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Montreal, QC, Canada

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Communication with the university was a little bit of a struggle in the beginning when I was trying to figure out my situation of being far away and needing to talk with an advisor, and getting all of my papers cleared while not being in the province or country. The staff, when you finally get to talk with them, are very helpful and know who you need to be in contact with to get the information you need. The student life is great, as there is something for everyone. There is a shuttle bus between two campuses which can be slightly annoying when all of your classes are on the opposite campus you are resident too. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and there are so many squirrels!Would recommend attending!
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Concordia University is a melting pot of different cultures, races, viewpoints, and nationalities. The school represents over 140 different countries and I think the International Students Office does an incredible job at handling all of them.

Health care covered by the school is excellent - of course Canadian healthcare in general is excellent.

The Concordia Student Union hosts a lot of events and they're actually FUN and not lame like you would assume most school hosted events are. They've hosted concerts, BBQs, pub crawls, international exchange student parties at nightclubs, etc. Its absolutely amazing.

I'm in the psychology program which is the biggest in the school. Even though there are big classes, the professors have a way of handling all of us and just personable and easy to talk to and charismatic. There are usually notes online or available at the bookstore to look at if you want extra help. While I'm not in the John Molson school of business I have heard nothing but brilliant things about it. The building itself is so modern and gorgeous there are rooms with walls of glass!

There are two campuses: Loyola Campus which is about 6 miles away from downtown and then there's the Downtown Campus which has some of the best study facilities and buildings I've ever seen. The Loyola campus looks like Hogwarts. There is a lot of green on that campus and plenty of benches to study at or just chill.

The gyms are extremely state of the art and hygienic. For about 70$ you get unlimited access to a gym on one campus (there are two gyms- one per campus) for an entire semester which is a great deal compared to what kind of membership fees you'd have to pay if you signed up at a gym elsewhere.

Nightlife is fantastic. It's a city where the drinking age is 18+ and there are plenty of clubs, bars, pubs, and places to go that will fit everyone's personality.
Campus life is very interesting.Eventhough sometime rough we learn more.The social temperature is always cool when you are not a difficult person.In the dorm,it is another thing,we must basically found ourselves in situation of mockery or is always in between the two.The housing process is always an embarassement ,it is not esay at all.On my side,i have no difficulty in creating friendship,i am sociable and have alot to share,so it is a an attraction for me.