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The PhD program is fully online permitting me to continue working while learning and experiencing an international interaction with coursemates. Very valuable learning experience!
Concordia Chicago has given me endless opportunities to explore my other options within my degree. The advisors made it possible for me to minor in different areas as well as focusing my major with my classes and clubs. The student life has also helped me venture out my social light. Since Concordia is a small campus, students and faculty make events so that students can easily interact with one another, making school and sports events enjoyable for everybody.
My experience as a first year student at Concordia University Chicago has been good and bad. For starters the school is very small and for a school that size you would think the community of students would be tight knit, however that is not the case. The school is very split up in terms of beliefs. There are many catholic people who attend Concordia for their curriculum and are treated differently by their Lutheran peers. The school is not as diverse as they promote seeing The school should focus more on their diversity and the comfort of their students rather than pushing us to go to chapel. However the staff that I have spoken to about help regarding finances have helped me tremendously. If you are ever in a difficult spot financially they are more than willing to help you. That is the best thing I have to say about my Concordia experience thus far.
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I absolutely love this school. The professors are incredible, the school community is great, and there are consistently events going on around campus. The surrounding area is gorgeous as well, and there's always something to do. It's a short train ride to downtown Chicago, so that's always an option on the weekends/evenings.
This campus is in a good environment with access to lots of stores and restaurants that are helpful to residents. Regarding classes, I would prefer for it to not have as many required courses related to theology. However, I like the relationship students can make with professors as office hours are quite accessible.
Concordia is amazing! Their admissions office and advisers are there to walk you through every process. Classes are well worth it!
No matter where you go on campus you always see a friendly face. The school makes sure that everyone feels involved and is there for the students 100%
I enjoy Concordia Chicago's dual credit online classes, and I like how they are explanatory in what the requirements are for a project. I have been to the campus, however, and the area around the college is not the safest. I do however, like the campus itself. The professors, even through the online courses, are very understanding and personable. If I was ill one day or had a family emergency, they were extremely flexible in working with me on project due dates. I also appreciate how easy the website is to navigate, especially to the online library. Even though I enjoy the diversity of the projects assigned, I do suggest that less group projects are required. The project is difficult enough to complete by itself, without having to worry about a few other peoples’ schedules, as well. Overall, I really enjoy the school’s campus, staff, and curriculum and I am honored to be enrolled as a student at Concordia University Chicago.
Concordia is a great school with a small class setting. Teachers actually try to get to know you and don't consider you a number.
I like CUC because the student body tends to be very welcoming. The professors seem nice, the food is pretty good, and there are all sorts of things to do on campus and in the surrounding area. Best of all, they are very generous with financial aid, especially to those in need.
I am an online student in the doctoral program for Health and Human Performance, so cannot make any recommendations on the physical location at CUC, but I am really enjoying the program thus far. In my first year I have had several excellent instructors and online learning experiences and have been academically challenged far more than I had anticipated, in a fun way! Although not all coursework has been as difficult or academically expansive as I had hoped for, the majority of classroom experiences have been worth the investment.
I'm a distant learning graduate student in gerontology who has a full professional plate other than my school attendance so being able to do coursework virtually is my preference.
I like the programs that Concordia University has to offer. I currently attend the university as an online student. I love this program because it makes it easy for me to work full time and finish my degree.
Concordia I truly a place where I am able to find myself. The staff cares about every student and there are so many resources available to you on the campus and in the community. The campus itself is constantly becoming diverse and the ratio between commuters and out of state residents is incredible. Because if Concordia I am A proud Nursing Student, working on campus, and Vice President of the New Nursing club and first year cheerleader all within my first year.
My experience at Concordia could be much better, but their office of graduate studies really lacks basic communication. I'm loving my program, but many of our questions are often unanswered and our emailed often don't get responses. I wish we had a little more support!
This college is a well respected institution. The professors are knowledgeable, and the courses are rigorous. The online format makes it easier to have a full time job while attending school.
I am currently attending Concordia University of Chicago and i have been very pleased so far with my first year. I am enrolled in Sports, as i am part of the Women's Soccer Team and the Women's Track and Field. I have met very great people through sports and have found the place to be of comfort. Academics wise i have enjoyed the majority of my classes especially the ones that have to do with my major. Overall you have the chance for additional help with the teacher or your teammates/students. The year has fluently gone very quick and very excited for next year.
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I choose to go to Concordia University Chicago because since they very beginning they have been helpful and answered all my questions. They didn't give me the run around to make me sign up for their school with out me knowing what I was going to get into as far as scholarships, financial aid, and what I needed for the school year. Mostly all of the staff that work there are very nice and helpful. This school cares about their students future and education. The area in which Concordia is located is very nice and safe. This school is remolding the school and making updates to it so it is going to be even better. What I love about this school is that they have two different computer labs one for Apple and one for PC.
I attend as an online student and am working on my Master's through this school. So far my experience has been great. Their online communication is speedy and they do a good job of answering ALL of your questions to their fullest abilities.
Concordia University Chicago is overall a pretty average school. The student life is a mixture, but the university does not deal well with racial issues. I don’t entirely regret choosing this school, but there’s not much to do. If you enjoy a small campus feel, then Concordia is for you. If you want more excitement it’s not.
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