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My experience at Concordia has been very nice. The classes are challenging and because the classes are smaller it's very easy to connect with your professors. Everyone around the campus is so friendly and they make you feel very welcome. The campus has a very safe feel because our amazing campus safety and it really makes you feel at home.
Concordia is a great school and I'm really happy to be here! There is no shortage of ways to get involved on campus and not just by participating in sports or joining a club. There are many activities throughout the semester that range from movie nights to bingo. I currently have a job on campus and I love it! It's a great way to make some extra money, especially if you don't have a car with you on campus. I will say that if you have the option to live off campus I would definitely recommend going that route because the food selection isn't always the best and I found myself skipping meals, which is why I commute now. And if you really like to party this probably isn't the school for you because Concordia is a dry campus. Overall, I think Concordia is an excellent choice if you're looking to continue your education! :)
I really enjoyed and appreciated the immediate warm welcoming I received on my very first visit to the campus. Everyone you interact with or seek for help cares about you and what you are trying to accomplish whether thats faculty and staff members or other students. There is always someone there willing to lend a helping hand. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, it has great intimate class sizes that are perfect for hands-on learning with a comfortable environment laying as its foundation, and there are so many ways to get involved with the school and its people through clubs, athletics, organizations, and all the opportunities that stem from these venues. Plus, how can you go wrong with that beautiful lake view all year long?!
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Concordia University has been preparing me for a career outside the university really well. I can confidently say I am prepared for my career even though I still have two years left in school. I wish the university would push for more diversity in the university and include more people from different walks of life.
So far, I love the kindness by 95% of the instructors and their willingness to help you succeed. The material is rich and worth the study.
Concordia is a Catholic school located in Mequon Wisconsin. They offer so many opportunities to better yourself as a student.
Professors and counselors are always ready to help and easy to get in contact with.
Concordia was welcoming and helpful in every aspect from picking a major to financials and from extracurriculars to dorm living.
The Professor was organized, knowledgable and quick to answer questions. Whenever I had a question regarding an assignment, He was quick to respond with much insight on what to do next.
I will be starting my program in Spring 2018, but I selected Concordia based on research I performed on the best online Master's Nursing Programs. I'm also a Wisconsin RN and love to commit my studies to my home state!
I have had the opportunity to reach out to students on campus, develop my musician skills on and off paper. The student body is friendly, holds doors open, swipes you in for food, and smiles in the halls.
I went to Concordia because of their academic programs they have to offer. They have a very large variety of different majors you can study. Furthermore, they have very good graduate schools that are incorporated on the campus. The campus its self is located right on Lake Michigan which is gorgeous at any time of the day. The class sizes are very manageable and the professors are very friendly and approachable.
I'm currently a freshman at CUW and the first thing I noticed the day I moved in was how friendly this campus is. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and even at CUW a university of 6,000+ students it still has that same homey feeling. I absolutely love that about CUW along with the lakeside view. Every class I meet and make new friends and even just walking to the elevator a month into school I still meet and talk to new people, it's reoccurring. CUW is a one of a kind safe and dry campus that offers great prestigious academics to its students in a supporting environment.
Its a great school with a great atmosphere the only thing wrong with it is that its very expensive. My wish for concordia is that is gets cheaper, not more expensive.
The school has great student life and a lively atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong. There are also many ways to stay active on campus, including the bluff, and the healthy food options offered at the school. My experience so far at CUW has left a positive mark and I would recommend it to anyone.
As a student athlete at Concordia I have had many opportunities to be involved on Campus. It is a great sized school with small class sizes that allow for individual attention from professors when needed. Professors are more than willing to take time out of their day to help students and get to know you. The community that you become apart of is one of a kind.
The small school atmosphere is great. I also came for a Christian education and I've got exactly that. There is a strong foundation in Christ: they offer chapel services every weekday and offer numerous courses that focus on learning about theology, specifically Lutheran Christianity. The campus isn't terribly big and it doesn't take too long to figure out where everything is. People are always willing to go out of their way to help you if you ask. The dorms are pretty nice, depending on which one you get. Freshmen typically have the lower end, but they are still not bad at all. Food variety and quality are decent. They have a cafeteria, sub shop, coffee shop, and convenience store/mini food court area.
I like the small classroom system. Students are able to receive appropriate attention for their education needs to help them thrive in their career paths.
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The advisors and professors have been amazing so far. I am a returning student after 14 years and was a bit intimidated. My advisor Heidi reassured and guided me through the enrollment and registration process.
I love CUW! The professors are wonderful and kind. The campus is gorgeous and they intergrade faith extremely well in there education.
Concordia University is an amazing college I felt very welcomed visiting there. I knew that if i decided to go to Concordia I would not feel out of place.
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