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The professors are definitely the best part about this school. I have never been in a better academic environment with the best tools to help me learn.
It's a small campus so all the professors over there really care about you. A lot of them have really good office ours and are very flexible with your schedule. Honestly, to fail some of the classes you have to make an active effort to fail just because of how much the professors go out of their way to help.
Concordia University - Texas, has a beautiful campus and environment. Everyone is connected and because it's a private school you are given the ability to connect more not only with classmates, but with the professors as well.
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I love the friendly atmosphere at Concordia so much! It's truly my home away from home. I would not want to be at any other University. I love all of the professor, staff and students. Everyone is nice and welcoming, all of the time. You can always find the help you need, no matter what!
The Adult Degree Program is one night per week, on ground, very convenient. My prior experience with the online program wasn't very good though.. They initially were unorganized and nearly costed me my degree... But since it's first year has improved with strategic student planning assistants.
The school is great place for someone if they need a smaller school and a beautiful campus. The one thing i would change is how the atmosphere around it is very serious most of the times.
Concordia University is such a great school. The staff is super sweet and the students as well! The campus is very different compared to other school campuses. It is a beautiful big green place, you'll never get tired of looking at the place.
This summer was my first semester in college. The staff are very helpful and the professors are very perpared and organized. I had a great summer semester and I am looking for to beginning the fall semester next week.
CTX is a very good school. The classes are small, and even online there is a family feel. On campus, you see a lot of the same faces each day, and you may have the same teacher for a couple classes. The staff is helpful and makes the experience personal. I think there is some need for improvement in the financial aid and student support departments, as they can be kind of slow to provide assistance. Everyone is kind though, and things usually get done, even if they take a while.
Concordia is a beautiful university that engages Christ-centered education, has an amazing view of our natural preserve, lots of student activities and an awesome staff that encourages us to do our best.
The campus is located on a reserve that makes for excellent views and a get away from central Austin. The reserve allows for Environmental Science and Biology majors to have hands on experiences.
I am in the process of applying to the Concordia University Accelerated BSN program and from the start I am more than impressed with their program. The curriculum is incredible and they have partnerships with fantastic academic institutes in the Austin area. All of this is couple with the program being hybrid online and allows working professionals the chance to stay employed until they complete their degree.
The enrollment process with Concordia was amazing. The enrollment counselors are so helpful and make sure that you feel at ease.
I appreciated the fact that Concordia was a small university and I was able to have a one on one experience with the professors. The classes were small enough that the professors had time to maintain a good relationship with the students and offer a positive environment for the students. I would change the amount of available times for the classes and number of available classes. Maybe hire more professors!
I like the fact that this is one of few colleges that cares so much about our education they almost kind of stay on us like high schools but not really academically it is a good experience but the environment needs more plus it needs to be more diverse.
It offers generous scholarships even for those who wish to live on campus. It has nice students and a lot of clubs to have some fun with! Meal plans are easy to pay for with cards.
I love this University. Everyone is so kind and genuine. And the fact that it's on a nature preserve makes it even better. The courses are well done and the professors are easy to contact. I would highly recommend coming here.
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It was very iffy attending CTX. I attended for athletic purposes. I never really found a connection to the campus outside of my sport.
Very religious school. Most classes won't transfer to other university unless they are religious as well.
Reminded me of high school over all.
I love the community. The campus is beautiful and everyone here wants to see you succeed! There are many great resources for you to use and be successful in your classes such as the writing center, free tutors, etc.
My teachers and advisors are wonderful. Always offering assistance. All offices have windows so it makes the environment less intimidating.
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