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I really have enjoyed my time here thus far! The diversity on campus is refreshing, and the academic environment outstanding. The dorms vary greatly in quality, but the food is always delicious! I have made a ton of friends through clubs as well!
My experience at Cornell has been great! The friends I've made will last me a lifetime and the opportunities are endless. The campus is breathtaking and you will find something new and exciting everyday. Professors are at the top of their field and the education you receive is incomparable. I look forward to spending my next three years here!!
Dream school for myself and many others. If you can find a way to finance it and survive you are lucky. I think you can achieve an equally rigorous education elsewhere for a more reasonable cost.
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Being from California, it pushed me to experience something new. I'm so glad I pushed myself to experience a whole new way of life on the east coast. I believe being away form home has helped me grow into a more independent person.
I love the collaboration of my program in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, and I am very happy with the education I am receiving. I also enjoy the social aspect of the school, which is very inclusive.
I grew to love Cornell more and more each year I was there, then found I continued to grow with it. There is no institution like it anywhere, combining the best of both our private and public universities. It is so wonderful to be an alumna from Cornell that I continue to be glad I graduated 'far above Cayuga's waters'.
I think Cornell is great school that truly offers amazing opportunity to pursue passions and make way into a successful career. But the cost of tuition and various other fees is extremely high, which of course if true with over Ivy League schools. I cannot say for sure if Cornell and similar colleges are truly "need-blind" in their application process.
Okayish experience. The fellow students are very forthcoming and helpful. The committee are a little laid back to help out. The community is pretty responsive. Events are a lot of fun and time to de-stress too.
Good academics. Student life and campus involvement pretty much depend on a student. In the middle of nowhere.
Cornell University has been really incredible; the academics are stellar and I have learned a lot. The community here is very respectful and sharp. The scenery here is stunning.
Although Cornell is an Ivy it is mostly a school for the wealthy. Notice that the SAT scores for Cornell are the lowest of all the Ivys which means the education cannot be as good. However the area surrounding the school is quite beautiful. And only on occasion is there amazing things to do on campus.
This school has such a welcoming environment. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful as well. Even though this is a very tough school, the student body has plenty of places to get assistance, and it is not as competitive as one may think.
Great school with top notch education, friendly environment, the academics are tough but you can pull through.
The academics are incredible and the campus is beautiful. There are hundreds of extra curricular activities to take part in. I gave it 3 stars only due to the expense of coming to college here and the stress that brings.
Amazing place to be, professors and classes are top of the line and I love that you can take any of the thousands of classes offered regardless of major. Pretty far from any big cities which was my biggest worry but the campus is massive and Ithaca is awesome so nothing to worry about. Food is insane both on and off campus and while you are there you feel like you are all around greatness in the making
Extremely rigorous academic environment, however the tuition is expensive and financial assistance may not meet expectations. Overall culture is rigorous.
Cornell University is a highly academic driven . I loved the academic freedom we get in terms of choosing courses as well as doing research. One thing I would like to change is the canteen food scenario. Food is very limited and costly.
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As a freshman at Cornell University, campus life has been very enjoyable so far. The university academically challenges its students to bring out the best in them and encourages its students to develop professionally. Located in Ithaca, New York, the scenery is beautiful with gorges and waterfalls across the campus and despite common belief, offers plenty of things to do for its students--including the annual apple fest, farmer's market, great restaurants, and more. I wish it was not as cold during the winter months, though it should be bearable with a nice winter jacket. Dorms are very nice and offers a warm community of students and advisors with all freshmen on north campus and others on west campus.
One thing that I like about Cornell is that all of the students are extremely hardworking and determined to succeed. The grading system makes it fairly difficult to achieve a high GPA without an intense amount of time and effort but all of the students I know are passionate about their goals. In addition, there is a sense of community throughout the university. Lastly, the availability of resources and professors makes it possible to improve your grades if you are dedicated.
I love it . Study anything ! I enjoyed the waterfalls, the teachers and the education. Wouldn’t change it for the universe. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG RED!!!!!
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