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Concordia University Chicago Reviews

406 reviews
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I love the atmosphere here at Concordia Chicago. While it is a small, D-III school, it is easy to get involved in many different activities on campus. Also, the College of Education is excellent! The professors genuinely care about their students.
Concordia University Chicago is a place where you go to feel at home. The students and staff are so welcoming and make you feel as though you belong. Being in Chicago allows students like me to explore and try new things with new friends. I have made so many new friends who I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. College here was such a success that I would recommend Concordia University Chicago to anyone who wants to explore and to feel like you're at a home away from home. Overall, great experience!
Concordia is wonderful place if you enjoy being near the big city. You are literally about a half hour from downtown Chicago which can offer a lot of opportunity. The one thing I would change is the food. The food is awful, the food lacks nutritional value and there are such limited options. Students frequently use their own money to go out and get food rather than using the meal plan which is ridiculously expensive.
I love the campus and teachers! The classes they offer are very diverse. The campus life is very active.
I like the flexibility of the online graduate program. It allows me to learn while continuing with my full-time job.
What I like about Concordia is that the classes are small and that our professors do seem to recognize. What I hope to see a change in is activities for commuters. All the activities done at Concordia seem to be for residents, since the activities are always late at night.
I enjoyed the campus life. Our school was always clean and have a very safe environment. Students were kind to one another and supported each other to achieve greater in their courses.
I really liked seeing Concordia University. However, the school looked to not have a cleaning team or a tour guide with a sense of certainty of any other major besides his own.
The campus buildings are sligtly older, but have a lot of character.
We do not have any greek fraternities at CUC currently.
I am not too involved in sports, but I know that CUC has a sports team.
I have truly enjoyed my time at CUC. It is very good school that really focuses on each student. The professors challenge the students and assure that they are successful.
Had I have known what I do now, I would have gone to school at the other university that I was accepted to.
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  • 7 months ago
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Unfortunately my experience this summer with my summer class has been poor. My professor didn't count a paper that was turned in on time and caused my grade to reflect.
I do not believe this is a problem but I am not sure because I haven't heard of anything.
The dorms need to be updated and student life outside of classes would be nice.
The soccer team doesn't get the recognition that it should. The fan attendance is poor.
I am not satisfied with my options at Concordia and would have chosen another school had I known.
Within a major and area of study, it is easy with the help of advisors. Career services wise, it is not very helpful, they are really bad at getting back to you.
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  • 11 months ago
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I love the size of the campus and classes, I love my professors, I love my friends. I wish we had more course offerings, I wish we had more financial help, and I wish things were more accessible for the non-team athlete.
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