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Concordia - Montreal is a public university located in Canada. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 21,221 undergraduate students.
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1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, QC, Canada

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Communication with the university was a little bit of a struggle in the beginning when I was trying to figure out my situation of being far away and needing to talk with an advisor, and getting all of my papers cleared while not being in the province or country. The staff, when you finally get to talk with them, are very helpful and know who you need to be in contact with to get the information you need. The student life is great, as there is something for everyone. There is a shuttle bus between two campuses which can be slightly annoying when all of your classes are on the opposite campus you are resident too. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and there are so many squirrels!Would recommend attending!
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I lived in residence during my first year. It was a great place to make friends but the food was not worth the mandatory fee. Coming from a different province, Concordia's student living provided a great place to feel comfortable and get used to my surroundings. Concordia, in general, is also very helpful in all aspects of student life, such as housing, job opportunities, academics, scholarships, etc.
Concordia is radical, political, and very involved in the Montreal community. It is a more get-your-hands-dirty university than, for example, McGill.

It is not a particularly difficult university overall, but there are some excellent faculty that can help you access knowledge and opportunity on par with much larger institutions.