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Contra Costa College is a great school, it's easily access bile and offers great diversity. Many of the staff and faculty members here go above and beyond their duties to ensure students have both the support and materials necessary to achieve the success they are seeking. The campus is beautiful and becoming more modernized everyday.
Contra costa college gave me a great start! I am glad to have been able to save money by attending this school.
I like the fact that all of the staff were welcoming. The staff from leaders to the students helping around was very helpful. As a student that speaks spanish, the help they provided was good. I signed up for programs to help me have a good college experience.
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I really enjoyed my time at Contra Costa College. All the teachers really want you to succeed. They are knowledgeable, teach well, and are always their to help answer any questions you may have. Any questions they cannot answer or do not have the time to answer there is usually a student available to tutor. There is also a litany of courses that are offered which allows for one to get the general education they need for a myriad of different majors. What could be improved is the availability of classes and tutors for certain subjects especially in computer science courses.
I arrived to CCC knowing no one as I had arrived from Peru. With respect to academics, I've mostly had classes with the STEM teachers. I am a witness to the dedication of the passion the professors have in order to convey the information and make sure the students understand the subject matter. There is an emphasis placed on forming a community and being able to help your peers. I signed up to be a tutor for algebra and statistics and this helped me be more in touch with the community.
i love how incredibly helpful it has been for me to find help on any questions i need answered. The teachers are so inspirational and i love the atmosphere of the classes.
I like how Contra Costa helped me with my future. The counselors helped me take the right classes that I need to be successful with my program and transferring over to a 4-year university. Contra Costa College also offers an abundance of help like tutoring. They also have a great athletic program. Since they remodeled the building it looks a lot better brand new and up to par. The teachers are amazing and haven't struggled because, of the teaching style that they provide.
The school is becoming more and more beautiful. Props to their counseling department. They walk you through everything about colleges and universities.
I have had a great experience at contra costa college. I have had help from students and faculty on no only school but life lessons as well. This school is great to go to after high school.
Great professors all were willing to help and go the extra mile for their students despite office hours. The campus is not as safe as it could be since its an open campus. Random people can walk into any area of the school. I had a terrible experience in the library where a man exposed himself to me while i was trying to study. He was not a student so it goes to show how anyone can enter. Besides the safety the curriculum isn't too hard and if you struggle there are a lot of tutoring resources available to help the students.
I liked how connected the staff and activity planners got with the students; students would always know what opportunities and activities were going on because the college would post often in social media and post signs across campus. The staff are super friendly and helpful, and the campus is beautiful. My only downside would be the students themselves, they seem to take for granted the wonderful opportunities that are openly offered to them. The students can also be very loud and rude.
Their isn't really to much i can say since this is my first semester, but so far it seems okay. What I can say is the campus looks nice, I like the food they serve, the energy is inspiring and its nice to see some familiar faces after awhile.
I like that the classrooms are small and therefore your teacher gives you the attention you need in order to understand the subjects being taught.
Supportive teachers, ongoing tutor, and pro-student advocate. Teachers and staff listen to student issues and respond appropriately. Tutor is available in all subjects and mentoring is offer to specific programs. The school is an advocate for students in supporting the rights of all student. The school takes position on supporting DCA and providing a high quality education. They provide support with financial aid and many programs.
What I like about Contra Costa is that it is really diverse. I do not think there is anything like Contra Costa College. There are always activities going on and people are so involved. I love the community there. I like that the environment is so friendly. I have had no troubles here. I also like that the college got renovated. The teachers there are very inspirational. I have gone to other community colleges but I always found myself coming back to Contra Costa. I do not think I would change anything about my college. It is really hard to say what I would want to see change. I guess the thing I would like to see is more help with making books less expensive. That would be all.
Contra Costa Community College is a very Diverse Campus with many people who love helping you and making sure you always get that extra step when they're supporting you with succeeding at every task.
I really enjoyed my experience at Contra Costa College due to my involvement on campus. I loved the professors and all the people I was able to network with.
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Contra Costa is a great college to start your academic career. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. The community is very divers and I'm so glad to be apart of it. S
Contra Costa college is very supportive of students and staff. This college is also good with helping with students will resources.For example , The Skill Center is a great opportunity for students to receive help i
n tutoring or get help when needed for revising English papers. Also computer classes are on point easy and not stressful and very well-managed by professors or instructors who instruct the course. The library is also a great resource for students. I have also used the d.s.p. s
Sevices for my learning disability. Along with taking test for finals. At CCC there are many great qualities for students to achieve there goals .
Amazing teachers, nice campus and easy to go around. Clean library and student store. Awesome food spots with delicious food. Counselors and offices very helpful.
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