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Concordia University - St. Paul Reviews

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My experience with Concordia, Saint Paul has been great. I chose this school because they offer online programs that I was able fit into my work schedule. The teachers have all been great and are very responsive.
amazing experience has really helped shape me as a person i am ecstatic to be continuing my education here
I like how all the classes are small it's great for those who need to be an in smaller classroom. Professors and staff are friendly and always ready to help.
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As a student athlete at Concordia University St. Paul, overall I have had a great experience studying exercise science and working with professors in the department. As an ambitious student they allowed me one on one time with the professors to learn and expand my knowledge which also includes using the new technology that the department had acquired.
I just recently visited this college as an accepted student and this was the best college I've visited so far. The campus was absolutely beautiful and the whole process was easy and efficient.
Concordia so far has been a positive experience for me. I have met some life long friends and also have received an awesome education. I have found that over the years, the small campus has really given me the opportunity to grow positive and personal relationships with my professors overtime. I would have to say that the dining situation at this institution could use some improvement due to the fact that there is not a large variety and on the weekends there is slim to no choices. The options are also not the healthiest and can make it hard for individuals with intolerances to certain foods.
They make the onboarding process smooth and painless. As a single parent with a full time job, they kept in touch with me and walked me through every step of the way with patients and willingness to answer my questions and get me ready for classes.
So far it has been great. Being able to immerse myself within the campus community and really start to understand what I want to do professionally has been made aware here at CSP
The teachers are very helpful and want you to succeed. My room mates were matched with my interests and we get along real good. I guess the only thing I would change is the cost of include price of books in the tuition. Paying a hundred dollars for one book is ridiculous. Maybe if they bought back books for someone else to use and refund at least half of cost would help.
I am current student at Concordia and I am really happy I chose to go here! I work full-time and am always traveling so I did not think I would be able to get my bachelor's degree. Luckily, I found Concordia! I love their adult online program and I have been doing the best I have ever done in school. My credits from my other colleges were able to transfer over so I only have two years before I graduate. Overall, I have had a great experience at Concordia!
They offered an accelerated program at my junior college that I enrolled in which helps with the financial struggles of getting a higher education. Instructors have been really knowledgeable about course material, and had well developed lesson plans for class.
I love that there are professors and supporting staff that have immense knowledge for their field of work that they share with the students.
My experience at Concordia University-St Paul was absolutely rewarding. I learned a lot of information that I will carry into my career. Unfortunately, I did not have enough funds to pay my balance, cover my last class and internship. Therefore I cannot finish my degree plan. If I am picked for this scholarship it will change my life. Concordia has opened my eyes to so much and the professors are phenomenal.
I have recently committed to Concordia to play softball for the graduating class of 2023. I am excited for the opportunity to major in nursing as a student at Concordia and am in love with the school. After touring about 2 months ago I loves the school as well as the coach and am looking forward to moving in next year for the 2019 fall semester!
The online school is perfect and very well organized..It works well with my schedule along with my life.Taking one class every 7 weeks have been soothing to my mind
Fast replies when I had questions on my application. Very helpful admissions team. Perfect spot if you want a small college in a big city.
I love the area that CSP is in. There's so much to do around campus. The class sizes are really good sizes and there are many different classes to choose from. Many helpful student resources here such as the tutoring center. The diversity in students is good, but not a lot of diversity in the professors at CSP. The food is pretty good and the meal plans are reasonable. Also there are many fun clubs to be involved in here at Concordia!
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So far I love it, the process was smooth. I transferred there and I was literally walked through eery step. Financial aid and class selection! Im excited for whats to come. The staff is welcoming and on top of their stuff!
This school has a great on-line program for graduate students. You can get your masters degree in 2 1/2 years taking classes at night and never have to go to campus. Their web technology is very reliable and I have never had an issue with connectivity. The graduate professors and professionals in their field with unique experiences and knowledge to share.
I transferred from another private school in Minnesota and it was the best decision I have ever made. Concordia University, St. Paul is one of the most welcoming schools I have ever seen. All of the professors are extremely nice and are more than just a professor, they are a friend. Everyone is so caring and all individuals on campus matter.
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