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I would like to see a better library with more printers that are available for the students to use. The administrative office is also very complicated when trying to get admitted.
Connors State College has challenged my academic perspective and has made me put my future ahead of the problems I'm experiencing now.
They have the best teachers. They are easy to talk to and they really care about their students.The office staff are really helpful to answer any answers.The IT techs are amazing getting your computer up and running.I use the Muskogee campus it is smaller but feels like you are involved with the main campus.I refer other students to try out this college.
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Connors State College is a very affordable place to get a quality education. Connors makes it easy to attend college, work, have a family, etc. Don´t let the cheap tuition and outside fool you, the professors are just as hard and make you earn your grade.
CSC is a great 2 year college from starting college right out of high school to being an older student. I have been both, and have had nothing but a positive experience. The staff is great through every aspect you need their assistance, the professors are flexible in the case something comes up (especially when being a single mother). It's an overall great place to attend in preparing to further your education and the staff and professors go above and beyond to help their students!
I had great experiences with my on campus classes at Connors State College. My instructors' genuinely cared about student academic success, and the majority of them were available after class if I sought extra help. Being a student and mother I really appreciated that instructors were consistently available during their office hours, not just when they felt like being there. I also liked that the library frequently sponsors events and activities for the student body such as resume and research skills workshops, and contests. If I could change something about Connors I would want to find a way for students to be better informed of campus opportunities.
Super easy and affordable. I should have gone here first after graduating from high school instead of a 4 year university, it would have made my first year of college much smoother.
Connors has been a very good place for me to learn and excell at! Everyone is polite and helpful in anyway that they can be. I would recommend this school to anyone!
I love the classes here. Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. Good class size and easy to get around. It’s hard to get lost but if you do someone will point you in the right direction. Registration and enrollment are super easy, staff is very helpful
I have enjoyed my years at Connors! With all of the events it makes it fun. The classes can be hard but if you attend every day and pay attention they are simple. The staff is great aleays right there anytime you have any problems or questions!
I am a freashman at Connors State, and so far I am absolutely loving it here at Connors State!! It's a very great and friendly atmosphere to be around! If your used to small towns, and country spirit then this is definitely the college for you! Professors are genuinely interested, and want to see you succeed! Cafeteria is amazing! Excellent food with plenty of variety of food! They even have a ice cream machine!! Overall fantastic college to attend, and make memories at!!
I like that it’s a smaller school since I my high school wasn’t very big. It also allows for one on one time with me and the professor.
Connors State College is a great college. Its a small commuting but a large family. Teachers are so helpful, they will take the time out of there day to make sure you understand every but of the lecture. I enjoy going to college here
I actually attend the Muskogee campus and I really enjoy it. It’s not a bad school at all. Most teachers are friendly, they send a lot of activities to your email and the staff is nice.
What I love about Connors State College is my advisors! My academic advisors had meeting with us every Monday, they made sure we were on top of thing for our first semester of college, they had group get togethers, and they also had helped with any type of homework if you needed help or if you needed help around campus.
I like the staff, how helped and very informative they are. The teachers are great too. The campus' are fantastic as well as the newer one in Muskogee.
Connors State College is a great place to get your college career started. Connors became my home as soon as I moved in and it has made my experience amazing. I love the teachers here because they are all very friendly and very willing to make sure the students get the help with what they need no matter the situation. Also the administration is amazing here, they may seem tough at first but they are actually very understanding and want the best for every student and want to make sure that they have the best college experience possible. The dorms on campus are also super nice I enjoy the fact that I have my own room and have my own privacy although I have four roommates, it just makes it nice to be able to get away for awhile. If there was one thing I would change at Connors State that would be nothing, I love this little college and I am so happy I made the choice to start my college career here.
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What I like about Connors is that the college itself gives you a solid foundation to go off of until you get ready to transfer to a larger school. There are much less distractions in this school than the other larger schools. The staff really helps with making sure you know what you're doing especially when it comes to school work.
I am taking online classes at Connors. All of my professors are so nice and extra helpful, I love having them because they are very understanding and have a lot of patience.
If you are use to the small town, country feel then this College is for you! Connors State is full of home grown young adults that will make this experience worthwhile.
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