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So far, I am having a fantastic time at Concordia University. I transferred in from a 2 year school and I am an accelerated student and it is amazing so far.
I have attended two separate colleges before I attended Concordia, and I was very pleased with the transition. Even though the initial price tag is daunting for any college student, I found that the money was invested in excellent professors and learning opportunities. Along with a great education program, the students are extremely friendly and the campus is filled with a pleasant sense of community. Being a Christian, I enjoy that it is a Christian campus with many provided worship opportunities. There aren't many things that I would like to change about this school, but if I have to get picky I would have to say that the music program could use more attention as a lot of money is being currently invested into business programs.
They are great people to work with. They greet you when you pass them. They are willing to stay with you until the task is done.

The campus is really pretty. It is along side of Lake Michigan. As you are looking out, the lake is in front of you. Also, when the winter comes, you do not have to go outside. They have tunnels to go through all the buildings.
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The school is not diverse ,very white washed with privileged caucasian students. If you look different than there standard students, your looked at different and get awkward stares even from employees, especially at the financial aid office and counseling office.
It is a decent school, but the academics are not very rigorous. Some general education classes are excessively difficult considering they are general classes non major students need, and some classes in my department, communications, were really not very useful to me in my professional life. Some things have changed since I attended years ago, but many of the communications teachers were not very professional. Adjuncts often did not follow the curriculum, and some teachers barely spot checked our work.
Concordia University is a great school with a wonderful view. The environment at the school is very focused around academics with a minimal party scene. The professors take a personal interest in student success and personally teach all of their classes.
It is a small, comforting environment for students to prosper. There is a lot of room for students to grow in classrooms where they aren't just another number but can be themselves and receive one-on-one instruction from professors. Concordia University-Wisconsin is a great fit for me as a student athlete because professors and coaches understand what it is like to be involved in school.
Everyone at the campus is very welcoming. They made me feel like I was at home and where I was meant to be. They want you to succeed in like and are willing to help you every single way in order to achieve success.
Beautiful campus with underground tunnels so you don't have to walk outside in the winter. Overall, the professors are very personable and understanding and I like that the classes are small.
I only took a few classes here while I was in High School. It is a very small college so if you enjoyed High School, it has a very High School small college feeling.
Everyone is super nice. Campus has a very welcoming vibe to it. Quiet campus but many opportunities to connect and do things on campus.
I like this university because its a one on one community. classes are usually small which is a good thing to have with the professor.
The campus is nice because it’s not to large. During the winter the underground tunnels are amazing. The dorms and food are average but have choices. The professors and staff are very helpful if you have any questions. Not a big party school, but doesn’t bother me since that’s not the priority.
Wisconsin concordia university is an excellent school. The academic here is top notch with the professors Wanting small classes to understand the students. One of the reasons why I selected the school was because of the religious actsept. No one will judge me for being a Christian Lutheran. The school is very small which I like because you don’t feel so overcrowded and you have to run to the other side of the campus to get to a class. There are underground tunnel so we don’t have to embrace the Wisconsin winters . Parking here is not a problem because of the parking structure there’s always something to do on every weekend . And not too far from away from a couple of big cities in Wisconsin. To any college in the food here is a swinger a mess but that’s like every other college . I love that I came to concordia and I hope the other people will too.
The experiences that I have had with Concordia thus far have been extremely encouraging and positive. Whether it is a call or an email, they are very quick to respond and answer or help with any of my needs. Now that I am going back to college, the nerves and and anxiety have come along with and Concordia has managed to calm both of those. I am excited and eager to start my nursing degree at Concordia and see what more they have to offer.
It is reckoned as the safest campus ever, a friendly environment ready to open up to you at any point in time. Professors in my institution are very helpful in advance tutoring and personal help to students. The foods in the cafeteria are always abundant for ones stomach. There is a total peace in my school.
I love how invested every professor is in my education. They do everything in their power to help make sure that I am succeeding in everything that I do. There is no better campus in Wisconsin than Concordia's campus, it is so breathtaking. I felt at home the first time I stepped foot there. I am from small-town Door County, so coming to a smaller school made the transition to college so easy. The helpfulness of the professors helped A LOT as well. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Concordia's academic program!
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My experience so far has been good. The professors , most, listen and are helpful. It would be nice if there would be a payment plan for those that are paying out of pocket, this is where the school is not very helpful.
When I went to Concordia the campus was very nice but it wasn't very diverse it was mostly white people around the whole campus. I liked the atmosphere of the school everything and everyone was very positive and happy when I was around the school. The campus made me feel like I was apart of the school and just made me feel at home when I was around.
I enjoy set up of the campus and the bluff. The class sizes are very small which makes it extremely easy to talk to them. In fact, almost all of my professors know/knew me by name. The downside is that the Mequon area does not like CUW. They confine us to the land that we have and do not want us to expand outside of our small block by the lake. Also, there is not much of a party scene on campus. There are some parties off campus, but like I said, Mequon does not want any college students causing trouble, so the police patrol heavily. The majority of night life that students look for is found in downtown Milwaukee.
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