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I decided to go to our local community college at the last minute and could not be happier about my decision. It has been a great experience and have friends that have actually returned from big universities just to go to Co-Lin. The teachers have been very easy to work with and are preparing me to further my education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far!
As a student who is dually enrolled, I do not have much experience with the college. They are poor at responding to emails and calls, though, and their admissions office is not the best. The fact that they do offer cheap dual-enrollment classes is amazing though, and has helped me complete more work in highschool than I would without them.
We absolutely love the teachers and other faculty at Co-Lin that we have encountered. They have made everything from registration to finding classes so easy for us! I would definitely recommend this junior college to anyone looking for a pleasant experience.
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Copiah Lincoln community college is a good starter school. The teachers are always helpful and there are always extra curricular activities going on either on campus or around to help students get to know the area better.
Starting college is difficult for anyone but Co-Lin made the transition easy. The majority of the classes are in one hallway so finding each class was a breeze. This fall will be my second year attending Co-Lin and I have enjoyed every class. The teachers go above and beyond the teaching curriculum which allowed me to stay focused and be excited about each lesson.
Copiah-Lincoln Community College is a very warm, receptive environment that is conducive to learning.
Co-Lin was a great transition from high school to a college. The teachers and other staff were very friendly and helpful. The student body were mainly people from the surrounding area so you knew somebody in every class. And if you didn't, it didn't take long to become friends.
I would like to attend this college because it has the major I would like to become for the rest of my life. I have been to this college several times and enjoyed it every time I visit. I'm not even a student enrolled in this college and enjoy it and can not wait to enroll.
Overall, I have had a good experience at Co-Lin. It is a community college so it is close to my home, small and personable. I feel like I have been prepared to transfer to a university.
Was quick and swift and hardly memorable that's how fast it was.
They are extremely difficult especially the math classes, but I do have a difficult major so that's just me.
They are alright I suppose not really insightful on that subject to be honest.
The courses are tough and the teachers are fun and funny.
A value of a degree from this school is well worth it as its an accredited school.
Its very challenging in all categories and I love a challenge. Most unique aspect of the field is your actually getting hands on experience because your dealing with computers.
The teachers are awesome and I'd recommend going to experience great teaching.
My college experience has been okay, but I could have done better in one of my classes. Overall, the professors are very caring about their student's education.
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These services are good , it helps students to accomplish more if they would like to.
The teachers are nice and friendly.
The values of this degree will be life changing.
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