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Concordia is small enough that it allows you get really involved and get to know the staff. I also love all the professors at Concordia University. I feel like they are always willing to help in whatever way possible.
Great programs to choose from and convenient scheduling for graduate students or students trying to work while continuing their education. The enrollment process was very easy and the staff members were very easy to work with and full of helpful information.
Concordia is a very fun, friendly campus. The athletes and other students are really welcoming to new transfers like myself. The campus is a small campus. It is easier to relate to your professors and build a one on one relationship with the students. The thing I don't like about is that it is too close to other colleges so it could get crowded on the weekends too
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Concordia is okay, I have taken their online BA program and their online MBA program. However I feel that we do a lot of busy work in both programs. ProfessorS are invested in you as a student, they do care maybe too much. For example I missed in assignment, just one and I got an email right away from the teacher. I think she was expecting me to beg her for points and when I didn't she offered me partial credit if I did it late. Also there is an educational advisor you emails and calls non stop to "check in" I know that it's his job but it gets annoying. I am an adult and do not need teachers and advisors checking in because I know what I'm doing. To each their own some people need that hovering but in my opinion if you are in a masters program then you shouldnt babysat. The courses are easy I have had a 3.7 the whole time just a lot of busy work.
Coming out of high school, I had a rocky road with my health. I was intended to continue education at another college but, due to my health, I had to leave. I was in dire need to learn so, I started nursing at Rasmussen College. As I am learning to take care of myself as I grow older, I am taking an interest into Concordia by transferring.
i love concordia because it is a small school where i have excelled at. i have small classes which helps me learn better. it's also easy to make friends here
Very good for athletics and academics. A lot of outgoing people and staff. Everyone is friendly and willing to help as well as everything being easily accessible. Great school, nice and small but in the middle of a big city so you get the best of both worlds.
Concordia is a really fantastic place to be if you're looking to focus on your degree, and receive a quality education. Class sizes are crazy small which is incredibly beneficial for discussions, and it makes lecture much more interactive, which you don't get at every school. If you're looking to party or get that cliche "college experience", I wouldn't completely recommend Concordia, considering that it isn't much of a student life environment.
I enjoyed all my years getting connected to students and professors. I was confident in the work I was doing in my classes, and knew that I was getting prepared to enter the real world when I graduated.
I attended Concordia University for one year. I enjoyed the people at the school and the sense of community that I felt. However, the school is very small. It has a great location right in the city. The student to teacher ratio is very good and there are no TAs so the professors are the ones that teach you and grade you directly.
Campus feels like home and you always recognize somebody due to the small class sizes. You get connected with your professors who know you on a first name basis, and you aren't just a number in the classroom.
my experience at concordia has been great so far as a freshman their has been so many people who are willing to help you succeed in school. you have to be willing to want to accept this help because with these people by your side anything is possible.
Honestly this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had, academic wise, people wise, food wise, the whole ordeal was just awful. I am not coming back.
I enjoy the online classes and the weekly interaction. You have to be motivated on your own and not depend on sitting in a class to learn.
I love Concordia University because it really helps students succeed by providing great resource for homework, tutors, and helpful sessions to overview what difficulties are there to overcome.
Safety and Security is a top priority
Staff and Professors are awesome and are willing to help
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Athletics are great, but for me I am more focused on my studies
The staff member's and professors are very friendly and they are interested in helping you to succeed and graduate. That is the type of school i want to be a part of, verses just thinking I am a dollar sign.
Concordia has great professors and a lot of majors
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