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Concordia University - Ann Arbor Reviews

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So many clubs and extracurricular opportunities. The professors are very knowledgeable and friendly as well. The campus is beautiful and everything is easy to find.
The people here are so nice and everyone truly cares. They all want to see you succeed and help accomplish that in any way possible.
Awesome family feeling. Very welcomed. Everything was explained well from financial, living arrangements, educational expectations, athletic expectations. Given several opportunities to connect and safety nets for students.
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I am so excited to be attending Concordia University. It is an amazing campus that provides its students with all sorts of opportunities and experiences.
While I think academics are on par with most other universities, there is considerable room for improvement. However, this isn't necessarily a hindrance to students because staff is so willing to drop what they're doing to help and encourage students.
This school is nothing but amazing. I transferred here from a large university, and CUAA is honestly the best school I could have transferred to. Everyone is so friendly and the academics are amazing. I would recommend this university to everyone, especially if you are seeking a school where people care.
Concordia is a great small university located on the Huron River in Ann Arbor. With it being a small university, you are truly an individual. As you walk around campus, people say hello to you and your professors really get to know you since class sizes are normally around 15. I feel truly at home at Concordia and am so happy I chose to go to college here.
I liked the personal relationships made with professors and instructors at the school. Being a smaller school allowed for personal relationships to be made within cohorts.
I love the school and its atmosphere. Most everyone is very friendly and open and the campus is beautiful. I spend all of my time on the north campus for nursing, but I think most everything as is , is amazing.
The professors are great and the sports are expanding and getting better every year. The staff truly cares for the students. The food and parking could see better days but overall I’m very happy with my choice in school. I don’t regret coming here in any way.
I like the family feeling I get from everyone on campus and it is a Christian school, it has strengthened my relations with my religion. I was a transfer from the University of Toledo and it was a big change for me because I was used to a bigger school and being around a lot more people and coming to Concordia where there isn't even half the number of people on campus as it is in Toledo, it was kinda different for me. I had to get used to it being so quiet around. The good thing about it was that everybody knows everyone so its really just a big family there.
I love Concordia! All the professors I've had have been wonderful and very helpful. Staff and student are great too. Highly recommend going here.
I very much enjoy the small community feel that the campus has. The one to one teacher student connection and attention is reassuring especially for freshman who are new to the college life . The religious and positive atmosphere the campus has. Teachers that give students extra time for learning and really make us feel that they want us to succeed. They all make us feel special and important. The overall campus has a calm peaceful centered environment that helps me to embrace it all and to become the best I can be. I am completely satisfied with my college of choice and would suggest this positive learning environment to anyone who is serious about wanting a great learning experience. Madison Andreone
I personally have had such a great experience at this university. The professors are so personal and are so willing to help you out. They really do want what is best for you, and care about your future.
I love the general atmosphere around the campus. You always feel safe here, you see campus safety officers all over campus. All of the professors are very approachable and seem to genuinely care about you and helping you succeed in their classes.
I love the small campus feel, professors always have their doors open and are willing to help in their free time. Concordia provides great resources in the library and in the Arc. I would recommend Concorida to any student, they have over 43 programs and 22 NAIA sports.
It's a beautiful and fun college, but being a private school and a small classroom environment, it's very expensive.
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My experience at Concordia was amazing. The professors were clear, understandable, approachable, and friendly. If you had a clarification question regarding an assignment they would quickly answer you. Most of the homework was not too difficult to accomplish.
Concordia offers students many opportunities to grow in their faith, learn about subjects of interest to them, and become a part of close-knit community. I would like to see more comprehensive programs that address professional readiness in areas separate from ministry and teaching.
This is a excellent university. The staff is very friendly. The professors know their students by name. You are not just a number at this University. There is a lot of tutoring help for those who require or need it. The campus is beautiful. The athletic programs are phenomenal.
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