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This must be one of the best schools in the United States. Had an unexplainably life changing experience here, and I suspect I am not alone on this. Any friend in college I have spoken to seems shocked and envious of the experience I describe at Cooper. Plus it is a free school. Hands down one of the most challenging, rigorous, enriching, and inspiring opportunities of my life.
There have been very few incidents that were made known to the students about health and safety issues that had happened, so we don't actually know statistically. The school doesn't let that information out.
Cooper has definitely been one of the most amazing experiences I've had, and if I had to rewind time and choose all over again, I would want to come to Cooper again. Overall there is a strong sense of community and everyone works together to keep the school progressive, in all aspects of life.
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Student housing could be better, it's only available to freshmen and afterwards everyone is left to find something on their own in very expensive New York City.
Only one fraternity on campus, they aren't very active in making parties but do some charity work and fundraising during the school year.
Athletics aren't very important at school, there isn't as much time available for them as there could be, plus there are no facilities for students to participate, we have to rent from nearby schools or other universities for practice or games. Only student athletes can use gym facilities, that are also provided by a sister university.
The school is absolutely amazing. It's very niche, as it is a tiny school and has only art and conservation students, but it brings a lot of interdisciplinary work to the table and it provides amazing opportunities for all the students to work together and outside of the school in their given field. The idea of creating a community is most important, and everyone helps each other in realizing their potential and goals.
There is definitely diversity among the student body with regards to race, economic background, religion, and sexual orientation. However, some of the groups considered as minorities in our state are represented as minorities in our school.
Drugs do not control the social environment of the school. Students can get access to them just as easily as they can stay away from them. There is no peer pressure in the use of drugs.
Students are very safe on campus and very trusting of each other. There are rarely any cases of campus crime.
Since the school is small, it only has one fraternity and no sororities. Greek life is not very active among the school other than hosting a few events and parties.
The Cooper Union is unique in that it is comprised of a small student body relative to other schools, so there is a close knit relationship among the students and faculty. Cooper used to offer all students free tuition, but has recently changed due to an unfortunate financial climate. However, the experiences with students and professors is still invaluable and the reputation gained after graduating from this school is invaluable.
There aren't many options for athletic teams and there are no athletic facilities.
I don't know much about the sports in my school.
The possibility of actually failing out is real but the school really challenges you.
obviously everyone wants a cooper grad
profs are geniuses not all can teach but the ones that can and try are amazing
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I love being on sports. Its a perfect break
Cooper Union is very demanding.
I am a first semester freshman at the Cooper Union. My school is very small, and has a reputation for being extremely rigorous, however I haven't experienced too much difficulty this semester, although I expect to next semester.
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