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Concordia University Irvine is a very wholesome school. Although incredibly expensive I believe that money was well spent on the education I received at Concordia. However there isn't much campus life activities which is why I feel like although Concordia is a dry campus many students end up partying in the dorms. I had a good run at Concordia and I wouldn't take it back, but if I could do it over I would probably pick a bigger school that is more diverse and not so close minded.
This school is wonderful! I plan to commit in the next week, and I am so excited! The small, safe, campus is full of friendly students, good food, and excellent, faith-based academics.
Some professors are very helpful, but others unfortunately in my major are unresponsive to questions or additional help needed. The school does not keep pace financially with aid awarded in ratio to the amount that they increase tuition and other school expenses, making each year more difficult to attend. And they are very heavy handed about collecting fees from students!
The campus and food are good.
In hindsight this might to have been the best choice.
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I loved the campus and the area around Concordia is beautiful I would definitely recommend this school to people around the area.There are a lot of things to do around the area.The irvine spectrum is very close by or if you want to go on a hike it is also relatively close.
I love the challenging, Christ-centered learning at Concordia. The small school provides opportunity for intimate relationships with fellow students and professors. I felt personally invested in every step of my education, and I am grateful to have been taught to be wise, not just educated.
What I like about Concordia Irvine is that the campus is beautiful and the staff is very welcoming to incoming new students.
Concordia University is an excellent school but is definitely small. Professors engage with you much more personably and efficiently than at a public university because classes are smaller. The music program is excellent and I do not know much about athletics.
The staff has been very kind and attentive to my needs. The information provided to me early helped me book travel and order books for courses well in advance. I am also impressed by their live YouTube orientation session they held with Dr. John Townsend. He answered our questions submitted via chat and had an upbeat and positive attitude about the whole thing.
I would recommend to be financially stable or at least have enough financial aid to avoid any stress about paying tuition. Other than that, they offer good dorms and good, fresh cafeteria food that always has a salad bar or grill if you crave burgers or fries. There's a decent amount of clubs but not many parties so it's pretty quiet around here.
I loved everything but the academic advising process and how financial aid chooses to deal with students.
Some professors are cool, care, and know what they're talking about but some have no idea what they're doing and don't know how to teach the subject. The caf food is alright. There's hardly any parking because they give out parking stickers like it's candy. The main sport is basketball, which is a bit disappointing because they hype it up so much just like midnight madness (disappointment as well). The core classes are unnecessary and everyone dreads taking them because some don't transfer over. Maintenance takes forever to fix what you need to get fixed (lesson learned. email them, faster than a phone call).
The professors, classes, and student activities are amazing! Professors are very available to talk to and most genuinely care about how you are doing and are willing to help you outside of class, even with projects unrelated to their specific class in some cases.The material is engaging and forces you to think in new ways and see how the different academic disciplines can connect together. However, the administrative side of Concordia (academic advising, financial aid...) is not very well organized and could use some improvement. Great education department and many study abroad options, with opportunities to meet students from all across the world. Students are very friendly and there is always an interesting event going on somewhere on campus. If you are looking to engage in learning and thinking in new ways, put in hard work, and still meet diverse individuals who are goal-oriented but still love to have a good time, then look no further than CUI.
I expected it to be better and less conservative. Bad experience with swim coach as very unprofessional with athletes and non supportive. He was rarely present with the team and was just there to get his salary. No team spirt, he was very very negative with athletes. If I would have known this in advance I would never had chosen this University.
I like it because you can still be you and express your self and show your faith to others in your college life
Concordia gives you that individual attention you need to be successful. They want for their students to get that help when ever they need it and be themselves.
I received my Master's in educational administration from Concordia with a CA admin credential as well. All of my classes were online and the program was easy. 1.5 years total. Affordable and very manageable program.
The friends I made were the only good part. The school and the education they are giving is a joke. Go there if you will be majoring in Christ College, anything else isn't worth your time.
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Love the small classrooms. Professors truly care about your performance in class and help out as much as possible. Small classes allow us to have close relationships with each other and the professor. Excellent student success programs like WINGS and student tutoring. The ASCUI provide events for the students that are fun and enjoyable. The accommodate to commuters and residents. Overall, the community at Concordia is one of fellowship and positivity.
Great school focused on faith and the personal growth of students. I have met really amazing people at this school and most professors are dedicated to what they do.
The location of CUI is one of its best features. Some of the professors are amazing. However, the campus is small, dorms are okay but over capacity, food choices are limited and mediocre, they nickel and dime you for everything, tuition rates increase every year, their Academic Advising department is not helpful, their office staff have very rude workers, they are cutting programs, and not fully developing programs they have promised they would. Most "student life" happens off campus.