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I enjoy the professors, sports, campus, and local area. There is a lot to be involved in outside of campus. The sports at Concordia are very competitive and I am a sports management major so I enjoy that. I would like to see living situations for students. I would also like to see the choices of food improve. Students want more options and also later hours so that we can eat at any time of the day and not only within a specific time range.
The culture here is amazing people are so kind, and helpful,making me feel at home. it was hard leaving home but with the love ad support at my school makes everything go much smoother. I am excited for my future and I am trying and will continue to make my mom happy and proud. with that being said i cant leave her with such big payments and debt, she is a single mom and takes care of my sister and I and i would do anything i an to maintain my grades to receive scholarships or any kind of help.
After spending my freshmen year on campus I loved this school. I'm excited to return and pick up my involvements in clubs and athletics. I am excited to hear how my professor's summers were and what they did. At this school, I feel like the staff and teachers care about me and want me to succeed. I've met some life long friends and great people. Stoked that I choose this school.
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I am a graduate student in an online program. It has been very conducive to my work schedule and the cohort of students I'm in are from all over the state. It's been great to network with different students and professors. Courses are 8 weeks long and we meet every other week in person through the computer. It's very doable.
I love how it is a small campus. The professors are wonderful and are really flexible with office hours. The one thing that could improve is the food.
Best choice I could've made to attend this beautiful school. Helpful staff and safe environment. Everyone here seems to genuinely care about your success.
I like that Concordia is a small school, it almost feels like its own small town. The class sizes are typically no more than 25 students, which allows you to know your professor. Concordia's location is also very convenient being next to UCI and the beach. One thing I would like to see from Concordia is more eateries other than the cafeteria and Eagle's Landing.
What I like about Concordia is the small ratio classes so it's easy to connect with different professors, friendly and outgoing people you will meet on campus, and spacious dorms. Some changes that I would like to see is more investment in the science department, ways that allow students to freely express their creativity on campus, more varieties concerning with the meal plan, and better building structures.
CUI has a beautiful campus, the students are very friendly! The caf has good food and the sense of community is very strong. The dorms are quite roomy and I have zero complaints!
My experience at Concordia University Irvine, has been amazing. I got into a JumpStart program that helped me know the campus better and was over the summer, for free. The professors are very caring and try to help as much as possible as well as the staff and everyone else. Students are very friendly and create an amiable hemisphere throughout the campus. There is so much we can do in such a small campus.
if you have a different lifestyle than the majority of athletes and Lutheran people at this school then do not bother coming to this dark place where you will loose all sense of hope due to biast staff members and RA’s. After a semester of going to this “university” I realized that schoolwork is a joke meaning it is beyond easy, staff members are extremely rude and biast against anyone not an athlete or religious, we live in a sensitive society and Concordia is the catalyst for “cultivating” young people to be a part of our sensitive society which is a parasite growing that stops us from seeing the real world. Concordia must change their conservative ways if if they want to really succeed as a university. I have hope for this school as I see potential in it but loose hope when I see how long they have been open and they are still not willing to change their ways for the greater good.
The school is super small, the class sizes are amazing! There is religious classes you MUST take at concordia as well. They are not enjoyable, most deem them as a waste of time/money. Profs are very willing to help you out. The school spirit is lacking and activities on campus are minimal. You need to know how to make your own fun if you attend. The party scene is practically non existent, sports teams throw small apartment parties. Most days on campus you will wonder where your $50,000 goes because the campus and student life need to be improved. There is no college town, nothing even within walking distance and freshmen are not allowed cars it can get very boring. Everyone knows everyone it is super cliquey. The only good thing is the professors and the friends I have made.
Small school feel with plenty of academic rigor. Have had plenty of opportunities since graduating. All my best friends are still from this place. It used to be called Christ College because he’s there!
Excellent school that personalizes instruction, cares about the students and gets you out in 4 years. The academics are challenging and meaningful. The instruction and knowledge applies to the real world and encourages leadership and gives the student the background they need to get employment in changing fields and a changing world.
Concordia offers competitive academic scholarships and can help a student earn their degree in four years because the classes are small and the counselors know what they are doing. Counselors and teachers work with you one on one to make sure you are on track and growing as a learner.
Concordia is also a very beautiful, safe campus and the dorms are some of the best in so cal.
I've enjoyed my time at Concordia University Irvine. The school campus is changing every year due to the campus becoming a division two campus. Although there is a lot of construction now, once it is done the students will have many more resources at their disposal.
The professors are the highlight of the school. It is expensive and the food and dorm life is very restrictive but the academics are great.
It is a very small and average school. If you got anything above a 3.0 GPA you are going to be the smartest in your class, no matter what. If you don't like religion or deep thought then this isn't the school for you. The food isn't great. The professors are average but because it is so small they have a lot of office hours to help if you don't understand.
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The campus is amazing and big. If it also has very good student resources for the students to get help from the teachers.
Concordia University Irvine is one of the most backwards, bureaucratic, obstinate, letter of the law institutions that I have ever had the misfortune of interacting with, and mind you that I once spent an entire Friday being run in circles at the DMV. They will do send you on never ending wild goose chases to fetch proper forms to add/drop classes that end with you being unable to drop the classes due to them being 'core' classes. The real kicker is that if you complain about these core classes in any way you will bruise the sensitive feelings of the white male school administrators , because you know it's their academic career who is being ruined by their backwards, stringent, and esoteric rules and not mine.
Anywho I'd give it a 0/10 but their lunch lady sure knows how to grill a cheese sandwich like nobodies business.
amazingly supportive faculty. Professors are incredibly knowledgeable and care beyond their normal role. Nursing experience is fantastic and highly recommend for an accelerated BSN. Great food. Great academics. Super safe. Veteran friendly. Mom friendly.
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