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Corban has an amazing campus in the woods. They even have a hammock club because they have a grove of trees in the center, perfect for hammock's. They have a little chapel and it makes me feel like I'm at Christian Camp, so I feel very safe. They could improve some of the older buildings. It used to be a tuberculosis hospital a long time ago.
Corban isn't perfect, but no college is. You can get an education at any college around the world and get the same old degree no matter what, but Corban University provides you with the personal relationships and connections that will actually matter to you in the long run. The students, professors, and staff here are one-of-a-kind and the most genuine people you will ever meet, and you can feel the difference right when you step foot on the campus.
I love Corban University! It's a great school with wonderful people. I have enjoyed attending school and learning more about Salem's community. The classes are great and I am enjoying everything I am learning. The campus life is amazing and I would recommend students to live on campus.
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My overall experience is very good because Corban University is a great place to make friends, like any other college, but it's also a good place to grow spiritually if you are a Christian. Most of the professors genuinely do care about the students. The student leadership is good for those who like to be involved in that. There are a lot of degree options and study abroad options. The downside to this school is the cost. The food and the housing are not worth the price.
The class sizes are so small which allows deep connections with the faculty members. They do need to improve the process for transfer students.
I absolutely adore the environment. I love the faculty, I love the staff, I love the atmosphere and other students. It seems as though everyone there truly wants to be, they have a want to grow academically and spiritually. Sometimes the sports teams seem disconnected, but I see the coaches really working hard to take apart that stigma and make our campus more familial.
I visited the campus and found the atmosphere to be extremely welcoming and inviting. All of the individuals that I met there were extremely kind and positive.
My experience at Corban university was excellent and warm. the staff there and their guides were so cheerful and ready to answer any questions. the atmosphere was peaceful and potential was felt from every student.
Corban University is by far the best school I could imagine for being a Christian scholar. So far being here has been more than I could have imagined in classes, athletics, and even building friendships. The personal involvement the professors have in your success builds a solid foundation for each and every students future. I feel like I really belong in this university due to the nature of all of the students who are welcoming, professors who are welcoming, and even coaches being welcoming.
I have really enjoyed my time at Corban University. What I appreciate the most about this school is the community it brings to its students. the small campus and class sizes, along with the opportunities presented in the dorms create an environment that I feel so lucky to be a part of.
The environment of the campus is peaceful and calm. The faculty are extremely welcoming and helpful with any questions anyone has about entering college. The campus is absolutely beautiful and very in tune with nature, they have clubs and activities for everyone, and with all the options given, people can even find a new hobby. Overall Corban University is amazing.
I have looked at Corban University since my freshman year of high school. I have visited the campus twice and absolutely love it. It seems like a close tight-knit campus and the people all seem generally happy to be there. The school has an amazing criminology department. I am proud to have been accepted there for the fall of 2019.
Corban University has such a welcoming environment. This can easily be shown through the faculty and students. Close relationships are grown because of the small class sizes. This private Christian college encourages growth in your faith through chapels, friendships, professors, and biblical classes. Since the campus is built on a hill, the climb up and down the hill from classes can get tiring. However, my overal experience with Corban has been great and I’m glad I’ve had the experience of attending there.
This is the second semester of my freshman year, so far Corban has a very homely feel. I know everyone name and its easy to connect with others
The motto for Corban to educate students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ holds true. The atmosphere is welcoming and faith-filled. The staff gets to know you personally and works to see you succeed, even if that means going out of their way to help you or taking the time to pray for you.
I have just started at Corban, but I really love that it is a university that is aligned with my faith and my belief system. The administration has been above and beyond when it has come to admissions, and course planning. I really cannot wait to get deeper into my studies with them, as I know that this is a wonderful education.
My experience at Corban was sort of an up-and-down experience. There were lots of moments I wouldn't trade for anything, but I also experienced some of my lowest lows here. That wasn't so much the college's fault; it started me on the very necessary journey of discovering who I was and what I would really thrive at doing. I did make some true lifelong friends here and learn a lot of really wonderful things along the way. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to point people here for their college education.
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I love the Bible classes and how they bring the Bible into other classes like math as well. The teachers are well knowledgeable too. The food is not very good though. Not a lot of variety or healthy.
I really enjoy being in my hall and my roommates are incredible, but the people in my major are really rude and the professor is one of the main reasons why I am leaving. He picks his favorites and treats the rest of his "non favorites" poorly.
Coming from overseas, I didn't know what to expect. American culture is different, and I needed a place to call home. Corban has been that home, and it's amazing.
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