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Connors State College is a great place to get your college career started. Connors became my home as soon as I moved in and it has made my experience amazing. I love the teachers here because they are all very friendly and very willing to make sure the students get the help with what they need no matter the situation. Also the administration is amazing here, they may seem tough at first but they are actually very understanding and want the best for every student and want to make sure that they have the best college experience possible. The dorms on campus are also super nice I enjoy the fact that I have my own room and have my own privacy although I have four roommates, it just makes it nice to be able to get away for awhile. If there was one thing I would change at Connors State that would be nothing, I love this little college and I am so happy I made the choice to start my college career here.
What I like about Connors is that the college itself gives you a solid foundation to go off of until you get ready to transfer to a larger school. There are much less distractions in this school than the other larger schools. The staff really helps with making sure you know what you're doing especially when it comes to school work.
I am taking online classes at Connors. All of my professors are so nice and extra helpful, I love having them because they are very understanding and have a lot of patience.
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If you are use to the small town, country feel then this College is for you! Connors State is full of home grown young adults that will make this experience worthwhile.
Easy 2 year college. Wish it had more majors to offer. Instructors are pretty good. willing to help all students.
I really like the small classes and how personal the teachers get with you to make sure that your grades stay up and you get to class. It's a small community and everyone looks after each other. I love how everybody is pretty active and participates with majority of the activities that go on campus.
The teachers are amazing they really help you get through the process of college. Tutors and help programs are very useful and have saved my gpa. The best school to attend if you are worried about starting college.
What I love about Connors State is that its not majorly big. The class rooms hold a small amount and I like that.Every one knows every one.
I love the small size of the school
I love the fact what I'm doing now will help me later in life
I love the fact that my college is small but efficient to get my degree
It's a little difficult to get used to all the online sites that we have to use but other than that I think I'm getting a great education.
It was scary at first being in new place but it rapidly got better, because everyone there is so friendly. I made many friends in the short amount of time I've been there. I would choose this school in the future if they offered what I want to do in my career path.
I loved having professors that knew your name and really cared about whether you did well. I don't really know of anything that needs to be changed.
Class schedules have been great and flexible.
Like I said before it's a two year college, but it's a great one.
Usually all my classes have been full. (Up to 30 students) however my classes have all been fun and engaging. And there's a variety of classes.
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Since it's a junior college, it's pretty career oriented. I guess.
My college major isn't at this college, however, all the classes I am taking can transfer to the four year university I plan to attend after graduating from Connors, which will help me in the long run.
I love it! The professors are nice and approachable. Everyone here is friendly and it's a nice place to start out if you want to start out small.
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