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Coppin State University is a small hbcu that many people do not know about. I first found out about the college my senior year and high school at a college fair. Coppin had onsight admissions and I had all my information and was accepted onsight. I am now a sophmore and I love my school. The campus is beautiful, the staff is very hands on and that is because the school is small, so they are very helpful, and understanding. I recommend Coppin State University to everybody. All the facilities are new and clean , campus life is amazing and I am loving my Coppin State expireince.
So far my experience with Coppin has been amazing, I’ve cake across some nice and helpful people and cannot wait too meet more.
Coppin State is very efficient on admission and getting paper work situation for students. They communicate very well and do well as a small university. Food needs to improve and more access to quad activity. Overall great and cheap school.
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Coppin State is a very good school. The issue is how limited everything is when it comes to financial aid. There are many scholarships for Nursing but little for others. The dorms are small and not the best either but not so bad that one would hate the place. Its average.
Overall I am glad I am attending Coppin State I met many wonderful people, it is also a small school so I am able to focus and stay on track.
What I like most about Coppin is that it is full of so much culture. The staff for the most part is pretty friendly and then environment is clean.
The campus is located in West Baltimore City and the residents in the area, respect the institution and those who attend. The staff is encouraging and want scholars to reach their goal of graduating. It is absolutely a learning environment. You might even say Coppin State University is a Diamond in the rough.
My experience with Coppin State University has been amazing so far. The professors are extremely hands on. They offer to help their students in anyway they can. The students are warm and welcoming. What I really like about the school is that it isn't a party school. Coppin is more so from students who really just want to focus on there sports and education.
I love this school so much. I originally chose this school because of all the stories my mom would tell me of her experiences at Coppin. I fell in love with Coppin immediately. The food is great but a little pricey but that's at any college campus. They always have fun events for students to participate in like going to Kings Dominions during fright week and Uno tournaments. The staff is amazing. Just a great school overall.
that are really welcomin staff and the food is really good and it is a really clean place the dorms are nice and clean thr staff memebers are reslly understanding
I enjoyed my experience for the most part meeting new people and becoming my own person, besides the extremely cramped dorm room, suite door that didn’t lock correctly so if anyone pushed hard enough they could get in (which I had a very unpleasant experience due to this problem) Some of my friends classes weren’t technically accredited courses so they didn’t transfer. I got sick and had to take time off of school and I informed them, they still held on to my credits until I paid off the room and board fee, even though I informed them of the situation and withdrew from my classes before the deadline. They were supportive when I attempted to come back to school they gave me extra time to complete my work. Yet when I was rushed to the emergency room from the dorms and the paramedics closed my suite door and ended up locking my keys in my room, they still made me pay a fee for letting me back in my room even though the situation was out of my control.
I like the environment being on a HBCU campus. Very affordable. Great Nursing Program. I also believe that I'll be successful coming out of Coppin State.
I'm am satisfied with the content. I am not content with the level of communication between offices. There are too many bottlenecks created because everyone only knows their procedure.
First, they offered me a Transfer scholarship as a prospective Junior transferring from a PG Community College. Not only did I not received it, but I had to pay out of pocket, even despite having a high GPA 4.0+. I still owed a balance and they immediately send you to Maryland Comptroller for balancing owing. They have endowment scholarship that in the STEM program and they do not even utilize it help their own students in need. No STEM tutoring resources. Horrible resources for Career service center and lack of funding in many areas.
I love Coppin State University due to the fact that it is an HBCU. I wish the dorms and the cafeteria food was better. The campus also needs to be closed off from the surrounding community for safety reasons. I feel like they should treat us more like adults.
Extremely unsafe area. The people there are terrible. The only thing i can compliment is the science department
Coppin is a very small school. I am a sophomore in college and it is very stressful. My experience at Coppin is good. I met and connected with some many people. Coppin allowed to have the experience of meeting and connecting with people.
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Coppin State University has been a great experience overall. The students and professors care about your well being and your future success. There could be better food and more campus wide experience. Most people are friendly and welcoming. The Dean could be more interactive on campus and there could be more teachers available to teacher both day and evening classes. Coppin State University is not a big University, therefore if you are comfortable in a smaller classroom setting, this is the place for you. Coppin needs to update some of its technology and resources, other than that, Coppin offers an experience everyone would look forward to having.
I really like Coppin. I have learned a lot over the last year just by being apart of the school. I am a sophomore and I really enjoy my experience at Coppin.
Coppin State University is a great school! It's safe, you meet a lot of friendly open people and feel welcomed there! It's wonderful!
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