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The personal atmosphere, the
Director of Education is always available to students. The courses are available in the morning, evening, and online. The class sizes are not overcrowded.
I love it the staff is great and willing to help with everything. Going to Converse makes you feel accepted and welcomed. Living on campus makes you feel like you are at home. People are friendly and there is something there for everyone.
Converse, Academically is good. The professors are always ready to help and are very knowledgable. However, that's the only good thing about the school. The dorms are old, and a major mold infestation is constantly being covered up by residence life staff. The food is tragic, and the cafeteria staff are rude. Most of the girls are cliquish, which is great If you find you clique. If not, you are going to be very lonely. Cant wait to transfer next year.
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A nightmare. Voice. Speak-up, use that voice to communicate, or stand-up for yourself. Expect the situation to be mishandled. Value. Confidential information was not kept confidential. The perpetrator found out that he/she was reported and who reported. Vision. Try to plan for success when you grades plummet in a required class. Instead of helping me on the homework, a professor kept hinting that I was stupid. The tutoring center looks like a it was made with little thought.
Converse College is an open, inviting place full of intelligent, insightful women. The teachers are willing to help and provide for you by offering resources for internships, jobs, gallery openings, and many more things. The campus and surrounding facilities are well-kept and their employees are always willing to help. The campus safety and honor systems make Converse a safe place for all. For example, I can leave my MacBook anywhere and know that it will still be there.
The application process is also very easy due to the advisors and admissions counselors who are quick to respond to questions. In fact, I was accepted here the day I applied.
Lastly, Converse hosts many events for the local community and students to enjoy. Theatre performances, festivals, sports events, and more are always going on around Converse.
Do not worry about coming to Converse College. No matter who you are, Converse will make room and time for you to grow.
I love the diversity and the acceptance of Converse. The students and faculty are so kind and patient with you.
The people are extremely nice. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The only thing I would change is to update some of the dorms, maybe make them more modern.
I have made some really good friends and met some wonderful people through this college. I have had lots of fun with my Converse sisters and made great memories. However, I was presented with many challenges that were unecessary and would not have happened if this college was more organized.
I love Converse. I am about to start my junior year and I would never consider leaving. Converse is a small women's college, you can tell. I love the female environment, it is both empowering and inspiring. The classes are small and the professors really care about you as a person. I love the traditions (there are a lot) and the events (also a lot.) I am never bored on campus. The dorms are relatively nice (except for a few of the older ones but I have tended to live in the nicer ones. There are more nice than not.) and I love the dining hall. This school isn't for everyone and that's okay, because it is the school for me.
Converse College is a really small, but great school in terms of education. I came here on athletic scholarships that enabled me to obtain a college education. The professors I've had are all wonderful, extremely helpful, and are always focused on a student-professor relationship. Since the class sizes are tiny, it is very easy to build a connection with them.
I enjoy converse and my first year there was absolutely wonderful. the professors are great and the food is okay most of the time.
I transfred in my spring semseter of Freshmen year and has been the greates experince of my life so far. I have met some of my closests friends here so far. The proffesors are willing to listen to anything that you have to say, and are willing to help if you ask. Now also there will be negatives with any school that you chose. There will be people that will get on your nerves and people that will have differnent views on ceartin things but people will need to learn how to deal with these things in life. Converese has been very a very opening up for me broanding my views on many things.
I really enjoy the atmosphere at Converse College; however, I did not have much help with advising for the classes that I should take. Overall, I love the school that I attend.
I loved that it is a small school and very personal with the students, but it is not a diverse school.
My experience at Converse has been extraordinary. Converse is an all womens school and the women there have taught me how to be a strong women. I have made wonderful bonds with many of them and I have fallen in love with the campus. The teachers are very friendly and will always be there to help.
I really like Converse college the people that work there are very nice and if you need something fixed, or found the workers and students help out. They have an honeor code that everyone goes by for the most part.
converse is a lovely community and i am so happy I came here, you forget that its all womens college, and honestly the only thing i can complain about is the wifi
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I have yet to run into a bad professor, they all care about their students and most have impressive PhDs and are fun to listen to. The school's staff offers very good support and are willing to work with anyone who needs help. Some dorms need serious renovations, while others are in very good shape or practically brand new. As expected from a very small college, campus is pretty dry, but it's not impossible to find some frat parties going on at coed schools in the area every other weekend or so. Spartanburg isn't very exciting, but Greenville has a decent nightlife with plenty of bars and clubs, all about a half hour away.
The party scene at this school sucks, but the academic side is great. The people at the school are nice for the most part but the school can get kindve boring at times.
converse is a wonderful school with wonderful staff members. They have a huge variety when it comes to academics. The campus itself is breath taking. It is beautiful at all times of the year.
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