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There are definitely both ups and downs about attending Converse. Small class sizes allow you to form special connections with your professors and your peers. The small student body also gives students more access to leadership and career opportunities. However, Converse is not for everyone. There are a limited number of on-campus activities, there is no party scene unless you visit a nearby coed school, and Spartanburg is not a very exciting city.
Very nice women's college in Spartanburg, SC with helpful advisers and many traditions that make going here a fun experience.
A beautiful campus with dedicated academic staff and amazing culture. Could see improvement in student government and student life staff.
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This is my first year at Converse College, I am an athlete for the softball team. The academics here are challenging but i like a good challenge. The only thing i can complain about is the food isn't the best here I would for there to be a better selection. Other than that my first year experience has been great so far.
The faculty and students are very welcoming and helpful. The campus is beautiful and in a great college city. While many great classes are offered, diversity is something the college could definitely work on.
I enjoy the Converse College experience. I am a transfer commuter student and have been able to plug into the school very well. Professors are great!
After visiting, I saw a clear sense of homeliness and serenity. A truly beautiful place to study and grow at.
Small campus, friendly staff, and a great student-faculty ratio! I really have enjoyed my time here so far and I am very pleased with the education I've been receiving so far. It is the only college in my state to offer my major, and is very close to my home. All students are taken care of efficiently at this exceptional women's college.
I like how the professors care about or education and want us to succeed. They have office hours but for the most part they are available upon request if needed outside of those hours. The colllege is hard but I know that is making me a better person and teaching me how to work hard. One thing I would changed would be the little prices of things liek lab fees and convocations.
I was a commuter at Converse, it was hard for me to get really involved in school. Some teachers weren't very good and a couple were good. Some of the teachers were basically wasted our time. They didn't have enough education or didn't care about their student's education. Or how to work with them.
Converse College has a very good grasp on building a respectful and dependable community, possibly one of the important factors that is keeping my head above water in my first year of college. Something minuscule I would change would just be the quality and selection of food.
Love this college so much!!! Sisterhood and acceptance by everyone. Admissions team is amazing. Everyone coming from here seems to love it. Plenty of involvement and they really help you get into the college life.
I am a freshman, and i am a member of the softball team, and i absolutely love it. My coaches are great they are by far the best coaches i have ever had. And as far the school goes, all of my professors are great they provide tutoring and help out in any way they possibly can. And at our school we go by something called the "Honor Code" that is where we have to pledge our initials when we turn in tests or assignments saying we did not cheat or copy. As a student it makes you feel like you are really trusted, which is a great feeling becoming an adult. As a athlete we are required to go to study hall each week. Freshman are required 8 hours a week and its very helpful. So my short experience at Converse College has been amazing and i am more then sure that i chose the right school to attend and perfect team to be a part of. I love being a Valkyrie. GO VALKS!!!!
Professors will email you in a timely manner. Their office hours are great, if you can't meet during those times then just come by their office at any time or schedule a meeting, most professors live in their office.
Most people around the Spartanburg community knows all about the quality of a Converse education.
Call boxes are located throughout campus in case of an emergency. Campus safety drives around campus to make sure that everything is okay, they also have a phone number which makes them convenient.
The only Greek life that we have is honor society. We also have a Big Sis/Lil Sis program where the junior class adopts freshman.
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Every Friday we wear purple to show our school spirit.
At Converse College not only will you receive a quality education at an affordable price. Professors want to make sure that you succeed and they are normally willing to meet with you at any time.
I don't know much about the job success rating for this school. I haven't met many (if any) graduates of the school.
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