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I’ve enjoyed the Men’s Soccer program here because I’ve made a numerous amount of friends. The people on campus are quite generous.
My online experience was simple to ease into. My grades were consistent and exceptional. My professors didn’t overcomplicate the classes due to COVID-19. I received more assignments than usual but it was fantastic for the most part.
met nice people from all over even though its a small school but unless youre okay with the same routine everyday seeing the same hundred kids everyday and being in your dorm on friday and saturday nights don't go here. Classes were a joke and most professors don't care about the students they often judge you. Food was decent but definitely not true college experience. Strict rules and everything is so poorly funded. Ridiculous charges such as losing a key $250 and $600 parking. Sports are a joke here playing in the middle of nowhere. No AC and nasty bathrooms. Like I said don't go here unless youre okay with settling yourself.
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fairly easy. Professors dont seem to try too hard. Just not worth paying online go to a community college instead.
I am a transfer student and this is my first year at Concordia University Chicago, let me say it has been the best school with professors who care a lot about their students learning. I like how they handle the safety of the campus and health of each student, especially these times with COVID-19.
This upcoming semester was all online courses for everyone due to COVID 19 guidelines, and I like how my professors will be in constant contact with their students whoever needed additional help with any assigments.
I have taken classes online and they have been great. I feel like I learned just as much as I would have if I was in a classroom. CUC easily made the transition to online learning during the Pandemic. I am a commuter student so taking classes online has allowed me to reduce the number of days that I need to commute to campus which allows me to work more and also more easily complete my practicum hours for my major and graduation.
My first two and a half years I lived on campus. I enjoyed it. The school is small enough to make you feel like on big family. There are so many activities to get involved in and the location provides opportunities to explore Chicago and the surrounding area. Professors have been amazing and my class size has always been small. In my major classes there are generally no more than 20 students but most were about 10. This provided for more one on one attention from the professor and also interaction among students. In addition, I was able to connect with other students that shared the same major.
I take about one class each semester online and have never had an issue. Some professors will encourage group work throughout the semester to still get that in-class feel. Professors will upload a weeks worth of work at a time.
Concordia University-Chicago is in a great location that is surrounded with a ton of different eating options and other activities. The campus is about 40 minutes on the green line from Downtown Chicago. The atmosphere at Concordia is so friendly and welcoming.
Concordia University-Chicago is a very well-respected and accredited University. Many professors that I encountered at Concordia had either went to school there or taught at the institution for many years leading me to believe that the school is extremely well run and respectable. The academics are good, but campus life is lacking. This school is mainly a commuter school, so if you are looking for community and extracurriculars, you may not be looking in the right place. But, overall I did have a decent experience as a first-year student.
I did take one online Biology class and the professor that I had was very involved and responsible. She responded to emails very quickly and all of the coursework was very reasonable and we had a lot of time to complete the work-(she was considerate of our other classes) I would recommend online courses! We all also had to transition to online classes, because of COVID-19 and all of my professors were available and involved them as well.
I like CUC, it is very structured and predictable with each class having the same expectations. I would like the instructors to be more clear on what they are looking for with each specific assignment.
Online learning is still beneficial. There are assignments where instructors truly check for an in-depth understanding about the topics. There are often quizzes in each class as well.
Love the school and the environment, all of my instructors are great at communicating with me and ensuring that all of my questions are answered. They always reply to my emails and engage me in the assignments well.
My learning experience has been amazing here, I have caught onto the way Concordia functions very easily and I always have an easy time getting hold of my instructors for any questions or concerns that I may have.
only for covid but at the end of it sometimes it was just about the professors messing up rather than somethings
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great university so much diversity and yet i was still surprised, open and very cold sometimes it was a nice experience
The only thing this school taught me is how to make the right choice and choose anything but this school. Believe me this school is not worth it!!!
Overall, I enjoyed going to Concordia. All the professors I had were friendly and actually enjoyed teaching. The campus is small too which I liked as well, it’s very easy to find your way around. As a commuter, I never had any difficulty finding parking which is a big plus for me.
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