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Concordia is a much better place for grad students than undergrads. The graduate programs are stronger and the campus really isn't very appealing to young, active students.
I've learned that I don't appreciate the small class environment. At a small college you end up with the same few students that like to dominate discussions. It's way to easy to get off track and then you find yourself reading the materials on your own to catch up.
Enrollment is down that's why you see the barrage of ads online and on television. I think Concordia is generally viewed as a continuation of community college at a higher cost. Most students are here to continue their high school sport.
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I am taking part in the MAT graduate program and am in my first semester there. The teachers and support staff were very helpful walking me through the admission process. The campus is easy to maneuver and has a school attached to the campus. This is perfect for getting my Masters in Teaching.
Concordia University is a beautiful campus nestled into a quiet neighborhood in NE Portland, blink and you might miss its beauty as you pass by. Due to the smaller study population, Concordia offers a more personal feel than the traditional state school. It's a place where you're not just another student passing through a program of study, but rather an integral part of the University and what makes it special. It’s a place where you feel as welcome from day one as you do on your last day. After attending three different colleges ranging from small community college to rural and urban state universities, Concordia is a place where you truly feel like you belong.
I have absolutely loved Concordia university so far. I already have a degree and am looking to go back to school to get my BSN and the school (specifically, the advisors) have been an integral part of my success navigating the application process. They have walked me through each part which can be tricky because there are a lot of things to go over with as far as transferring transcripts, meeting prerequisite requirements and getting everything in on time. I love the school and the supportive network it provides to help student me succeed.
Concordia will tell you to come here because professors will know your name. But I'm not here to be coddled or be praised. I'm here to grow and be challenged. The courses are not any harder than high school so it's been nothing but frustration. You get a tidbit of information which is then discussed 10 different ways by the same few people.
Student life is extremely limited at Concordia University. Campus is small and the student body is small so just be default, there is little to choose from. No Greek life. Athletes socialize with their teams. Most of my hall went home on weekends.
I am currently enrolled in the doctorate program. I recieved my master's in Curriculum and Instruction with a dual minor in ECE and Leadership. My programs have all been distance education. I have worked with ao.e amazing peers and instructors.

I am always singing the praises of the Concordia, the programs, support and the knowledge that I have gained thus far. Although I have not attended the lasses on campus I beleive they would give the same outstanding knowledge and support.
There are no research opportunities at Concordia. You will know this going in but may not fully understand the impact. Internship networking is pretty limited too. If we are all here for the diploma to get the job these are serious drawbacks. You will be competing in the job market with others who've had experience in one or both areas.
Concordia is VERY small. This works for some students but for others it can be a nightmare. I went to a very small high school so I thought it would be less of an adjustment. The problem is the small scope of my major leaves little room to fully develop.
If you are an incoming freshman don't stress. The lower level classes are very easy if you go to class, sometimes even if you don't. The discussions can be tedious as being a small school there are those students that you can't escape from. But you'll have plenty of time for a social life or to go home on weekends.
Concordia University Portland is a wonderful school. The faculty, staff, and community is one of genuine consideration and compassion. The professors work with you, get to know you, and open their homes and offices to their students for their students. The staff get to know the students and encourage them as much as they can.
The class sizes are small and the professors use a mix of teaching methods to ensure their students are successful. There are ADA accommodations for students, allowing students with all kinds of disabilities to succeed.
I wasted my time flying up to PDX with my family to tour the school and talk with the coaches. The athletic facilities were embarrassing, they are nicer at my high school. The campus was claustrophobic and the only nice building is the same one you see in all the photos. The number of majors is really limited too. I just don't see how this university can compete on any level.
I would like to know the plans that Concordia University has to address the 42% graduation rate. The selling point of a small college is one-on-one assistance and individual education. I have not experienced any of that yet.
Concordia is located in an industrial section of Portland. It's actually a trek to get to anything you would want to do for fun. It feels like a dingy suburb but without the benefits of a safer environment. Academics are okay, not challenging, and not a lot of choices.
I like the smallness of the campus and the tight knit community of all the students. The professors are dedicated to your learning and actually care which makes it a lot easier to pursue the degree you are trying to get.
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I loved the community feel, they keep you busy with lots of activities. Classes are small, and professors really get to know you. The food is expensive and does not taste the amount it is worth, however I love the Cremosas.
I'm embarrassed to say I'm associated with this university. Academics have never been strong but now there's new problems arising. Campus security is a joke and City of Portland is not the least bit helpful. There's a lot of crazies and trash. Concordia is no longer safe in its bubble.
I like the community Concordia University brings with the feeling of welcome and gratitude. Even though I am a person of color, I feel like I do fit in and feel right about being here. Everyone smiles, opens the door for you, and say thanks and you are welcome when necessary. The amount of support students get towards their education is big and very helpful. They have various resources available for all students to achieve success.
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