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Consolidated School of Business - Lancaster Reviews

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Crummiest school ever! Full of frustrating people and classes. Consolidated School of Business is horrible. There are not enough instructors to help students. You dont choose classes. They tell you what classes to take- and when you are gonna take a class. You get no choices here. Wverythi g moves to fast. You cant even ask questions.
They will provide internships to shadow others in the line of business Im interested in.
I havent yet started classes but will in a month. As explained to me it seems as though they cram alot of work into a short amount of time but the extra help in definitely there if needed.
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They will provide me the educational information to succeed in the areas I need for my career.
I think the amount of school and resources available are excellent. It allows me to get the education I need to provide a better stable future for my family. As well as the scheduling is perfect and causes no conflicts in my daily family routine. The schools seems to take pride in providing the best of the best for their students, I can appreciate that indefinitely.
I know my associate will make a big difference in my life and career. I tried to get help for my financial aid.
I chose this school because is flexible the class and I can have time with my kids .
Experience of My School – There they are very understand and very helpful.Even when i first enrolled they where very understand about my finical situation. I love the class size because it about the max of 4 or 5 students for class so that help the teacher give you more personal time instead of being in a big class. I have a learning disability and it helps to be about to have the extra help. The curriculum is more based on what you want to do what helps because i do not like to take general courses.The only thing i wish they can have more school to transfer credits but the schools they do have are very good places as well.
Network Is Great – At my school everything is very easy if you have a problem or need help staff is there to help you any time you need. Are internet is very fast and very easy to connect to from your own personal lab tops.We never need to use are own personal printers because everything is given to us and we have no cost to print because it is included in are tuition what is very nice unlike another school i went to where you had to pay 10 cent per copy.
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