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I have just started at Corban, but I really love that it is a university that is aligned with my faith and my belief system. The administration has been above and beyond when it has come to admissions, and course planning. I really cannot wait to get deeper into my studies with them, as I know that this is a wonderful education.
My experience at Corban was sort of an up-and-down experience. There were lots of moments I wouldn't trade for anything, but I also experienced some of my lowest lows here. That wasn't so much the college's fault; it started me on the very necessary journey of discovering who I was and what I would really thrive at doing. I did make some true lifelong friends here and learn a lot of really wonderful things along the way. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to point people here for their college education.
I love the Bible classes and how they bring the Bible into other classes like math as well. The teachers are well knowledgeable too. The food is not very good though. Not a lot of variety or healthy.
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I really enjoy being in my hall and my roommates are incredible, but the people in my major are really rude and the professor is one of the main reasons why I am leaving. He picks his favorites and treats the rest of his "non favorites" poorly.
Coming from overseas, I didn't know what to expect. American culture is different, and I needed a place to call home. Corban has been that home, and it's amazing.
Corban is truly a second home to me. The community is so warm and welcoming. Some of the facilities need upgrading, but I know that it is already in the works, and will be done relatively soon.
Corban is a private Christian college that is ideal for those who prefer a small campus and are interested in being involved with a close, great community. Small class sizes allow for more personal education that is very involved.
I love Corban University. If you are looking for a Christian school with good morals and a family environment then this is the school for you. With amazing professors and friendly people, this school has everything a student could hope for. And the mandatory biblical studies minor is something that will really help your relationship with God grow. I learn something new at Corban everyday and I am looking forward to the short time I have left here.
The best part of Corban is the community, and it was the deciding factor over other colleges for me. There are people here who do not really care about their faith all too much, but there are a great many of people who are some of best people you'll ever meet. They will help shape you in your faith, and share many fun experiences with you. The majority of professors are amazing, and all of them are knowledgeable about what they teach. The only things I would change here is the food, it is good enough but you get sick of it quickly, and the cost. However, the cost of going here has been well worth it.
A great school for christians that want to have a stronger connection to god and friends at the same time
Corban is perfect for anyone wanting to grow in their faith. It's small, which is perfect for me because I come from a very small town and I will get one on one time with my teachers
Corban University has a very prestigious title as a private Christian university. They offer a small atmosphere with small class sizes and personable professors who want their students to learn. Their athletic department is fairly large, and a majority of students compete in sports. Some negative things I would like to point out about Corban are as follows: the student body is too large for the amount of space provided. This hasn't changed classroom sizes, but those who live on campus are crammed into rooms that are meant for far fewer students, and parking is scarce. Additionally, I was under the impression that I would be able to completely prepare myself for graduate programs in the health field, but the program itself is lacking essential classes, such as medical terminology. With any private university comes a higher tuition, but it seems that Corbans tuition climbs substantially every year.
It's a delightful school, the people are amazing. You will be challenged, academically, mentally and physically, it is worth it.
I have loved being at Corban. It is a truly beautiful campus, with such a connection between students and faculty. The smaller environment creates a more personal experience for a student, which I have come to really enjoy. Corban gives the best for their students and the professors want to guide you in your educational journey and give advice as often as they can.
Corban is not at all what I thought it would be. I toured and thought it was the perfect fit for me, yet now that I am student here I completely change my mind. My residence hall has mold throughout the entire building, the heaters work but are incredibly loud and unpredictable, the air quality in the building is so awful that certain family members of mine can't even come in the building for more than 30minutes. The food is not fresh and healthy like they said it is, it all comes pre-packeged and frozen. It's an okay school, but not at all worth it. Especially considering the cost of tuition.
Corban is an amazing experience! As soon as I walked on campus I knew that it was my home, not because of the Gorgeous trees or awesome programs, but because of the community. It's a big family of believers who love and support each other through all the ups and downs of college life. I'm so glad I chose Corban!
The school has a tight knit community that is easy to become a part of. However, any of the students have low motivation to get anything higher than a C in most classes which disappoints me. The professors tend to stoop to their level to bring the grades up rather than maintain high expectations.
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I have loved Corban. It is a great school with great professors. The best thing about the school is the people. It is a positive community that supports you every day. Corban has a pretty campus that provides beautiful sunsets in the evenings too.

Athletic events are really fun too. Because Corban has a small student body with about 1,000 students, you know everyone and being able to support the athletes is like supporting all of your friends. People are genuinely nice here and the staff members are very supportive of all people.

Tuition is expensive, but there are scholarships out there to help you with the cost.
Corban is an outstanding university. It is full of the best prophesors in this country and some are even top ranking in the world for their field of work. There are many different focuses at Corban as well as sports and extra curricular activities. This university also has some of the best students anywhere around. Corban has been talked about as the school you attend to find a wife or husband. Well, That statement isn't exactly correct, but it isn't exactly wrong either. Many of my close friends have ended up married and I am well on my way to asking the question! It's just not time yet. So, Corban is great! And the people are the best!
FYI, no such thing as 'sexual orientation' on campus here! You are what God made you, and you can't change that.
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