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I love Cornell university. It's incredibly beautiful, very diverse and inclusive, and the academics are simply stellar. Best time of my life.
Cornell University allows you to pursue almost any study. But, I must admit it's a little hard trying to find what you want to do, because of the large variety of options. There are also so many different organizations teaching you and pursuing many different things, that not many other colleges offer.
Cornell is # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review Cornell University
I had an amazing visit there, my tour guide was very informational and made it the school of my dreams!
I love Cornell. When a prefrosh asked me what I liked the least about Cornell, I could only think of one minor detail: there's only one dining hall on Central Campus that accepts Meal Swipes.
coming from a non-east coast public high school, going to Cornell was an adjustment, in a great life-expanding way. I had never been in a community where intellectualism thrived and was cultivated, and I was able to find myself and gain the skills to have the career I wanted in medicine. While Ithaca can be a little isolated, I think the campus B+ rating is unfair, I challenge anyone to find a more beautiful campus anywhere in the world than Cornell
Cornell is a really unique experience for me. The campus is incredibly beautiful, especially during fall.
Excellent resources, great for students who are independent and have a desire to get the most out of the resources here.
Cornell is a wonderful place to be if you are willing to work hard and to take advantage of all of the resources made available to you. If you don't take advantage of talking to professors, doing research, making connections with grad students, participating in non-academic clubs or events, etc... you are probably better off spending your money on a state school instead. Simply taking classes and going about your day will not give you all the benefits which Cornell has to offer.
The school itself it a beautiful (but cold) place with immense diversity and rich culture. There are tons of groups and societies on campus for basically any activity that you can think of so there is something for everyone.
The greatest decision of my personal, academic, and professional career. From the firsthand connections with world-class professors to the endless financial and personal support, Cornell University has validated and exceeded my expectations of a university.
I love going to Cornell University. All of the faculty are very helpful and they are willing to work with you to ensure that you succeed. There is so much passion for every subject and field that is imaginable and if there is something that you are passionate about but it seems like there is nobody at Cornell that does, Cornell and the professors will do everything to get you connected to someone else that is just as passionate as you are about the subject.
Beautiful Campus, welcoming and intelligent faculty, great food, awesome opportunities. I'm impressed at the summer college program especially, as well as the Nancy E and Peter C Meinig School of Engineering, for offering a high school student like me, the opportunity to study and intern in a lab on campus.
I really enjoy the diverse opportunities Cornell is able to offer. I found many clubs and events were very engaging and fun. Since it is such a big school, sometimes the classes can feel large and meeting people can be difficult.
Cornell was the best decision of my life. Not only is Cornell a top tier school in America it is one of the best universities in the world.
Cold, but great. Ivy League and proud of it. You will have to work a lot for a good grade. The staff is well trained and all of them have experience in the field. Diverse student body. Not too many parties but enough. Strong Greek life.
It's a nice campus with a beautiful view. However, it's quite chilly in the winter. It's a very diverse community.
It has a very intellectual, academic atmosphere, but the workload is not constantly stressful. It may be hard to figure out your interests early on, as it is easy to get lost in the sea of students, especially in large classes. The weather is pretty dreary, and the ground is super hilly, but you can still enjoy yourself.
Review Cornell University
The amount of resources at Cornell is absolutely astounding. There is a wide variety of majors and minors that would allow you to pursue your interests. Additionally, the campus has a lot of interesting extracurricular activities that help balance out the stress from the workload. On that note, Cornell's campus is very large and contains many beautiful libraries so it is remarkably easy to find your perfect study spot.
Cornell is different than other universities because it is so isolated. It is very peaceful and calm because it is surrounded by nature. If you don't like that you will have a hard time. Overall my experience is good and i like it. There is also a lot of walking, especially as freshmen because you live far from classes, due to the fact that the campus is so large. The food is good for the most part because it is really healthy and fresh. The faculty is very friendly and helpful if you need it. The classes and clubs that are offered are very diverse. There are many opportunities to find what you love and to try new things.
Fantastic academics, and full of both students and professors that truly care about your academic success. Many unique and vibrant sub-communities exist on campus, so no matter what your interests, there will most likely be many places in which you can find your niche.
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