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Concordia gives you that individual attention you need to be successful. They want for their students to get that help when ever they need it and be themselves.
I received my Master's in educational administration from Concordia with a CA admin credential as well. All of my classes were online and the program was easy. 1.5 years total. Affordable and very manageable program.
The friends I made were the only good part. The school and the education they are giving is a joke. Go there if you will be majoring in Christ College, anything else isn't worth your time.
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Love the small classrooms. Professors truly care about your performance in class and help out as much as possible. Small classes allow us to have close relationships with each other and the professor. Excellent student success programs like WINGS and student tutoring. The ASCUI provide events for the students that are fun and enjoyable. The accommodate to commuters and residents. Overall, the community at Concordia is one of fellowship and positivity.
Great school focused on faith and the personal growth of students. I have met really amazing people at this school and most professors are dedicated to what they do.
The location of CUI is one of its best features. Some of the professors are amazing. However, the campus is small, dorms are okay but over capacity, food choices are limited and mediocre, they nickel and dime you for everything, tuition rates increase every year, their Academic Advising department is not helpful, their office staff have very rude workers, they are cutting programs, and not fully developing programs they have promised they would. Most "student life" happens off campus.
The meals offered at Concordia are delicious (esp. the breakfast burritos). The dorm rooms are really nice. The professors really seem like they care about you and believe in you.
Concordia University is a University with a large diversity. Students feel very comfortable. They are able to contact their professors and they interact well. The campus offers a good way of silence and quietness. Not only does Concordia University help students grow academically to become future leaders, but they also develop a personal connection with Jesus Christ. Students at Concordia University are well involved at their community and in their studies. They strive for the best, thanks to the help provided by the University.
The school atmosphere is great. It is very difficult to transfer in or out of this school because of the hyper-specific general ed classes. Most professors are easy to work with. Almost all professors are religiously affiliated with the Lutheran church.
I like how this college is beyond greater in teaching about the material and implementing our own way of thinking about the subject. It's great for me.
I am enjoying my experience of being a distant learner graduate student at CUI. I feel more connected to my cohort and professor, then when I attended undergraduate school at CSULB. Great professor and academic programs.
I am about to graduate from Concordia Irvine in about 6 months. Let me tell you I pay this school A LOT of money every month for tuition and no one on the staff seems to be in any rush to help me with my registration process. They don't care. No one ever emails me back. The admissions office is so slow. The woman I had always dealt with in advising is no longer there because she had a baby. She was so helpful. Now, I email to ask about my grad plan and and told by the director of advising that she is "unable" to email me back until late December... 2 weeks before school starts!
The bursar is really in no way shape or form willing to help you. He is rude and only wants your money.
The professors are great. But the staff in the background are terrible! I'm so upset that I pay so much money and the purpose of these people's jobs is to help students succeed.
I know I have a direct internship that I can be a part of over summer and I know I will have a lot of connections once I graduate.
So far I like all of my professors. Some are better than other but none are awful.
I feel safe walking from the theater to my dorm at 11 at night
The dorms are great and the halls are beautiful. They are dorms so they are small but they aren't too small.
Almost all of the students on campus are athletes so the school revolves around them a little bit, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.
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I love this school because everyone so kind and friendly, whether they know who you are or not.
Overall, it has been a great experience. The class sizes are small. There is only one big lecture hall. The arts program is very good. The sports program is also very good.
There are a lot of connections if you search for them and go to events/ join clubs. There is an online website to help with finding a job. Internships are a bit difficult to find.