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The campus is nice and you meet a lot of people. It is close to downtown as well as places to eat and shop
I am currently a sophomore at Concordia University. I was enjoyed my experience so far at this school. I am on a sports team here so I am constantly busy. I feel that if i were not on a sports team here, I would be going to school elsewhere. It is a small campus, probably similar to your high school size campus. It is very boring if you don't live near and cant go home. Professors are great, they are all very passionate and really want their students to succeed. Due to the small class sizes, you develop relationships with your professors and they are there if you have any questions.
Concordia hands out schollies like candy and their diplomas aren't that impressive in the job market. My classes have yet to challenge me and I'm going to need to transfer. The student body is a weird group of people and the neighborhood is sketch.
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It is very welcoming and small. If you want to have classes with ~12 people and an amazing professor this is for you.
kind welcoming faculty and students and many community areas that are just amazing. Their sports teams bring you closer as a family and the big Halloween trick or treat the dorms is wonderful and inviting o the community as well. they have hosted it every year.
Excellent experience. Professors are extremely dedicated and always available to help. Having obtained my undergraduate degree 13 years prior I was able to jump right in due to the user friendly format of the online curriculum.
Concordia has a great community environment and a nice education. There main offices do seem to have some communication issues. Financial aid has been known to add extra fees to your bill and not apply your scholarships to your account.
Beautfiful campus and professors who challenge students to step outside of comfort zone and explore innovative ideas for problem solving. My professors have pushed me to grow personally and professional and have played a vital role in my learning experience and encouraged me to use my knowledge to impact how social services and healthcare are delivered to people experiencing chronic homelessness in my community. The class sizes are small, allowing for students to receive alot of one on once attention and maximize their learning experience. One aspect that makes this campus so appealing is how the Dean of Students and other staff members take time to engage with students to be sure they are accomplishing their full potential. On several occassions I have had a professor encourage me to pursue research and professional opportunities that I am interested in that will improve community outreach outcomes.
All the education professors are helpful, welcoming, and thoughtful of their students. Also, Concordia's education program has students getting hands-on experience as soon as they enter the program; I think this is great because it gives students a sense of what their future will be like.
I absolutely love Concordia University. It has given me the perfect experience to help me further my career. My favorite part of my path towards my bachelors, is that they have a internship program that gives you on the job experience towards the field you will be looking into. The professors are very helpful and make it a priority to know your name and continue growing with you.
Great school for getting your masters in Education. When I got finished I had a job as a teacher. The professors and staff give you all the tools to succeed
The athletic teams are awesome. Everyone knows everyone here. We are like a family and it makes going to school everyday enjoyable.
Concordia is a small diverse University that allows students and staff to get easily acquainted and staff is supportive and available outside of class. The Cafeteria has a wide variety of good food selections although the prices feel like restaurant prices. The campus and dorms are well laid out and kept really clean- security is awesome. I love Concordia U.
Tuition is really expensive for what it's not worth--even the food is pricey.
The professors are great but they have high expectations.
Not a fan of the facilities--seems like they're in it for money not the students.
The professors are so supportive. Everyone truly wants you to succeed. The staff makes themselves available through email at all times. Most reply within 12-24 hours which is fantastic. I've really enjoyed my first semester here.
I am enjoying my courses that I am studying at CUP. The staff is very supportive and tentative to my needs and success. Every professor that I have had is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to supporting me in achieving my degree. I would recommend CUP to anyone.
I have been at this school for a little under 3 months and it is unlike anything I expected. As a mixed race student I do not feel like I have a place where I belong because I am not an athlete. The academics here are good and the professors really do care if you're doing well but at this institution you can only be a full time faculty if you are Lutheran so the faculty does not accurately represent the students they are teaching. However, overall this university is well rounded.
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I enjoy the small class sizes and how available the professors make themselves to the students. The campus works towards a community kind of feeling for all, and while it is not quite there yet in my opinion, it is getting there. Upperclassman are friendly and willing to help underclassman.
Choosing Concordia for my doctoral program was the absolute best choice I have ever made. I love the school, they take care of the students, both online and on campus and the people are amazing.
The security on campus is great. We have campus police who are constantly roaming around looking out for anything. I feel safe when I'm on campus and that is very valuable.
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