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Corcoran School of Art and Design Reviews

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DC food doesn't taste the best, it's fairly expensive, but I can find a few good meals.
Monuments, shows, the art scene, clothing stores and everything.
It's expensive, the city is dangerous, it's really expensive, far off, and did I mention expensive?
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We literally work in the run down basement of a gallery, but somehow those that attend the school fall in love with it. The faculty are some of the best you could find, with so much knowledge and experience. The social environment is kind and you could speak with anyone and everyone.
The facilities are old and cluttered, but home to the students. Some of the equipment could be replaced, but we always find a way.
I would definitely do this again, I have learned and experienced so much. My only career goal is to find what I love and do it, I have no concerns about finding a job within the arts, there are plenty.
The guys and girls are just normal guys and girls. Like everywhere else.
The FAFSA is long and tedious, but helpful.
In terms of diversity no one is treated differently or unfairly, and the school is fairly diverse in ethnicity. There is not much diversity in political beliefs, though.
winter weather is the best. i love snow
it is the city so a little crazy
Some parties...small school. The nightlife in DC is great if you're 21+
Super cold winters, super hot summers, lots of wind. Good amount of snow days since we follow federal government.
Student life is great. We're a tight knit community and all very close. Several events for freshmen. Once you turn 21, the city opens up to you.
This school gives lots of money and loans...I wouldn't have been able to be here without the help I got.
Campus is in downtown DC, the best food options! Expensive but endless possibilities.
Its a tiny school so we only have one lab but the technology is pretty good.
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If you are into the arts, this school can't be beat. It has the best faculty, resources, and the school is connected to a prestigious art museum where you exhibit your work senior year.
The RAs and security officers are pretty strict with alcohol and drug use in dorms/on campus but everyone does it anyway and can usually get away with it.
Very safe campus. Right next to White House so noticeable police activity. We also have a good group of security officers. We do not have a Health Center but the Student Affairs Office has bandaids!
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