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Contra Costa College is a decent Community College. They recently finished building new buildings that make the campus feel modern and not ancient, although they have old buildings such as the AA building which feels stuffy and dirty with a classroom full of students. But overall, walking around campus feels modern. All the professors in the college are great and caring(use as a guide). Classes are cheap and are of great value, especially if you plan on transferring to a four year college. The food they provide is also decent, but cheap(especially if you go to pronto). If you are looking for a quick snack, the bookstore may be able to help fulfill your hunger. 2 gripes I have about CCC are the safety and student life. Generally speaking, CCC is very safe during the day, but if you are planning to take night classes, be aware that you might get robbed. My car also received damage to my windshield, due to a mentally ill person throwing a bag towards my car (day)
When I applied to Contra Costa College I thought it was going to be a bad campus because of the location it is at. Also, because of the old campus. When the spring semester came around I had classes in the new buildings which are amazing. The professors are so good at teaching and they are really helpful. There is also a lot of tutoring available and lots of opportunities as well as help to transfer or graduate on time. Coming to college here changed my perspective a lot on life. Students are really nice and helpful as well.
My experience in Contra Costa College was pretty good, most teachers seemed to really care about their students, while they are some who are not that great.
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Contra Costa Community College is a very supportive school. There are some pretty great counselors here, the only downside is that there are now alot of students attending, and that in turn made the counselors really busy. The professors are awesome, and extremely professional. I feel like I am really being prepared for the university environment. The food is great. The space is great. I do not regret attending this community college in any way. I would highly recommend this campus to anyone who wanted to attend a great 2 year institution.
The classes are most of the time flexible but there needs to be more professors because alot of them juggle to many classes at once
Some professors are great their teaching style is perfect and they get you to understand the topics and have you actually excited to be in class...on the other hand there are other professors who can bore you to death and wont even make the attempt to change up their teaching style to accommodate most of the class..class sizers are good.
The classes that have to do with my major are great and very interesting and very helpful.. However i feel like the college could really improve with their options on the general ed classes
Contra costa college for me is a very easy college it has a lot of diversity the renovations that were done to it made it look way more like a an actual college campus but it does lack professors and available classes with different times most of the professors teach alot of classes because there is no one else to do so so that's definitely something that needs improvement . I wouldnt have attended here if i had the money to go straight to a CSU
It is very hard to schedule classes around work. For example, it would be easier having three classes a week at a shorter time then having one long class for the week. It makes learning the material a lot easier.
Though I prefer a traditional classroom experience, online classes make it easier to complete courses needed for the semester without changing much of one's work schedule. It is very convenient, and registration is very simple.
I wish Contra Costa had more flexible classes. For example, having a night class that was three days a week, instead of one really long class a week would make learning the material a lot easier. It is also very hard to schedule around a steady work week.
Since Contra Costa is a community college, the class sizes are small. This gives the professors chances to interact with the students more and give them better advice on how to succeed. Though most of the classes are relatively easy in coursework, it feels rewarding knowing that there is a professor that is there to help.
The professors are really down to earth and approachable about the subject of programming. There is a lot of opportunities to get tutoring about the subject, as well experiences outside of school from the STEM program. Overall, the technology is up to date and it feels very rewarding.
The professors that I have witnessed care a lot about their students and their students success. They are willing to work after class, and can even be reached through email about issues. However, sometimes the class material can be too easy.
A reliable school for anyone seeking a good community college to attend.
so many options for classes. The only downside is that there are a few classes only offered in spring
Some counselors are so terrible and seem to lack basic knowledge but we also have Counselors like Blackwell who are so amazing and go way beyond to help you out
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don't know much about it
Biology professor like Tarp are what makes me have faith in this school. For Humanitis Gill is also beyond amazon. When it comes to Chemistry the professor usually aren't the best but it really just depends on your major.
I'm majoring in sociology and the sociology teachers are amazing.
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