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Concordia University - Montreal Reviews

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Communication with the university was a little bit of a struggle in the beginning when I was trying to figure out my situation of being far away and needing to talk with an advisor, and getting all of my papers cleared while not being in the province or country. The staff, when you finally get to talk with them, are very helpful and know who you need to be in contact with to get the information you need. The student life is great, as there is something for everyone. There is a shuttle bus between two campuses which can be slightly annoying when all of your classes are on the opposite campus you are resident too. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and there are so many squirrels!Would recommend attending!
It depends so much on the area of study. Some people can get strait As barely studying and some people can barely get Bs when studying like crazy. Sciences are the hardest. The business program is amazing.
Canada is a very safe place. The only significant dangers involve drinking. You can walk home from a club black out drunk at 3 in the morning and probably nothing will happen to you.
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For a student planning to go to medical school, the resources are very slim and I have no idea if I'm on the right track for applying to medical school.
Most people just go to class and go home. There isn't a lot of school pride. I have had some really good professors and some really bad ones. Resources for students are slim. The social life is amazing. There are a ton of clubs and bars near school.
The grey nuns residence is really nice but the food is terrible.
No one really goes to the games. A few people go to the football games but its usually too cold.
A student's experience at Concordia REALLY depends on the program. I am doing a specialization in biochemistry. Some teachers are super approachable and care about their students. Many are less willing to meet with and help students. Tests are VERY hard.
My program has great professors!
Campus life is very interesting.Eventhough sometime rough we learn more.The social temperature is always cool when you are not a difficult person.In the dorm,it is another thing,we must basically found ourselves in situation of mockery or is always in between the two.The housing process is always an embarassement ,it is not esay at all.On my side,i have no difficulty in creating friendship,i am sociable and have alot to share,so it is a an attraction for me.
Concordia is in the middle of everything bad so, the safety is really not at its best
i guess, like i said earlier i live at my parents house
Hey its montreal, we have the biggest Gay and lesbian neighborhood, Chine town, Little Italy, the diversity is crazy everywhere and concordia do not escape it.
Montreal is one of the cities that have the most Festival and parties in the America

There is always tones of events everywhere and they are really accessible
i guess... Canadien school are really low in cost so.... we dont really need scholarships
I love Montreal, Greatest place in the world, perfect for family life, saddly really hard for artist to make it
I'm not personnaly int it but i have friends who like it
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You are near Every type of cuisine you want, and COFFEE, so thet best
In art, everything is different, and Concodria understand our needs, We ahve great studios with great open hour
It's great!

Really nice being near the Guy concordia Metro and near the Musée des Beaux arts

Great little places to eat around to.
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