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Concordia University Nebraska is such a good school. Their academics are amazing and they have so many different activities to be a part of. Although it is in a town that doesn't have much, you really don't even notice because of how busy the campus always is. You get to make so many friends because everyone is so close knit. The professors are amazing at what they do, and each and every one of them cares about you individually. The faith aspect of the school is strong. The people are amazing. The campus is small enough that you don't have to walk a long ways to your buildings, and they just put in new sidewalks to make the walk even shorter. They care about your future an are invested on getting you into the real world fully prepared.
It is very family oriented and religious. They carry on the values which I was raised and are deeply important to me and my spiritual growth. They also have an excellent academic program. I want to get into coaching/teaching and I feel that this school has the perfect curriculum for that.
It is the best college in the world. NO CAP! You will not regret going to this university. The academics are outstanding and the campus is beautiful. Also, the students are very kind, helpful, and diverse.
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I really like the size of the school and the class size. It's a small school with a BIG campus atmosphere!
Concordia a very family like atmosphere, with a lot of community involvement. They take the time to make sure you receive a friendly welcome; surprising you by saying hello to one another, bringing you in, and you're always guaranteed a 'Bless you' when you sneeze. Everyone is willing to help no matter what, and no one sits alone.
What I like about Concordia is the community that surrounds the school in Seward, Nebraska. All of the employees at the shops around town are so welcoming, creating a very homey environment for those students who are looking at studying out of state. In addition, the faculty at Concordia Nebraska are all so amazing and personable, each student will feel loved and appreciated in the classroom, no matter the subject or the academic performance of the student.
Friendly students and professors have your back just need recognize when to ask for help. Food is pretty good but no much variety until spring when more potential students are visiting the campus.
I love Concordia. I value a Lutheran perspective as well as a first class education. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
My name is D’angelo Espinal I’m from Miami, Florida . I took a visit to Concordia University Of Nebraska last week it was a great experience because the atmosphere was different. The campus was big for a school that it’s in a small town. The dorms are nice in my opinion you can’t be home sick . Also the professor and the people are willing to help you out of school as well. They would do anything to help you graduate in 4 years
I am about to visit Concordia University, Nebraska in about two weeks because of athletics. I talked to the coach over the phone and he was genuinely very nice and I learned a lot of information on the school. I am personally wanting to major in chemistry to eventually get my master's and go in to the field of forensic science. I learned that the Chemistry professor is/was (I'm not sure) in the FBI which would help me personally be able to get my bachelor's in chemistry but also learn specifically about forensic science to be more successful. One thing I love about the school generally is that there are small class sizes. Small class sizes make for an easier environment to get extra personal help from teachers during class time. Huge classes are more for people who can do everything mostly individually because it would be harder to get one on one help from the teacher.
My parents both attended Concordia and the staff is very welcoming, they continue to help me with my college decision. The campus is one of my favorites that I have visited so far. My admissions counselor has been very helpful and has provided me with plenty of scholarship opportunities, even if I don't end up at Concordia.
Most professors are great at taking time to sit down and talk with you about future plans, answering questions from class, and are genuinely interested in your life outside class. The campus has a great sense of community and is a beautiful place to live. It would be better however if the city of Seward had more activities.
The staff are dedicated to the learning of the students. However this school does not allow students to make mistakes and learn from them like many students do at college. They set curfew for the students and punish them as if they are the parents of all of the students. It is probably done for the benefit of the student however, in order to grow and mature the students need to be able to learn from their mistakes
All around the college is very great. The professors are open to questions or concerns and with the smaller class sizes it makes it easier to connect with them. The food, housing and campus is very upscale and has a very positive feeling. While keeping it upscale and modern, the university keeps some of its very original buildings to accent the modern interior. It is obvious that the college and faculty care about the students and are committed to helping them learn.
I loved Concordia University in Nebraska. Very nice people and a very clean state and area around the college. I liked that the area the university is in is one of the top safest towns in Nebraska. I don't think anything needs to change
I love the community atmosphere that this school provides. However, I would like to see more on campus activities for students to participate in.
Concordia has an absolutely amazing atmosphere with teachers and staff that truly care. I am able to get a great education while surrounding myself with kind, caring, driven students. Concordia is a home away from home!
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I play football there and the team is great, campus is okay, and everyone there is friendly. What really made my first semester there good were my friends, they helped me get through a lot. Being it was only about 15 black people there we stuck together but they made it fun for me. one of the best experiences of my life. college will bring out the best and the worst of you.
I am a sophomore at Concordia, and my freshman year was amazing. Concordia has a strong Christ-centered community, and Professors who get to know you on a personal level. The campus has all the resources you need, and people who care about your success as much as you do.
It has a great sense of community and wonderful people. The professors really make sure you are not just a number. There are a bunch of different activities to participate in or even watch.
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