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Concordia University - Minnesota Reviews

265 reviews
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Campus feels like home and you always recognize somebody due to the small class sizes. You get connected with your professors who know you on a first name basis, and you aren't just a number in the classroom.
my experience at concordia has been great so far as a freshman their has been so many people who are willing to help you succeed in school. you have to be willing to want to accept this help because with these people by your side anything is possible.
Honestly this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had, academic wise, people wise, food wise, the whole ordeal was just awful. I am not coming back.
I enjoy the online classes and the weekly interaction. You have to be motivated on your own and not depend on sitting in a class to learn.
I love Concordia University because it really helps students succeed by providing great resource for homework, tutors, and helpful sessions to overview what difficulties are there to overcome.
Safety and Security is a top priority
Staff and Professors are awesome and are willing to help
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
Athletics are great, but for me I am more focused on my studies
The staff member's and professors are very friendly and they are interested in helping you to succeed and graduate. That is the type of school i want to be a part of, verses just thinking I am a dollar sign.
This school does a great job of preparing you
  • College Freshman
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
Concordia has great professors and a lot of majors
Our campus has a 24 hour security escort where if you don't feel safe walking somewhere, you can call the office and they can escort you anywhere. I feel very safe on my campus
Living on Campus has truly changed my life for the better. I have found one of my closest friends through being roommates with her. Everyone else on the floor also get along really well. The cost was amazing and way better than other schools. The social atmosphere was great and the amenities were perfect! There were laundry machines in the bathrooms! It was also very easy to apply for housing and the whole process was great. I wouldn't change a thing.
  • College Freshman
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
We don't have a Greek Life at Concordia and I like it that way. I think that Greek Life splits up and divides the student body and I personally don't like that. We are very much one body at Concordia.
While athletics are important at Concordia, they are not the most important thing and I think that is wonderful. The athletes and the non athletes all respect and encourage each other. They are all involved on each others activities and support each other greatly. We are a spirited, supportive school and I take great pride in that.
From just the short time being here, I already know that I have picked the very best school for me. The professors care about you and want to help you succeed. The very first day I spent there my music professor came up to me in the hallway and addressed me by name and asked me about a choir audition. My other professors have also asked me what they can do to help me succeed. I wouldn't choose a different college if given the choice because I believe this one is the best for me!
Go to other schools for student life experience, however, good for academics at CU
Health area very well setup, but, no one really uses it so wide open for assistance.
You're in the middle of the Twin Cities so lots to choose from for areas of interest/work.

Not a traditional college experience, have to go to other schools for student-life experience/pride...

Don't hear Christian values taught in classes, even tho certain Christian classes are required its more for exposure to what Christianity is, not to follow.

Lap tops are a must.

People are nice, its a small campus so everyone knows everyone...

Good people do work here.

For similar pricing or just a bit more...go to St Thomas...if you really want a Christian experience, go to Northwestern in Roseville.
  • Recent Alumnus
  • 9 months ago
  • Value
No school spirit...7 time National Champion Volleyball can barely get 30 students to attend!!!

Football can barely get 30 students to attend...

Facilities for student-athletes need major updating...to bad the administration doesn't see athlete's safety and development a priority...Maybe the new AD can make some changes?
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