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The block plan is very different then high-school and other colleges. It helps by becoming fully immersed in the subject and there are more hands on ways of learning as well as more one on one with the teachers compared to a normal semester style college.
I love Cornell college, I love how the teachers are. They want everyone else to succeed and people are always there to help. The atmosphere is great and the sports are very good. I love the coaching staff for volleyball and how the school is teaching me more than skills for my job, but skills for my life. I would like there to be better food in the cafe, air conditioning in all buildings, and to be allowed to live off campus after the first year.
Cornell has great academics with plenty of fantastic professors. They really care to get to know you and how you are doing in the class. However the administration often does not show care of how the students are doing. The campus is not very diverse being from IA. We have more diversity than one would expect but it is not as good as it could be.
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Cornell college is full of diversity. You get to meet people from all aspects of life. The college does the Block plan which is one class at a time for 18 days. It helps to be able to focus on one class and excel in it. You get very close to your professors also. Cornell offers lots to do for college life outside of class. You have sororities, fraternities, Athletics and clubs/organizations. Cornell is a close family orientated college. I made a great decision in choosing Cornell.
They are very friendly the admissions councilors are very helpful and the campus is nice and small. They people there are very friendly and welcoming. The small class sizes are good to have 1 on 1 with your teachers
So far my experience on cornell has been astounding with the amount of helpfullness and care I've experienced in joining the college.
On my college visit day I did not contact the coach before hand. While I was on campus the coach found me as he seen my name on the list to visit. We ended up having lunch and a great talk.
The students were great and LOVE the small community campus. Very friendly staff
I took a visit there and it was extremely nice. Very nice dorms with up-to-date athletic facilities.
Care for students needs much improvement. I was in a car accident late 2016 and was disenrolled to avoid unnecessary tuition fees while hospitalized. When I returned to the college hoping to reinstate my enrollment I was told I would not be able to until my balance was covered in full. I had a broken back, hip, pelvis, hand and two torn rotator cuffs, I asked the school to help me with any school funds to cover anything on my balance, they refused. The school did not let me stay in my dorm despite the fact that all of my belongings were there. I had to sneak into my friends dorm and eventually convince a student RA to allow me entry to my room until my flight a week later. I had no money and no meal pass so I struggled and went hungry. I had no way of sending my clothes home due to my finances & had to leave my belongings with a local church pastor for several months until I was able to have him sent to me.
Cornell College is a great school for small classrooms. It's about 15:1 student:teacher. Coaches are supportive. Looks like an Ivy League School.
Overall a good school. Great professors but the small size leads to problems in opportunities. The one course at a time is very interesting and I find it quite enjoyable, but it is clearly not for every student. It can be hard to adjust to, and if you don't adjust quickly.. well, in the first month after having completed your first class, if you had a D or lower you will likely drop out (in the past 5 years, everyone with a D or lower in their first course has not completed their degree).
Cornell College is my second home. Thanks to the friendly teachers, staff and peers, I find myself much more confident and sociable. The campus scene is beautiful all year round. I am the only Vietnamese kid on campus, so sometimes I can feel small and lonely, but no, in Cornell College, I have sources to reach whenever I need. If you are bored after a long day of classes, the best thing to do is to sit on the grass and relax. Cornell College campus scene is beautiful all year round, spring, summer, fall, winter, I never get sick of it.
The food is diverse, much much better than it used to be around 4-5 years ago. Now everyone can enjoy new variety of food everyday, including Asian, Latin, European food.
My friends on campus are friendly with LGBT, black and international, so the atmosphere makes everybody feel comfortable. I am very glad that Cornell chose me. My special 4 years <3
it’s the school of my dreams! My favorite place to be! I love ❤️ Cornell!!!!! I know it will be the best place for you! Especially if you are magoring in Science!
It is a great school full of potential. It was and is my first choice to study I;m vety happy on being here. It offers you a lot of opprtunities in a lot of fields. bl bl b bl b b b b b b b b b b b bb l ll l l l ll l l l l l l ll ll l l ll ll l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l j j jj j j j j j jj j j j j jj j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j j
As a sophomore here, I have so far very much enjoyed my experience here. I will admit, the block plan is not for everyone. But if it works for you, I highly encourage at least taking a look here.
Overall my experience has been good with Cornell. My major is very challenging, and the block plan is both good and bad when it comes to hard courses. Some of the professors are excellent, are willing to put in as much time as it takes to help you learn and pass, and a very few do not have that in them. It is hard if you have them for a course you must take. I don't feel that you have much choice when choosing classes, that I would change. Otherwise, I love the small town, I have made many friends and the school is beautiful. Some of the dorms are updated, some are falling apart. I hate that they charge you every nickel and dime for someone puking or overflowing a toilet. It gets ridiculous.
Cornell College is a small liberal arts school in the tiny town of Mt. Vernon, IA. It's small size helps provide a sense of family and community. The block program is a fantastic way to learn and immerse yourself in your studies. The only thing I would like to see improved is the residence life department. They can sometimes be described as a bit lackluster.
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Cornell College is an excellent school for preparing yourself for graduate level work. The block plan is demanding and requires students to remain focused on their education goals. You will learn how to manage lots of information in a short amount of time. I am excited to see the expansion of the science building and would be happy to see the school expand its options and support systems for scientific majors.
Cornell College is a wonderful place, with very little in terms of distraction but still plenty of opportunities and things to do in Mt. Vernon.
CornellCollege has a unique block schedule, one class at a time. We attend class for 3 1/2 weeks, then break 4 1/2 days, then next block. We have an amazing 4 year graduate rate and higher than average acceptance into the Med and Vet schools. Our small school is fun, energetic and a great place to learn.
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