majors.
I love the campus and the level of education. I found it intimidating to try and make connections with professors in large lectures, but I would find that at any university. I enjoyed freshman dorm life and food is above average with great diversity and options.
I have loved my experience so far. All the professor are great, they really push you to perform the best that you can. Additionally the campus is beautiful and the food is great
I'm a rising sophomore and have come to love Cornell in the past year. Although it can be very stressful at times, everything from the food, atmosphere and education is of the highest quality. The big community can make anyone feel welcome as you have the opportunity to explore any/all of your interests!
Cornell has been a challenge for me but in the best way possible. Academics are difficult, but I am surrounded by people who always puh me to expand how I think and challenge me to do better.
You'll meet a lot of students and professors who constantly push you to be better on a daily basis. Winters are cold, challenging, and can feel extremely isolating, but you come out feeling stronger than before.
Cornell has such a great and welcoming community. The campus is absolutely beautiful, from the antique buildings to the nature surrounding them.
Beautiful campus, strong study environment. It is very lively because of the large student population. Academics are very rigorous, especially for STEM majors. Professors can be helpful if you're willing to go to them on your own time. Exams and workload can take some getting used to, especially when everyone around you seems to pick it up so easily. There is a lot do in Ithaca but you'll find campus to be sufficiently stimulating most of the time. Some good places to eat in Collegetown but a lot of the restaurants are downtown. It is a large campus so a lot of Freshmen take the bus the first year since it's free but it is fairly walkable.
It has that old and classic campus feel which pushes you to perform as best you can. Knowing the great minds that walked the halls and taught such as Richard Feynman is captivating.
Cornell University is absolutely beautiful. They are very Eco friendly and very clean. The campus has students from all over and everyone is very nice.
As an incoming freshman, I felt immediately welcomed to the campus. It was my favorite of all the Ivys.
The campus is beautiful. The professors not only have a strong understanding of course material, but they also care deeply about their students. Many great places to study around campus, and beautiful weather in the fall and spring.
Academics are excellent, but the social atmosphere is cliquey and lowkey unwelcoming until you find your group.
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Great education but financial aid is lower than other Ivy league schools. Stem classes are difficult but possible. It's very difficult to internally transfer. the campus is very large and beautiful. The housing is average and juniors and seniors are not guaranteed housing.
I recently graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors from the College of Arts and Sciences :) In my time here, I have experienced a wonderful community of people. The people that you meet here are so passionate about everything that they do -- you meet all kinds of people! And they are all so polite and are also interested in who you are! As a result, great friendships come from this and you'll know that they are the kind that would last forever! Another great thing about the campus is that it is so scenic. Since I am from the city, it has been such a nice change of pace. Sunsets above Cayuga's waters are the most prettiest things you'll witness!
Academically rigorous but some departments are better than others. Pretty isolated campus but beautiful area.
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