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Coppin State University has grown tremendously over the last few years; It now feel like a true college campus. Morale still need a little pick up but otherwise fine. I will say that undergrad years will seem to go by slow but once in your major it definitely picks up. Many professors I have encounter thus far has been great, and in many ways, helpful; a few bad apples in the bunch but that's pretty much anywhere. Overall, my experience has been pretty good.
I like Coppin State University because it has been a chance for me to learn a lot about our history as African Americans. Coming from Kenya, I did not know much about the American history but getting to learn more about it is interesting because the professors are quite passionate about it. However, one thing I would like to see change is the way the administration, the people working in the offices interact with the students and with the parents. They may not mean to, but sometimes the way they work, makes them seem negligent to the students needs. This needs to change.
Coppin is a good school. I have many teachers who are PHDs. Teachers are smart and helpful. Classes are small so you really get to know students and faculty. Im glad i go to Coppin. Coppin State University has been a blessing to me. I have never attended an academic institution that has a faculty of instructors that really care about their students. The professors genuinely want to see the students succeed and will do whatever they can to help that along.
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Coppin State is a friendly school to go to. it has its downs like they take a long time to process stuff and give refund checks but the teachers are great and some programs are good as well.
I have heard from other people that have attended the school that is has a positive learning environment but it has MUCH learning to do.
I am truly blessed and grateful to be apart of such an extraordinary HBCU. My experience here has been nothing short of amazing. The students and staff here do everything in their power so that as a whole , the entire university can be successful. I have grew a bond with several staff and students here at Coppin State University that I would have never expected. The teachers are wonderful and humble, and the classes aren't packed where as though it makes it difficult to get the best learning experience there is for yourself. In my opinion Coppin State University is the best HBCU hands down! We know our history, are true to our legacy, and we are moving nowhere but forward. So in closing, my experience here at Coppin State University has filled me with unexplainable joy and undefining hope for the future.
Coppin is really a good school I like how much support that you receive from everyone there especially your professors I was really shocked when I first came because everyone was very nice and very helpful
My first semester at Coppin State University was okay I had to get use to a new environment and the fact that I am now Independent. What I like about this campus is that the size and that the classes are not that full with students. The campus is very nice and beautiful I love the energy of it. One thing that could change is the food I wish it was better in taste and that it had a bigger selection.
Overall the staff strives for student achievement. They want to ensure that every student gains an excellent learning experience as well as college-life experience. However, some departments could use some improvements.
I love it at Coppin. I am from England on a tennis scholarship so when I went I didn't know what a HBCU was or what to expect from Coppin, but everyone is great and I love it. It was the best decision I've ever made. One thing that I would like to see change is for the tennis team to get more money as a sport as we don't get much support as a team. And for the football team to become a proper division I MEAC team because at the moment, they are a club team and I would love for them to be a proper team and apart of the school. Another thing is that I would like for us to have our own baseball field, currently the team has to use one about 30 minutes away for our 'home' games which no one can get to unless they drive, so having a baseball field would be great.
I like that the staff and professor actually care and want us students to succeed. I also like that my peers are friendly and open. I was able to make friends the first week on campus.
I had an easy experience moving on campus.
I don't involve myself in the greek life on campus.
Coppin don't have every sports team but the ones that they participate in make sure that the student athlete focus on academics before sports, which is a positive.
while touring colleges in my senior year, I came across good and bad but when I toured Coppin State University they treated me differently. They explained every aspect of being a good student and what they expect from all their students. They answered all my questions and gave me a new insight of being a good college student.
This is my freshman year at Coplin State University, and I am proud to be a student at my HBCU. Coppin State University offers so many organizations and majors to decide from. I plan on becoming an Alumni from Coppin State University.
My review will be short as I have only been able to explore the girls' volleyball team thus far. This team is amazing, having qualified for eastern conference and placing fourth in their most recent tournament, with a team of mainly freshmen. Through them I would say that athletics at the school maintains a high standard of excellence and the school pride boosts that excellence with support from persons, who, in some case, don't even play sports themselves.
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To rate a school in the simplest form one would need to evaluate three aspects of the college: the academic offerings and teaching, the facilities, and the social atmosphere. The top-rated schools are those which excel in those three departments, however, only the larger schools are taken into consideration for these ratings, which then disadvantages smaller colleges like Coppin State University. Most colleges offer the necessary academics, that goes without saying; if it were anything other than that the college would not be registered and accredited. What we really need to look at are the remaining two aspects- facilities and social atmosphere. To summarize what could be a long explanation as to why some of the higher rated school are actually disadvantaged (as compared to smaller colleges like Coppin) an economist would use the most basic concept of scarcity. Schools like Harvard may be huge and be multi-campus, however, the facilities are still too scarce to accommodate, with the highest efficiency possible, the student population, and one may find the dropout and fail rate of such schools amusing. Classrooms are huge and so student-professor interactions are limited, gyms require scheduling in order to find a space, and clubs and organizations are not concentrated and focused. My experience at Coppin so far has shown me that the smaller classroom setting is the better option, in addition to the smaller school population. Because it is small, there is always the ability to upgrade and modernize facilities as necessary without having to consider too much of the large scale expense, so students at Coppin have the most state of the art equipment at their fingertips and in there classrooms. There is also greater access to the school's resources, both human and material. If I were to give my own subjective opinion at this point, I'd say that students at Coppin and other small colleges have a greater chance of gaining a worthwhile and beneficial experience.
The application fee is expensive and then the enrollment fee is an addition price so it average to about 95 dollars
They need more dorm building so the dorms wouldn't be such a hassle to get in
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