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Its a great small university that is growing. Its religion base and close to God. A great place to grow in both mind and body.
CUAA is a great school for students wanting a one on one relationship with their professors. Class sizes were perfect. At CUAA I was a student-athlete, I felt like I got the most learning even when my sport was in season. I would ask CUAA to invest more into the meals served. As a good portion of the students attending are also athletes I felt that the food should've been more healthier and less processed.
The small size of Concordia means you really get to know not only your peers but your professors. Professors are personally invested in your progress both academically and personally. Small class sizes alow you to have meaningful conversation where you feel like more than just a number.
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This small, friendly christian college has been the best place I have garnered an education from in all my years of schooling. Over a short amount of time, I have come to be friends with nearly all of my professors that I have had and come to respect them in their various fields. The community is welcoming, and the courses are challenging. Together, they make for a wonderful environment to learn and grow in.
2 room suites including a bathroom. Its very spacious and there are often activities in the halls
Concordia is building on the athletic program and constantly improving all facilities.
This school is generally a fine learning environment. The administration is working on creating a more diverse environment and the staff is constantly looking for more input to keep everyone happy. Concordia is expanding and moving in the right direction.
I have always felt safe and secure with Concordia's campus safety. They do a great job all the way around.
There are a lot of companies and business that look at the graduates of Concordia University first as then leave the school and enter the job market. Many get great jobs right after they leave and have successful careers in their desired fields.
  • Feb 29 2016
  • Value
All of my professors have been great and showed that they care about my learning experience. They challenge me to the point that I have to think things through myself but are however not hesitant to lend a helping hand when I get stuck. They all make the classes fun and energetic in order to keep us engaged.
I am a commuter but I have stayed on campus a few times and would love to live there if given the opportunity. It is a new and fun experience that is well represented at Concordia.
We do not have Greek life on campus.
I am a sprinter on Concordia's track and field team. I have loved it so far. My coaches are some of the best that I have ever had and they truly care about the sport and my improvement within it. The school spirit is great too. Everyone comes out to support all the teams regardless of their performance because everyone knows all the hard work that these athletes have put into being a part of these teams.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Concordia thus far. I really enjoyed orientation weekend. They had plenty of activities and opportunities to get to know people, professors, and the campus while having a lot of fun and making a great deal of good memories. I enjoy the small class sizes because it allows me to get more one on one time with the professor if I am struggling with something that is being taught in the class. I would choose Concordia all over again if given the opportunity. It has been a positive and great experience for me so far and should be in my future here.
The school could improve the computer lab, library, and parking structure for students.
The Teachers in the education program seem to really care about each student. The registration and campus staff however are not always the most helpful or things are not always working right. Sometimes you have to make something happen yourself if you want it done.
Concordia College is extremely important for me. While talking with my grandparents I was told my great grandmother had donated to this college when she was alive, and this is where I wanted to go. I was then excepted to play soccer and I signed on my great grandmother birthday. I know she is extremely proud of me.
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great variety and usually fairly reasonable
  • Mar 30 2015
  • Food
they are helpful and always avilable
It is a dry campus, so I haven't seen many actual parties that aren't school sponsored.
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