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Copper Mountain College has been a wonderful experience at the community college level. The staff is friendly and helpful, the cafeteria food is delicious, and the professors really care about their students and want to see them succeed. Transferring out of CMC has been easy and everyone cheers each other on.
My over all experience so far with Copper Mountain Community College is quite joyful and peaceful. The thing I like the most about this college is the peace and quiet I get here since its a smaller community college compared to others which makes me focus and gives me less distractions. The professors I've had so far are superb. The teaching skills and the way they work with students is amazing, giving each student the right attention they need. I believe having a smaller school and less kids is the reason for that because it gives us the feeling of being somebody instead of just a number in a bigger school. Since the short period of time I've been here, I don't think there should be any changes so far.
As an older person going back to school it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone, students, staff, and faculty, has been very supportive and friendly.
There are small classes so you get to know the instructor and other students.
The campus is small with easy access and located in the beautiful Hi-Desert.
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My experience at CMC has been very good! The teachers are attentive and are willing to help you succeed in any way they can. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming.
A great small school that offers many transfer degrees! It is located in the high desert very close to the marine base. Classes are very easy to register, they do not fill up fast.
I like the most about college is getting to meet new people. A change I would like to see is adding sports, because that can be a fault of why people don't choose to go to Copper Mountain College.
Enjoyed the experience. Found a few of my favorite teachers there. The Coyote Kitchen had decent food and student services was very informative and helpful.
I've only had a class so far due to other issues but very clear on instructions and helpful.
It wasn't the worst I've experienced so far but it is an easy and understandable.
I prefer to take morning and afternoon classes. So far it has been easy for me to schedule the classes I want within this time frame. However, I wish more professors offered classes around these times, but I suppose I'd have to take some evening classes in the future.
Aside form the RN program and the other medical programs I haven't heard much about job/internship offers or employers recruiting on campus.
There is a wide variety of classes to choose from depending on your major. Also your class choice may be limited depending on if you fill out an IGETC education plan in comparison to a CSU education plan. The professors are pretty straightforward about their requirements in the syllabus. Its extremely important to read the syllabus thoroughly so there is no surprises. Also its important to sign-up for the classes you want/need ASAP because they fill up quickly. Popular class sizes can get pretty big, as well, with up to 40 students. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, but the as the semester goes on you'll get used to it.
I started attending CMC last semester and I love it. The professors are understanding and the students are always willing to give you advice about the classes they have taken. The tutors here are amazing and I appreciate that some professors come in during these tutoring hours. The campus bookstore is great they have any supplies you might think you need readily on hand. The campus itself is well kept and I will say it's easy to get lost at this college because the building designs are similar. Also, I enjoy dining at the Coyote Kitchen here on campus. The prices are reasonable for such delicious food!
I dont know. it has been okay.
i just started school again and its been difficult to juggle school and work at the same time. however, the two teachers i had were very helpful.
I have only taken one online class so far but it was manageable and the system worked great.
The few times I have been in the career center it has been very helpful.
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So far I have had pretty small classes in the early childhood education program.
The early childhood education program works very hard to get the students hands on experience and get a job.
The early childhood education program is fantastic and has a great group of teachers that are very knowledgeable.
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