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I love how the campus is small, it’s easy to get to my classes. Less than 5 min. The people are friendly but could be a bit more diverse
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Coppin has a competitive Nursing program. The Business and Technology programs are growing as well. What makes this college attractive is the affordability and smaller classrooms. More people from different backgrounds and cultures are attending this school each semester and its beautiful. Have you ever seen different cultures and backgrounds having a friendly debate in the middle of the campus? You will see this at Coppin State.

The Cons: The location, even though this college is located in a undesirable location, it is actually one of the safest colleges in the Baltimore region(Thanks to the security and school police that are always on watch)
-There is only one stats teacher, his teaching style is hardcore
-Financial Aid is usually backed up not sure if its on the FA department end or state end, but they will have you fill out a form to hold your classes which is 25 dollars per student. (majority of the student body is on Financial Aid)
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Coppin state University is an excellent school. Its taught mea lot of things, such as becoming more responsible and staying ahead of my work. It also teaches you to balance out your social life and academic life if you didn't know how to prior to coming to college.
I would say that overall Coppin was a great school for me to receive my Bachelors degree from. Overall the school is a great school and is very diverse. The sports teams are good and when they have parties , they tend to be nice parties. Overall the school is somewhat organized but you would have to stay on top of the financial aid office to ensure that your bill for a semester gets paid on time. I enjoyed going to that school and if I could do it all over again I definitely wouldn’t mind .
Everyone at Coppin State is very friendly and approachable. Along with the friendly aspects of the university, the campus's safety is actually incredible considering the location. However an improvement could be made in regards with the university's website and troubleshooting issues.
I am in LOVE with Coppins campus!!The atmosphere is one that allows to open your mind.The professors and staff are helpful.I would like to see more organization with events and students first days of class.Overall though, Collin is a great college to attend
Coppin State University was all I expected college to be like and more. From staying up late working vigorously to finish assignments. To hanging out and sharing laughs with friends. This year at Coppin State University was one to remember. Thankful for every opportunity that presented itself and for everyone who believed in me who told me, “You can”. Instructors who never gave up on me and friends who never stopped pushing me. At every corner I was met by words of encouragement. I learned more than I ever did this year at Coppin. Not only in a academic sense, but lessons in life as well. Coppin State University is shaping me into the man I strive to become. And I know that at the end of my days at Coppin State University, I’ll be a man of great knowledge, integrity, and compassion.
My overall experience at Coppin State University has been great. They have truly prepared me for the real world. They only critique is that more students should know of the resources avalible to them around the campus .
Coppin State University is a wonderful place to start college life. The food is amazing and the teachers are even better. Best of all, the mall, a subway station and a bus stop is just up the street. Coppin University has everything you need and more if you ask.
This is my first year at Coppin State University. I transferred over after three years of being out of college. The admissions staff and advisement team for my major made the transition back into high education smooth and painless. Now preparing to conclude my first semester as a Coppinite, I am happy I made the decision. The integrity of my professors, the content usednin my classes and the camaraderie of the entire campus makes this a great institution of higher learning. This semester I was taking all online courses and for the most part my courses ha e gone without incident. The o ly thing that I would suggest for the future is that Coppin require the instructors to take some kind of training before becoming an instructor for a online-based course. Aside from that, Coppin has re-ignited the fire that burned in me for deeper understanding of my history, culture and my identity.
I enjoy attending Coppin State University. Most of the professors are reliable. If we have an emergency, they can usually be reached through email. They always respond within a timely fashion. The academics are great. We can access all of our course work and grades through an online portal, Blackboard, which is extremely efficient. I love how the campus embraces being a HBCU. The students receive constant emails about scholarships, internships, activities, study tips and internet safety. Sadly, the campus is not in the best part of town. The university does its best to make sure we are up to date on any crime. I love how the campus utilizes technology. One thing I would like to see change is the crime. I would also like to see Coppin be listed as one of the top universities in Maryland. I believe so much in this institution. We achieve so much greatness within the Coppin community, It would delightful for it to be known state-wide.
I like that it is a Historical Black College University. It's a small college. Their criminal justice program is top.
I like the ease of scheduling classes and advisors who are knowledgeable about the course requirements. I also like the resources available to make student success achievable.
Coppin State is beautiful, it's a very small school which I like a lot but also has a great academic program. I'm apart of their athletics and it's just a overall great school.
My experience at Coppin's large and diverse campus is fun and exciting!! The instructors, staff and students are professional, friendly, and supporting.
Coppin State University is a great school to go to especially if you cannot afford a more expensive college. Despite the location, the campus itself is actually very safe. I like the fact that I am around people who have similar interest and had similar experiences as me. The professors are nice and understanding and are willing to work with you to make your experience easier. I would like to see improvements on the inside of the buildings at Coppin rather than the outside appearance.
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Coppin State is great school I like it because it's small and I get a lot of help. The only thing that sucks about this school is the financial aid. They don't help out of state students, But other than that Coppin is a great school. I'm coming back this year.
Coppin State University is an awesome school for transfer students. It has flexible schedules for working people offering many night classes. It is in the heart of the city which gives access to public transportation to explore the city and the beautiful scenery;despite what many may believe about Baltimore, it is still beautiful. It Is located directly across the street from a mall which is great for college kids. I am a senior and I was a transfer so I don't know much about campus life as I am only there at night but it seems orettt awesome from what I hear from my classmates who live on campus. The staff are great. Should you ever have an issue, they will gladly assist in any way. They want you to succeed. This campus has been and is still being updated and it looks awesome. Nice environment despite being in the heart of the city. Highly recommend others to attend.
Coppin is a good HBCU. It's a smaller campus but that's what I love about the school. Everyone knows each other; and the smaller class sizes allows for a closer one-on-one relationship the professors.
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