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I came to CSB from YBI which closed while I was out on maternity leave. I met with Sue Shuff (the admission's rep) for an application and entrance testing to see where I was at. She was so very welcoming and helpful and made my transition to this school so easy for me. The teachers here genuinely care about their students and do what they can to help you succeed and find careers and companies you want to work for. I personally feel like all the classes I took definitely will help me in the business world. Every few weeks the school holds a "fun" Thursday, where the faculty and students either all bring food in to share with each other, or the staff gets us cake and hands out awards. It's pretty cool to have a school that is like a second family. Everyone is close and the teachers and students get along great!
My time at CSB was positive; the clinical was the best part. The instructors were very helpful as well.
Is a great place. I'm learning a lot as a legal student, I know i'll be prepared to work in a law firm after graduation.
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Consolidated School of Business has a great atmosphere of teachers as well as students. The learning academics are very intriguing and entertainingly frustrating, Friday's are considered study days but are the best days to ensure you that the work your stuck on will be accomplished!
Consolidated School of Business has been a great opportunity for me to reach for my goals. I had a very good experience and enjoyed learning there. I miss being there and wish to the future graduates a great success. Thank You to all the Falcuity at CSB.
Love the school. The teachers are outstanding, if it wasn't for them and the classmates support I would have drop out.
This school is amazing I'm learning a lot if things I really didn't know its a great opportunity for me and I'm glad I chose to continue my education and chose this school to go to not only am I learning from this experience but I'm chasing my dream to be whatever I can be and not letting anyone get in the way of what I believe in...... I'm doing bigger and better things all by myself.
I've been so impressed with the staff at CSB. There's no doubt they truly care about their students!
Consolidated School of Business have great 18-month accelerated courses that will personalize your field of study. The wisdom of the Instructors transcend amazingly to the students. Classes are interpersonal and hands-on. CSB has brought enlightenment for my future and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead.
I've learned so much over the past 16 months and now on my way out to an internship site. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow and lead me into a better future with my associates degree.
This place sucks the big one. Especially the ego of the President.
Most of the decent instructors were let go because of the Lancaster merger.
"Put in the time and do the work and you'll get a D," says the President. Is that training? No mention of quality. Hell, I've talked to "grads" as I pay for my coffee at Sheetz or Turkey Hill.
No remedial classes? How do you tell a 47 yr old woman she must re-learn what a noun and verb is? What skill do I bring to an employer knowing that? EGUMPP? ECRAPP! ELL help? No one on staff has the training. No se hablamo bueno.
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Crummiest school ever. Not enough instructors to help w classes. Students and instructors are absent a lot, its deppressing for everyone. I feel sad for the people who had to take a loans out to pay for this school. The government is helping me cuz i lost my job. EGUMMPP IS THE WORST. The owner of school invented it and it is old and out of touch w reality. We should spend more time learning things that matter. This place is a for profit school so dont expect to get much out of it. I wish i had chosen to go to HAACC. CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL OF BUSINESS IS SAD EXCUSE FOR A SCHOOL.
You will regret enrolling at CSB. Dont tske a loan for school At consolidated school of business.
They help you find an internship. Workload was easy
Understands people have lives outside of school
The financial aid department at Consolidated School of Business is very helpful! Gail and Diane are always available if you have any questions and are committed to finding the right balance of credits vs. tuition costs. Consolidated School of Business is constantly offering scholarships to new students. When I began school (October 1, 2013) I qualified for a program where Consolidated School of Business paid for my entire first year of schooling.
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