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While I have yet to begin my studies at Concordia Seminary - St. Louis, I have lived there for the last two years and everyone has been welcoming, providing opportunities for continuing education to the community.
Concordia Seminary takes its formation of pastors seriously. It's obvious that all of the professors love pouring themselves into teaching about the Word of God so that we can be equipped to go out and proclaim it in the parish. The classes are rigorous and challenging but ever so rewarding. Even if I wasn't becoming a pastor, what I've learned at Concordia Seminary has been invaluable.
Concordia Seminary is a tough program, but the professors want you to succeed, and so they take the time to invest in their students.
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Concordia Seminary has an excellent academic and pastoral atmosphere. There is a strong focus on learning and applying the original languages of the Bible. It is a great place to study for the ministry.
the campus is real open and literally anyone can get into all the halls. Public safety should do rounds more often especially when it is night outside.
they are a great help
people do not clean behind themselves
If it wasn't for athletics i would not be here
They really do try to help out the best that they can, but it's a unique situation, so it can be challenging.
There is only one assigned parking space for family housing, and dorm parking is generally far from the dorm it is assigned to.
Technology isn't a strong suit, but it isn't used too extensively here anyhow.
I mean, it's a seminary. It should be strict. That's part of it.
Pretty snowy, and it gets really humid in the middle of summer.
We are surrounded by a community of loving neighbors.
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