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Concordia University has a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by nature and wonderful staff members. It’s a small campus where you get one on one time with teachers and they really get to know you. I know most teachers working in huge university’s can barely remember their students name! But with Concordia, there is many opportunities to talk to teachers about your grades, Jesus, and life. It is a very great school that I highly recommend.
Concordia is a small university, so it is easy to make connections, and get in contract with your professors. Concordia also has a great nursing program. However since it is a private university it is very expensive.
Honestly, I think this university has been a blessing to my life. It has helped me get out of my comfort zone, make friends and make some life changing experiences that will help me make some long lasting memories. I wouldn’t change anything because this Concordia is already a unique school. Changing it would mess up the authenticity of the school.
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I've attended Austin Community College and Texas Women's University in Denton, but going to Concordia University in Texas gave me a wow experience that I will never regret.

The program I choose with Concordia University allowed me to keep my full-time job and attend night classes on a fast track with graduating with a Bachelors.

The network of friends, peers, and professors I gained from attending was amazing. The professors were all able to apply the information to life in the real workforce today. The professors were encouraging and motivating in their lessons. This was very helpful to me as I learn the information, I'm able to recall information and skills of the leadership of where I am today.

The only downside to the course is the cost. I'm still paying back tuition from 6 years ago.
Friendly people and classroom size is great. It's a small campus compared to others and that's what makes it a great community.
This school should really expand. I get that it's on a nature preserve, but if the school grew to approx. 5,000 students it would be perfect. The students here are mostly transfers into the Nursing Program from other schools or are student athletes. The nursing program I hear, is really great. It was ranked #4 in the state in Spring 2018. It is also extremely competitive to get into and finish. Overall, the school as a whole could work on some things, but for the most part if you are a student athlete, in the business or nursing program, you'll do just fine.
If you are looking for a small university that has a good education, talented athletic programs, Christ-centered teachings, intimate class sizes, and an opportunity to make close friends, than this is the university for you. I was an athlete at CTX, which makes up most of the student population. Usually, athletes stick together and always tried to support each other. However, student game attendance is usually low (unless its baseball), do not expect massive crowds of students at games. Though this is a downside to CTX, the location to UT makes up for it. CTX’s nightlife is okay, you will have 1 or 2 big parties each semester thrown by a sports team, but do not expect to find massive parties every week. Again, like sports games, CTX’s location makes up for this flaw. CTX is only a 20 min drive from 6th street, and 25 min from the Domain (the big party areas). Students will also attend in mass to Wild West on Wednesday nights 80 to 90 percent of the time.
At Concordia, you feel like you are in a family. Everyone is so supportive and accepting. The school is small so you get more one on one time with the professors.
The enrollment process was simple. I heard right away about acceptance. Admissions counselor Vince Henderson was amazing.
Concordia has an amazing community: so many kind faces and attitudes (in Students and Teachers). Since it's a small school, the teachers and students have more of an opportunity to get to know each, and therefore great resources for class. Now small community also means everyone knows everyone which is good and bad. Also they change things, that possibly don't need changed. Granted it's only happened with a few things: book pricing (no more book store), took away the film and broadcasting communications focus, and Education now has to be a major not minor. Those are the only I can think of though; but overall great university, wonderful people, and sits on a big Nature Preserve (aka beautiful).
Concordia University is an amazing college. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the professors are all very helpful and will take the time to help you succeed. The classes are small, which allows students to get to know their professors and classmates, and the dorms, while not luxury suites, are all more than serviceable.
Don’t listen to the advisors. They consistently put me in incorrect classes for my major requirements, and told me a graduation date a whole year sooner than was reality when I first transferred.
Seems like a lot of money goes in to the sports teams... meanwhile, they’re cutting the jobs of really great professors, and then keeping around old ineffective ones (I.e. Meunch). They have a reported graduation rate of 35%, “retention” of 63%, and a transfer rate of 44%. Seems sketch, as I only know a couple people in my major that have been here with me all 2.5 years.
Need more info? Go check them out on, or check out how their current numbers match up with the goals the president made when he first came in.
The campus is quite beautiful though, the people are at least fake nice if not genuine. Safety is actually really really great, and the local area has everything you’d need.
End of the day, not worth the bill or the headache unless you already live locally.
This school is amazing! I am a mother of two and recently decided to go back to school to pursue nursing. They accepted all my previous school credits! I was lacking a few classes and they offer them all online so that I am able to stay at home with my baby while still completeing the necessary requirements! I can’t wait to start the ABSN program this fall! The school is on the expensive, but I have no doubt that it will be worth it!!
Concordia has a beautiful campus that is very safe & has a nice family feel. The campus is on a wildlife preserve so it has a feel as though you were in the woods. Class sizes are small which makes it very easy to get to know your classmates and professors & the professors are always very understanding.
Veteran/Xfer: The place is cloistered and isolated and the atmosphere reflects that. I can't view it as a christian school because I see few christian values or social activity taking place. Most of the students hide in little cliques and don't talk to anyone else. In class, there is little to no participation and most of the students act like they do not want to be there. I didn't realize this but I'm allergic to cedar and the campus is a nature reserve for cedar trees so between jan-mar, expect to be bedridden even with meds on a regular basis and all that entails academically. As far as being older and a transfer, There is no community for me, and when I reach out to try and engage, I don't get anything back. I'm at a loss and ready to transfer somewhere else. They got rid of the Smoking pavilion, a typical place for veteran's and transfers to hang out and decompress, now we all go back to our homes in between classes.
Concordia has small class sizes and teachers who are dedicated to Concordia's mission, Developing Christian Leaders.
For the majority of my undergrad I have enjoyed Concordia. The education department and the professors have always been incredibly helpful and understanding. It's an open place to share and be encouraged in your faith. It's a quiet campus and the classes are small, which works well for me. I was really able to focus on academics. The student involvement and campus activities are small and limited which is kind of a bummer. It's a beautiful campus on a nature preserve. You can tell that the school is working on making it a more student friendly campus, but there still needs to be a lot of work done.
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The academic advisors sometimes do not know what they are talking about and at times, are not too helpful. Also, have yet to receive scholarships or grants from the institution themselves and they do not seem too concerned with helping me find financial aid to pay for school. However, their nursing program is excellent.
Concordia University - Texas is a beautiful place to attain a degree. The facilities are well-maintained and clean. The campus is on a large amount of gorgeous, preserved land that features some hiking trails and awesome views. The faculty is kind and encouraging. The atmosphere is positive and welcoming.
while visiting Concordia University Texas I was greeted immediately and met some very nice people on campus. The campus is beautiful and the dorms are spacious.
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