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Small classes, great and personable professors, friendly food service workers, and a valuable, Christ centered education!
I came from small Christian schools so for me this is perfect. On a bluff overlooking the water with underground tunnels so you never have to go outside in the cold or rain. The teachers are very helpful if needed. Many activities to join and get involved with if that is something for you. Overall a very inviting and friendly campus.
I am currently a college freshman at Concordia and I love the school, particularly the underground tunnels. My second semester is going even better than my first and I hope to keep up the positive expirience.
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Concordia University in Wisconsin is a great place to further your education to ensure a greater future. From the kind students to the nice environment, and brilliant teachers I say it the best place to learn.
Concordia University is a great campus with beautiful scenery, active campus life, has an abundance of academics and athletics, and small class sizes.
very closed minded students and staff. Not the place for you if you are gay,a person of color, liberal,jewish, a female who believes in basic human rights, any religion besides lutheran. It could be the place for you if you love spending too much on tution, not having good internet, poor student life, awful food. Worst place I have ever attended.
Many of my professors are too smart to be teaching and kind of just do their own thing, but I haven't had to deal with a TA teaching a class yet and I still feel I learn quite a lot!
Every prospective employer in my field that I have talked to say that they would take a Concordia student over others very quickly. I think that speaks for itself!
  • 6 months ago
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Never once have I worried about my safety. We are in a very good area of Mequon, staff members are vigilant about informing us of concerns, and the crime rate is very low. If there ever were a problem, there are plenty of services in place.
Dorms here are most definitely high quality compared to other campuses with a similar price range. The best options here are most definitely Chemnitz and Coburg because of their suite style living and air conditioning, but the other dorms are not all that terrible. Katherine is also one of the better dorms here because of the open layout of the rooms. Applications for housing and listing your suggestions is also very easy! The amenities are really great for such a small school with good dining options (more on weekdays when everyone is here) and a wide variety of activities like sand volleyball courts, video games, and pool. Cost is definitely one of the negative aspects of CUW, but it is very easy to get a lot of financial aid from them just for having good grades and a good communication with an admissions counselor that can help you find all of the aid options for you. The tunnels make getting around camps very convenient and I will probably never have to go outside in the Wisconsin winter, which is a definite plus.
  • 6 months ago
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Because this is a small, private, division three school, there obviously is not much of a focus on it. However, the people are are in sports, varsity or otherwise, have such a strong team spirit and love for what they do that it most definitely is prevalent throughout campus.
Concordia University of Wisconsin is one of those campuses that gives you goosebumps, and it is not just because of the lake breeze. Every student and staff member that I have encountered is caring and understanding, never turning away a student no matter what the situation. I feel more comfortable than I ever have when talking with teachers, making me feel more confident in my knowledge and occupation choice. Small class sizes allow professors to get to know their students and help them in the best way possible, making this a school that I would most definitely pick again if I had to do it all over. This was the one school I applied to, and I am so confident in my decision.
The campus is beautiful, sitting right next to Lake Michigan. The teachers are extremely caring and professional.
There is no fraternities or sororities on campus.
There is usually a huge student section at sporting events. The most popular being football, basketball and hockey.
Currently I am a senior nursing student at this university, and if I had to do this all over again I would not choose a different school.
Overall, I feel that the classes and the professors are great, but the nursing program could use a lot of work because to me it seems disorganized. What I mean by that is, the nursing program at CUW, tries to get everything down the first year by making you take all these science classes, so students can do their clinicals their sophomore year. This strategy makes me feel rushed and too fast. I understand that they want to be different from other nursing schools, but I feel as if they are making it a bit hard and impossible for nursing students to graduate in 4 years, making them graduate in 5 years. The science classes that the freshmen have to take for the nursing program, to me, seems rushed and difficult to understand because the professors and the class needs to rush through the material until the semester is over, therefore, causing lower grades and the inability to perform the best we can. I think that the class order should be the same as any other nursing schools.
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All of these are great because the majority of classes are relevant, challenging, and worthwhile. I think that some pre-requisites are unnecessary for average or above-average students. I would consider some of these classes to be easier than my high school classes.
Concordia isn't a big name school, but I believe it produces quality citizens ready for their field. I study nursing and am impressed by the employment rate after graduation and NCLEX passing likelyhood.
  • 8 months ago
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I selected "it's ok" because I understand to be Concordia's risky social events (parties, etc.) to be average--not untouched by violence and struck by grief by a recent OD this past year.
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