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Cornell is a nice small college with great and challenging academics in a lovely little town. However, Cornell has some of the oldest facilities in the area and many of their buildings are in need of some updates.
The block system is great! It does allow for a lot of focus on one class. Be warned though, you can't procrastinate because of the fast pace.
Cornell is a small family school. You get close with your peers and I just love how small the town and school is.
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I love it! The small community and the willingness of the the faculty. I think ensuring a good campus climate and giving more financial aid can help.
I don't know much about this since I haven't graduated yet but it seems like I'll get a job...?
I love Cornell and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. This doesn't mean I'm blind to its major flaws, but the good outweighs the bad.
the sexual assault policies need serious work. campus safety does not deal with things well and has been incredibly detrimental to many of my friends.
It could be worse, it could be better. Air conditioning for upperclassmen would be nice.
Greek life is very important and there is a noticeable divide between greeks and non-greeks. Because we aren't nationally affiliated, the groups feel very unique to Cornell.
I don't do sports so I cannot comment on this much. I like the gym in the Commons. No one cares about the sports teams but the sports people and their gangs.
The students and professors here truly make the entire experience. If I were reviewing based solely on the administration I would say not to go here, but because students run so many aspects of the school- it feels like home and as if there is a true sense of community throughout campus.
Their are lots of parties that go one, I don't think all of them have alcohol. I don't party, so I wouldn't have first hand experience with it.
They have many different things going on at night but I'm usually asleep.
They have many different classes on all different subjects and with the one course at a time, it really enables students to dig down and really grasp what they're learning.
I come from an area in Michigan that fits the stereotypical upper-middle class of predominantly white outlook. Everybody here wears designer outfits and drives nice cars and quite frankly are pretentious snobs. As soon as I arrived at Cornell for my visit during my senior year of high school, I immediately knew that I didn't have to pretend to be that kind of person anymore. I could be exactly who I wanted to be and everyone has been fantastic for me so far. Not to mention the One Course At A Time is amazing. Admittedly, difficult to adjust to but once I got the hang of it I never want to switch back to a traditional schedule. Being an athlete out there as well provides an even better and more in-depth experience. I get to see and interact with some parts of the school that those who aren't athletes aren't able to. I can't wait to go back!
It all depends on your RA there's RAs that will literally hunt for someone to call th cops on saw it like 4 times over the dumbest things.
All of them are fake. Literally they aren't nationally known due to people getting their feelings hurt over he idea of being excluded from a group even though that's basically what a fraternity/sorority entails so just dumb.
Review Cornell College
It's getting there... A lot more money is FINALLY being invested into the major programs like football and a few others.
Everyone is usually really tollerant.
If you wanted to drink and do drugs, you can find them.
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