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I attend as an online student and am working on my Master's through this school. So far my experience has been great. Their online communication is speedy and they do a good job of answering ALL of your questions to their fullest abilities.
Concordia University Chicago is overall a pretty average school. The student life is a mixture, but the university does not deal well with racial issues. I don’t entirely regret choosing this school, but there’s not much to do. If you enjoy a small campus feel, then Concordia is for you. If you want more excitement it’s not.
A great institution for those who are studying to be teachers due to all of the courses and preparatory requirements needed for the college of education.
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I'm very pleased. So far everything is going smooth. I would recommend for others. Can't wait for next semester. Please consider this university for MA in counseling.
I enjoyed studying educational technology online with Concordia. Most professors were up to date with articles and information. They were readily available via phone and email for additional help. They gave a lot of support and resources to help with research.
I was a freshman; miles away from home--only one hundred and ninety-one. So of course it wasn't the most thrilling experience, but it was most definitely worthwhile. Although, the school is a non-for profit University I don't believe I was robbed of my investments. Instead, I gained an entirely new perspective of life, grew closer in my faith and even met some fairly incredible people within the process.

My professors were helpful and extremely easygoing. I loved that. As far as partying goes, I made my own party scene in my dorm room because I had no roommate--this maybe was the highlight of my experience--plus, CHICAGO was only 15-20 minutes from the corner so it was never a dull moment.

Overall, I fell in love with CU Chicago in my own little way probably way different from others. From the size of the University all the way to the simple fact that I made an honest hustle of providing hair services to students.
Concordia Chicago is in a very nice area of Chicago and has very friendly people. The staff are well equipped for their subjects and very amicable. I would like to see more scholarship opportunities there especially concerning sports since it is a private school and tuition is not that cheap. Overall it is a very nice place and I would highly recommend it.
I enjoy the school very much even though I just started! The school focuses on each person individual to make sure they're on task to graduating!
So far I love it so much, you get to fellowship with brothers and sisters, a great place to know more about our Lord and what he ha done.
I like the small ratio of students to teachers, it gives me more one on one assistance when needed. I am not a social butterfly and but I still feel included on campus and during activities.
The staff and other students are very helpful and small in size, so you can get easily acquainted with everyone around you. The faculty are very helpful and you are able to get help on a personal level with them, which is something you can't experience outside of a school with an average class size smaller than 20-30. The education programs are excellent as I hear from fellow students and there is a strong emphasis on music and religion as well.
I love Concordia it's become home to me. But like other colleges there are nasty sides to it. They don't take mental health seriously and while campus security is very nice they aren't always competent.
This university is staffed with instructors that work hard to encourage both your personal and professional growth.
I love the atmosphere here at Concordia Chicago. While it is a small, D-III school, it is easy to get involved in many different activities on campus. Also, the College of Education is excellent! The professors genuinely care about their students.
Concordia University Chicago is a place where you go to feel at home. The students and staff are so welcoming and make you feel as though you belong. Being in Chicago allows students like me to explore and try new things with new friends. I have made so many new friends who I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. College here was such a success that I would recommend Concordia University Chicago to anyone who wants to explore and to feel like you're at a home away from home. Overall, great experience!
Concordia is wonderful place if you enjoy being near the big city. You are literally about a half hour from downtown Chicago which can offer a lot of opportunity. The one thing I would change is the food. The food is awful, the food lacks nutritional value and there are such limited options. Students frequently use their own money to go out and get food rather than using the meal plan which is ridiculously expensive.
I love the campus and teachers! The classes they offer are very diverse. The campus life is very active.
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I like the flexibility of the online graduate program. It allows me to learn while continuing with my full-time job.
What I like about Concordia is that the classes are small and that our professors do seem to recognize. What I hope to see a change in is activities for commuters. All the activities done at Concordia seem to be for residents, since the activities are always late at night.
I enjoyed the campus life. Our school was always clean and have a very safe environment. Students were kind to one another and supported each other to achieve greater in their courses.
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