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Overall it has been a good experience I have had a few hiccups in the past but I’m determined and ready to finish and graduate .
I am a working parent and online classes have been a great factor to help me achieve my goals so far so good .
My online experience was the best. The apps were easy to navigate, I had no issues on turning my assignments.
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The experience I had in contra costa college was excellent. Staff were very friendly and guide you to the right direction. Professors would work with me to help me understand the subject that I was taking. Being the first in my family to attend community college and still following my education contra costa had helped me a lot.
I feel like science professors specifically are having a hard time adjusting to distance learning and it’s showing in students understanding of the topics. The professors try really hard despite how hard distance learning has made it on everyone.
Well I feel like distance learning did hinder my learning experience. Despite that I feel as if the professors really push for student success.
Over the year Contra Costa has been the perfect introduction to college life as a student. Since, I had chosen to enroll at a 2-year due to some anxiety I grew over the summer of 2019. Academically, CCC did not mess round at all. Once I met with a counselor, for the first time, and I was instantly being assisted with all my classes that would go towards the right path for transferring on time.
Unfortunately, coronavirus has caused the majority of schools and students to participate online. Now, me experience with Contra Costa is not bad, however, it was a quite confusing transition. Ultimately, the dynamic has not changed the school's academic criteria.
The works assigned online are easy but mandatory. It all depends on your professor and major, my professor's have been great
I am a high school student so I had to do a congruent form. CCC has a variety of classes you can take!
I only took two online courses. Both were cool but eh, online isn't me. I much rather would be in person. The assignments are already there, you just gotta do the reading/watch a video on the topic and take a quiz/talk about it by a certain date. really easy!
Beautiful campus, especially when you take into consideration that it is near government housing. The staff all range from the chillest professors you will ever meet to absolute Karen, but that's college life for ya! The food at the cafeteria is great too, but it can get old if you eat it everyday like I did. It is a pretty big campus though, so it may take a bit for one to get from say, the AA building to the GE building. Keep an eye out for classes five minutes away from each other in different buildings! Safety is not the best, as apparently people have been mugged before after night classes. If you're heading out at night, bring pepper spray or park near the school. Doesn't happen often, but if it does, better safe than sorry. Aside from that, it is a great prelude to four year college!
Contra Costa College, like most community colleges, is a great way to dive into an education out of high-school. Most of the students that attend this college come from low income families, like myself, and are often the first one to attend college. The staff at the student office is very helpful; making an appointment is fairly simple and usually fast. They have made a lot of improvements to the campus and are offering better food choices as well. The campus is always clean and well maintained; they even offer security escort at night if you do not feel safe-which is a plus. Overall, I would recommend this college to anyone who is dedicated in their success. The help is available if you actually want to help yourself.
My online experience was frustrating because it was the first time staff and students had to use zoom. Due to Covid, all of my classes had to be moved to online formatting. They did not offer Zoom training or ask people if they felt comfortable with the new online format- but I guess we were all figuring out how to transition into this new "normal." I hope that for the following semesters teachers practice and feel more equipped to teach the incoming students. It can be very disheartening for new college students to feel the extra stress of missed zoom calls or errors on part time instructors missing the complete lecture because they didn't know how to upload the content.
All of the teacher's I have had this semester have been very understanding and willing to help us all succeed.
My experience with Contra Costa College has been really great. It is full of people from different backgrounds, making it very diverse.
Since this pandemic, the teacher has made an effort to do zoom calls and are available throughout the day.
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My experience so far for this school has been amazing. The teachers are supportive (from my experiences). They allow you extra time to do work sometimes and are understanding if you have things going on at home.
I’m not an online person but it’s been pretty good so far and I wouldn’t recommend it if u can’t follow through
Beer good community college very helpful staff rather personal or school related. I recommend anyone one to go there rather you know your major or not .
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