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The instructors are very nice and willing to help. There's resources available everywhere to expand your skills and knowledge. The school also had a very warm and comfortable environment.
This school focuses more on being hands-on, but with online schooling they provide guidance and chat-rooms to teach students.
I will be attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences this coming Spring. The tour that I took sealed the deal for why I chose to attend this institution.
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DO not attend unless you are 100% sure you will be at the top of your class, are able to move to LA or New York and work for free as a intern for at least a year, and can do it without getting into debt. Only a very very small percent of graduates go on to make careers as a audio engineer. If you are unable to leave and dedicate yourself 100% to this and work for free DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Another option wuold be if you are a entrepreneur and plan to market your skills on your own when you get done with schooling (and have the cash to get up and running)

It is an amazing school with great people but overpriced and it moves quick.

Good luck,
A past CRAS graduate
My experience is one that I love. At CRAS they are so nice and welcoming over there I love it. Communication is on point. I wouldn't change a thing about it.
I've only visited the campus as a high school student to attend after I graduate high school. The school is great, and it's stats speak for themselves since 80% of their students graduate with a job in the audio engineering career.
I like that they cover all aspects of sound and audio engineering. I originally wanted to go to learn studio recording. but after my tour I gotta say I’m more interested in live sound.
CRAS was a fun experience for me. Although most instructors and classes are great, I would not necessarily recommend this school to a friend. For starters, the 11 month $23K tuition is insane. The instructors have a very "loose" way of teaching their classes. You will encounter many weird rules as well. Once you finish the academic portion and move on to your required internship, the coordinators don't help you much and you are kind of on your own. They focus too much on the studio recording side while only having small courses on other parts of the audio industry like, broadcast, audio business, and post production. In the end of the day, if you strictly want to pursue studio recording and live sound, then CRAS is the perfect fit hands down. But if you want to get into broadcast and post production audio or anything else, the it is better to look at a different school or college in that case.
This is my first time attending college, but in my limited experience as a student at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences I can attest that I enjoy spending my time at CRAS. I believe I have made the best investment in my education by attending the Conservatory. The Conservatory offers a wide expanse of certifications in all areas of audio. The teachers are fired up and passionate about what they are teaching which in turns ignites a fire in my soul. I cannot wait to see where I end up after graduating the Conservatory.
I love the fact that this college is so comprehensive. TOP notch equipment and fantastic teachers. Only wish the tuition was cheaper
They work it with you.
Information is straight to the point, and clear.
I love the representatives they actually try to get to know you:)
Like i said, I will bring me a step closer.
It's the school taking me a step closer to my goal.
Of course it is hard work, but it is manageable even for a single mother like myself. They provide you with everything you need and more.
I love this school and would highly recommend it if you are pursuing a career in Sound. They provide a quality program, helpful staff, and excellent education.
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I have had flexibility around my family and work schedule this school has given me a perfect time frame to choose from and adjust to fit my needs.
User friendly and keeps you connected to your peers and teachers.
This school continues to help its student after they graduate job boards and letters of recommendation. Graduates have gone on to make Grammy winning productions, and it is credited directly to the school.
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