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It was very iffy attending CTX. I attended for athletic purposes. I never really found a connection to the campus outside of my sport.
Very religious school. Most classes won't transfer to other university unless they are religious as well.
Reminded me of high school over all.
I love the community. The campus is beautiful and everyone here wants to see you succeed! There are many great resources for you to use and be successful in your classes such as the writing center, free tutors, etc.
My teachers and advisors are wonderful. Always offering assistance. All offices have windows so it makes the environment less intimidating.
Review Concordia University - Texas
Professors are always on stand by to help a student out. I always wondered if they sleep. " I would text them pass midnight and would get a response back!" Administration is great. They will work with you. For instance, questions on your degree audit, in case of an emergency, or you need assistance in other categories. Concordia is a private Lutheran University. They do not discriminate religion,culture and gender. Anyone is welcome to register. Very caring and friendly campus.
It's a good university for a freshman but a transfer student who is just looking to finish college somethings will get annoying
Concordia is a great school. Their staff are all very friendly to everyone. I love the campus itself.
Beautiful campus and the school is well taken care of. I really had high hopes transferring to this school. Everyone seems to be so excited for you to join the Concordia family. That dwindled as soon as I was enrolled as a student. I was always very active at my last school, but for some reason I've had a tough time finding my "niche" at this place. It seems like everyone has their group, and they won't really talk to you if you're not apart of their clique. Def has a high school vibe in that way. And not to mention, the staff (not professors, usually) are standoffish and rude. The cafeteria lady yelled at me bc I went in to get plastic silverware to eat my lunch.I wasn't stealing food, or being impolite, but excuse me, if I'm paying 15 k a semester to come here, I better not have random workers yelling at me over a plastic fork!! Ludacris!!Very cliquey and you kind of have to drink the koolaid, for lack of better words.
Concordia University is a beautiful and friendly campus! The student-professor ratio is perfect if you are looking for lots of one-on-one time with your college professors. That way, you have no reason to worry about being left out of the circle in your classes. The community is very open and welcoming, making you feel comfortable in no time at all. If you are looking for a school that will make you feel like you never left home, Concordia is the perfect place for you.
Overall, if you're looking for a small and intimate environment to learn and live in, this is the university for you. It's not the typical college experience that a lot of people are searching for, and it's not going to give you a place to really hide all that well. The professors care about each of their students are are very open and accepting. It's been a wonderful school.
I man attending Concordia for their nursing program and I absolutely love it. I am leaning quite a lot and I love everything they have to offer and the diversity within the program itself. They are very welcoming and I feel really comfortable there. Their Christian principles and practice also attracted me. I can say I am learning spiritually and mentally.
Concordia makes you feel welcome and apart of a community. The professors are amazing and everyone is very friendly. I love having chapel and 909. I also am a student athlete and I feel like professors accommodate accordingly to my needs during season.
The professors are helpful, the courses are right on, The program is preset so you don't have to worry about your classes not being available because they automatically sign you up for your classes. The online masters classes don't run simultaneously instead you do 8 intense weeks for one course then you do another 8 weeks for another course. This makes it easy for working students
Concordia has been an amazing school for me, and I feel like I made a great choice when picking this school. The professors are great and the class sizes are small.
I recently had a few interviews for intern positions and they were all very familiar with Concordia and have employees who graduated from there.
I always feel safe on campus. Because it's such a small school, you get to know everyone.
the school spirit is great. I never go to games because I have to work, but the community is great
I enjoy going to Concordia. It is a great environment and I love the small feel.
Review Concordia University - Texas
All employees are always willing to help in your college experience and answer all questions.
The policy of drinking underage is enforced heavily.
Since I've been at Concordia there wasn't really any crimes on campus, but there are like coyotes and other animals that can cause danger to us, like snakes, etc.
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