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Concordia College was absolutely one of the greatest adventures of my life. The education that I received was fantastic and I had so many opportunities that I am confident I would not have received anywhere else. Concordia helped me grow and become confident in my decisions. I truly do not know where I would be if it weren't for all of the wonderful people and experiences I encountered at Concordia.
Concordia College is very community-driven. The college puts academics at high priority but also gives students a lot of opportunities to make the most of their college experience through residence life, clubs and orgs, music, theatre, athletics, and student government.
I love the people. Everyone is welcoming and they make you feel at home. When I am away from campus all I think about is when I get to go back.
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Amazing arts programs. They do a great job preparing students for jobs once they graduate. They keep everyone in mind and treat everyone as a person, not a number.
Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help you no matter what it is you are dealing with. The professors here are super funny as well.
Campus is very same.You can even walk without any fear at mid night.Academic is very good and professors are very caring.
I thoroughly enjoy Concordia-Moorhead because I do not feel like just another college student/number there. The professors care about each and everyone of their students, coaches put their heart and soul into the sports, student organizations motivate kids to broaden their horizons by expanding their knowledge, and the campus has a very "at home" feel.
One thing Concordia could improve on is affordability. They could offer just a few more scholarships/grants that would allow a greater number of people to experience the amazing campus they have. The cost of a college is what, in most cases, makes the decision for a prospective college student. By making it a bit less expensive, more kids would be willing to look at Concordia as a college option.
Concordia College has offered me a very open community where I can be myself. Since it is a relatively small college I am able to also have a close relationship with that I would otherwise not be able to have had I chosen to go to a bigger university.
Concordia is a college that does not make you give up any of your extra curricular activities and hobbies to succeed academically. In fact, it is encouraged that students participate in activities, clubs, societies, and teams outside of pure academy. That being said, Concordia also expects determination and work ethic from students enrolled in classes. I have found my time at Concordia very rewarding so far, allowing me to explore ways of life, hobbies, interests, and connections I could not get anywhere else.
Concordia is a good place to be. The professors are all wonderful and understanding, the on campus food is spectacular, and it is a very welcoming environment. You feel safe here.
I loved how much the teachers cared at Concordia. It was amazing how they really wanted you to succeed and would do everything in their power to help you achieve that.
Concordia was DEFINITELY the right choice for me! Since coming to Concordia I have had so many unique experiences, learned so much about myself, and I have just all out had a great time! The professors really care and really want to get to know and help their students. The students themselves are friendly and caring. Overall, Concordia is my home away from home.
Concordia College is my second home. Everyone here is so genuinely nice, the professors are supportive and want to get to know you as an individual, and the courses are rigorous and rewarding. Concordia is a place that challenges you while also giving you incredible opportunities to work/intern in your chosen field, study away, and be involved in many different things. Nestled in the fast-growing community of Fargo-Moorhead, a tri-college town, there are so many fun things to do!
Everything was great! Everything was great! Everything was great! Everything was great! Everything was great! Everything was great!
Absolutely loved everything about Concordia. Everyone is so nice and amazing, and the professors are so awesome and nice.
Concordia College is a close-knit community in the smallish city of Moorhead, MN. Right across the bridge is Fargo, ND with plenty if stuff to do when you aren't studying. Concordia has a wide variety of activities for a smaller campus, and is worth every penny. The relationships with faculty, other students, and future employers are unlike any other college or university in the area.
Concordia College is a great experience for the student looking for a comfortable studying environment with an overtly friendly student body. The community of the campus and relationships between the faculty and students is what truly makes Concordia a great place to be. Every student is given the resources they need to succeed, if only they ask for them or track down the connection. As a private liberal arts college the student body is generally smaller and not as diverse. Another negative side-effect of great resources and small numbers is the high sticker price. However, 99% of students receive financial aid and other scholarships. As with other small colleges, Concordia is facing current downsizing and further budget cuts as more students are choosing not to go to college. For anyone looking for a great undergrad experience, Concordia College is definitely worth a tour. If you aren't sold by the beautiful campus and friendly environment, the dining services will sell you for sure.
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There are a lot of options to get experience in my field.
I've really liked the professors I've met and the options I have to take or audit courses.
There is easy access to Kjos
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