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I am currently enrolled there as a Dual Credit student and I am in LOVE with their programs. They have awesome professors who listen when you have any issues, try to make the class easy enough for you to catch on but challenging enough for you to enjoy. They have a wide variety of majors and minors to choose from and they just have that at-home vibe. I recommend all of my classmates to enroll there.
The classes aren't too difficult, there's a campus near where I live, and I can take things at my own pace.
It is a great school that makes sure all their students enrolled have choise the right study and that they are successful and get their degree and they also know their students name by name and pushes their students to the fullest so that they are successful
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My first time at Colin, I knew it was the place for me to be at. I would fit right in. The staff and instructors were so helpful. All departments were helpful if you needed anything into like asking a question, needing help with your degree plan or schedule. They there for that. Colin let me stood out in front with of others and myself. Because I was a shy kinda person. But Colin help break that . I attended clubs and organizations. My freshmen year I was in SGA as the freshmen representative, I’m in trailblazer which is helping to recruiter others the greatness at Colin, Soar, a peer coach for the freshmen students into helping to guide them to their future, and so many other more I attended in. And I’m so glad to say it because not only does i benefit from them clubs, it’s also a good look ok my resume. I recently just got induction into PTK . I was so excited . So many things can happen to you at Colin. It’s the place to be and start . I love Colin.
This college is very great. Great as in awesome. Its very small and friendly. The staff and teachers are friendly and willing to help as much as they can. I would recommend anyone who is about to graduate to chose colin as their choice.
Absolutely love Colin. I never expected to have such great instructors who help and support me they way they do!
Co-Lin is an amazing place full of amazing people. The staff care about what they teach and work with you endlessly. Some of the best teachers I have ever known teach here and I’m proud to say I will soon be a graduate of this amazing instructional institution! Go wolves!
The things I enjoyed about this was that the atmosphere felt safe and friendly. The college has a happy medium on the size. The staff here is nice and the campus has a beauty to it. There are many opportunities to join different organizations, the clubs always have open arms to any student that is interested.
The teachers and staff are nice. They show that they want you to succeed. They'll go miles to help you.
Copiah-Lincoln is a wonderful community college to attend! Great classes and instructors! Different extra curricular activities and clubs you can join! It has more to offer I would love to see it expand more!
The teachers do an amazing job helping their students be the best they can be. I liked that I didn't have a roommate this semester, so I can focus on my schoolwork. Since I stay on campus, I have to pay for the meal plan, which is unnecessary because I do not eat the terrible food, unless it's fried chicken Wednesday. The Stevens dorm elevator hasn't been inspected in years. There need to be more security cameras at all the guy's dorms because I know girls that sneak over there, which worries me.
Co-Lin is amazing and I recommend attending the school! It has so many interesting features that fit the diversity of the student community. I play softball at Co-Lin and that alone has been the best experience. We also attend all sporting events and cheer for our fellow classmates. The friends that I made here will remain the best group of friends I have ever had. So, go to Co-Lin and you will not regret it for a moment. Go Wolfpack!
I decided to go to our local community college at the last minute and could not be happier about my decision. It has been a great experience and have friends that have actually returned from big universities just to go to Co-Lin. The teachers have been very easy to work with and are preparing me to further my education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far!
As a student who is dually enrolled, I do not have much experience with the college. They are poor at responding to emails and calls, though, and their admissions office is not the best. The fact that they do offer cheap dual-enrollment classes is amazing though, and has helped me complete more work in highschool than I would without them.
We absolutely love the teachers and other faculty at Co-Lin that we have encountered. They have made everything from registration to finding classes so easy for us! I would definitely recommend this junior college to anyone looking for a pleasant experience.
Copiah Lincoln community college is a good starter school. The teachers are always helpful and there are always extra curricular activities going on either on campus or around to help students get to know the area better.
Starting college is difficult for anyone but Co-Lin made the transition easy. The majority of the classes are in one hallway so finding each class was a breeze. This fall will be my second year attending Co-Lin and I have enjoyed every class. The teachers go above and beyond the teaching curriculum which allowed me to stay focused and be excited about each lesson.
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Copiah-Lincoln Community College is a very warm, receptive environment that is conducive to learning.
Co-Lin was a great transition from high school to a college. The teachers and other staff were very friendly and helpful. The student body were mainly people from the surrounding area so you knew somebody in every class. And if you didn't, it didn't take long to become friends.
I would like to attend this college because it has the major I would like to become for the rest of my life. I have been to this college several times and enjoyed it every time I visit. I'm not even a student enrolled in this college and enjoy it and can not wait to enroll.
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