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The academics are very strong, however the social scene leaves a little to be desired. Most of these kids come from prep/boarding schools so it seems a little bit like an extension of high school. However if you can find your place, the community here is amazing. The campus is beautiful!
Just finished my first year at Conn and I enjoyed most of it. It is a small school, so you will always see someone you know when you are in Harris or walking across campus. Also not a lot of things to do some weekends but the school tries their best to provide fun activities. Diversity is a big issue, as well as issues of race and gender when it comes to disciplinary issues.
I'm a freshman who is transferring out. I'm writing this because I wish someone had told me the truth about Conn before I attended. If you want to major in anything in the arts, do NOT come to Conn. The arts programs are understaffed and under-funded, and do not prepare you for the real world at all. The school is small, and feels small. You see the same 100 people everyday, and diversity is insanely lacking with something like 70% of students being white and 50% of students being solely from CT and MA. The social scene is also very small. A cappella is huge on campus and they have their own parties, while many sports teams section off to party on their own. There isn't much to do on campus besides that and the occasional event. There is almost nothing to do in New London besides see a movie or go to Target, and even that is hard as nothing is accessible from campus without a car. Academics are good outside of the arts though, and many people do love Conn, I'm just not one of them.
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Great school overall! Although Connecticut College is small, it has an inviting environment and has helped me feel at home.
Conn gave me the opportunity to explore different avenues of study I might be interested in pursuing. The close knit community and small size of the college made me feel right at home. The professors are extremely willing to help you succeed.
Academically I love the school. After one class in psychology I was sure that it was the major for me. The campus is incredibly beautiful. The school is in a location where you can easily get to New York or Boston. Due to its size, the party scene at the school is rather weak. You can always make it a good time, but it does lack the college party feeling.
It's easy to feel at home, no matter who you are, you'll find a good spot as long as you are genuine.
I haven't yet started my time there, but I can say confidently that the college fosters an atmosphere that I've never seen before. It's just the safest, most lively, most entertaining, and coolest place ever! I really wouldn't change much! Maybe some of the clubs could be altered or played with, but I'm not so sure. Love this place! Hope it changes my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really is a wonderful school, if it is what you are looking for. It's the classic small liberal arts school, and for somebody looking for a more intimate environment in the classroom than it's perfect. Not all the professors are amazing, but the majority are (or at least the ones I have had).
That being said in terms of student life for some this may be ideal, but for others it may be a culture shock. First it's not at all diverse. Most students are white and wealthy, and privileged in an almost shocking manner. I believe most people here come from one prep school or another and it shows. They have never known or seen anything other than their own wealthy neighborhoods and schools. I will say that despite it being a very preppy and privileged environment the students have all been very friendly.
Great school with a beautiful campus. Student are able to get to know professors well and ask for help whenever needed.
Conn is a really tight knit community and a great place to go to school. Going out can get repetitive, and the immediate local area of New London blows.
Great community feeling because of the small size. So many ways to create and pursue your passions! Love the professor to student relationship and the caring and friendly feeling on campus.
Conn has a great community. The use of the Honor Code only shows the trusting environment on campus. Although there are things that could be better, it's still really good!
Only a month into my freshman year at Conn, I have already begun to call this place my home. While it is by no means perfect, it is pretty sweet. Every Thursday and Saturday night is full of partying and great times. The people are all really cool. The only thing that sucks is that the school is dominated by athletes so that can sometimes be intimidating. But, there are more than enough non-athletes to surround yourself with if you are not into sports.
Lots of white people, but still diverse. There are a lot of people from different parts of the country, so its not just preppy WASP's that so many other schools have. But its pretty vanilla here. There is absolutely no discrimination against anyone though, thats taken very seriously here.
It's college so there is drinking. But I have really never seen anyone who has had too much to drink without a support system to help them through the night/next day.
There is a superb presence against sexual assault. All women groups, all men groups, and co-ed groups are all very active in preventing assault. Many of my friends take initiative in situations and I really haven't seen anything go wrong.
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Housing is good here. Basically all sophomores and older will have a single or live in an apartment, and freshman usually are in doubles or triples.
Athletics are chill here. I love watching soccer games on the green, but what I really love is how well integrated the athletes are with non-athletes. I am not a varsity athlete but still have many friends who are.
Conn is amazing. I am so happy I chose this school over some of the other NESCAC's. The honor code is really something to brag about, it is really peer enforced and I can feel the shared governance the students have on campus.
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