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Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Reviews

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I love my experiences on the clinical floors. Staff is always very friendly and helpful. Teachers want to make sure students get as much experience as possible
I love going to school at a hospital due to that isn’t where I would like to work in the near future. Going here is a lot different than sitting in a classroom for hours and than going to the next. This college you get a hands on experience and work with patients and see what you have to do to help heal them. Going to this school has its advantages than any other college would.
Conemaugh is a great local place to attend school and get a college degree. It is also a great medical environment. This is an affordable program for those who want to better their careers and futures. I look forward to becoming a RN through the Conemaugh School of Nursing Program.
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because of the lack of classes we have its kind of harder, but we do have a couple classes that will more then likely help me out in the future.
We have some of the sciences but not very much to do with nursing and we do have childhood education class and we don't have health anymore so we really don't have a lot of classes.
School Students – I have not yet started at he school but in my current high school I work with students who are all types of levels and everyone is different in thier own way.
Ready for and Exciting Year – I am in my senior year of high school, but so far the application process, staff, and atmosphere are exactly what I've been looking for in a school. I like the fact that I can live at home and go to school, but still have a personal life. I am excited to begin working towards my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.
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