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Administration is very helpful throughout the admissions process. Great resources for learning and a lot of extra help from staff.
I have loved this school for it's inclusiveness and kindness. The professors have been so lovely and my admissions specialist was fantastic. The pace is quick, which I appreciate and I fully expect to get a great job right after becoming a Registered Nurse.
Concordia is an odd mix of students. There's some super judgey religious types, jocks who only chose Concordia because they wanted to keep their sport going, and kids who wanted to go to school 15 minutes away from mom. I'm older than the average student working on my degree after being in the work field awhile. There's no school spirit, or rah-rah football games and all that. If you want to avoid the quintessential college exerince this is your place.
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I have taken classes on campus and online with Concordia and I love it! The instructors are very kind and knowledgeable. You get responses very quickly, from everyone!
I enjoyed the dynamics. Concordia allowed me to be my own person and not feel as if I needed to change. I would encourage others to attend Concordia for a top notch education.
Not very culturally aware or sensitive, lacks diversity and tolerance. financial aid and student accounts office lacks ability to help students and makes frequent mistakes
No cohesiveness in the student body. There's nursing students and the sports scholarship students. Any student on a team literally doesn't socialize outside the team and the nursing program is consuming. There are no campus events to bring us together and no community feeling. We are essentially missing out in the college experience. Also Portland is gross and unsafe.
I like the accelerated online classes, but would suggest the instructors to be more helpful by providing PowerPoint slides or lecture notes.
Very good school everyone on campus are extremely friendly and the dorms are well kept. Food is very limited and not always good.
I recently earned my Masters from this school and I am a student that has a disability. The support is amazing. Everyone at this school wants to see you succeed from the professors to administration. They truly care. I forgot to order my cap and gown. I didn’t realize it until 2 days before graduation. I called the Registrar’s office and within 12 hours I received an e-mail that my cap and gown was ready. I highly recommend this school.
While attending Concordia University I have heavily enjoyed the smaller class sizes and one on one help from professors. The school is a perfect match for anyone looking for a great education without the struggle of large classes. I personally wouldn't change a thing about Concordia University.
Starting in my first year at Concordia, I decided to take the history degree. I took many classes, ranging from Modern Germany studies, to Holocaust History, to the history of India as well as the media and cuture in America Studies. For the past 3 years, Ive served on the student government, as a member of the student senate, serving the students in clubs, culture and Community. Ive served as a Student Liason assisting the campus safety office. Overall, I like the experience at Concordia, and despite a few misahaps, my experience has been overall positive.
Nursing program has many wonderful instructors for labs, clinical, and online classes. Advising staff checks in with new students and provides resource options such as tutoring as needed.
Concordia is a pretty small school and not a lot goes on here. They do have events you are able to go to every weekend, but if you are looking for a party school, this isn't it. The staff and professors are really nice and since your classes aren't so big, attendance is a part of your grade. A lot of people who go here are either an athlete, in the nursing program or the education program. The campus is really nice but can get boring after a while. There is no football team which kind of sucks, but there are other sports to go cheer on. I would like to see more student involvement and activities where more students participate in.
Concordia has very knowledgeable, personable professors, and a tight-knit community feel to campus. However, the food is extremely poor, residence halls are never clean, and they require you to attend countless mandatory functions that serve only to take away time from your studies. Additionally, class supervision (from a safety prospective) is not what it should be.
Concordia University is by far the greatest college out there. There are so many amazing things for students, staff, and parents to see and witness. From the great dinning commons to the beautiful landscape, there is never not a place for someone to study, meet new people, or simply explore! Attending this university will not only bring the best out of your student academically, but spiritually as well. With classes that have faculty ready to serve in their subject as well as serving others for the Kingdom of God, there is never a moment a student will feel lonely. This University is truly one of the best.
Concordia is a great school! Small class sizes really allow you to be able to learn the information and actually understand what’s going on.
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I completed my master's from Concordia and I'm now a doctoral candidate there. The professors and staff during the master's program were GREAT The doctorate program, however, has not been as supportive.
Concordia University - Oregon is a wise choice for higher education. The professors are knowledgeable, caring, and want you to succeed. Concordia prides itself on rigorous, engaging, and inspiring educational learning opportunities. Concordia has made me feel like a part of a learning community who supports one another towards meeting goals, and impacting the community in a positive way. The university implements diverse teaching methods that are geared towards deep knowledge with intention and purpose.
Concordia University has many amazing opportunities for everyone to get involved.
Concordia has the most welcoming atmosphere; as a private Christian college I was surprised they were so open to supporting all religions.
Enrollment specialists are very proactive in keeping prospective students on track for their start date. The new ASBN Nursing program is very desirable for students, offering an online option.
The instructors communicate with you on what is expected on the assignments. Weekly reminder if any questions or concerns to always contact them.
Concordia University is a beautiful campus nestled into a quiet neighborhood in NE Portland, blink and you might miss its beauty as you pass by. It's a place where you're not just another student passing through a program of study, but rather an integral part of the University and what makes it special. It’s a place where you feel as welcome from day one as you do on your last day.
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