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Concordia College helps you to graduate within 4 years guaranteed, otherwise they will cover the rest of your college expenses after 4 years.
The community is absolutely wonderful. The campus maybe small, but the community is definitely worth it.
Concordia College is a school that focuses on academics as well as creating an inviting school environment.
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Good value, good academics, especially in the sciences! Nice People. I am on the tennis team and in the choir and I am really enjoying my time hear so far.
The tuition cost can be a little intimidating at first, but Concordia College in Moorhead is well worth the price. It is a small, private, liberal arts college where the class sizes are small enough that professor knows each of their students names. These small class sizes give everyone an opportunity to immerse themselves into their classes and actually enjoy getting to learn from and know their teachers.
Concordia is a welcoming place with a great learning environment and a community that cares. Don't let the cold Moorhead/Fargo winters chase you away! The warmth of the people on campus will be more than enough to make up for it.
First I am very impressed about the campus very clean big and distressful
secondly the staff is very pleasant and help me a lot to focus on my 4 years plan.
I love the welcoming atmosphere at Concordia and the opportunities you have as a student. I've interned for a local magazine, worked out in Washington D.C. for a semester away, and been published, all during my undergraduate career. I do hope that they continue to address the lack of diversity on campus and upgrade the athletic facilties.
I like how kind the area is and the community that is at this college. The professors are all supportive and very helpful. Overall I feel like this school is very committed to the success of its students.
I wasn't really sure what I wanted when I made the decision to come to Concordia, but I absolutely love everything I've found here.
Wonderful college. Great professors, small campus and good classes. There is a lot of care put into the students and even though the initial price tag looks high, almost half of that tuition is paid in scholarships just from the college itself.
On the good side of things, the food is decent for a college and the school takes academics very seriously. There is very little diversity, some of the class sizes are so small that it is uncomfortable, the work out area is terrible, there isn't a large course selection, and there are many required classes that should not be required.
Concordia College was absolutely one of the greatest adventures of my life. The education that I received was fantastic and I had so many opportunities that I am confident I would not have received anywhere else. Concordia helped me grow and become confident in my decisions. I truly do not know where I would be if it weren't for all of the wonderful people and experiences I encountered at Concordia.
Concordia College is very community-driven. The college puts academics at high priority but also gives students a lot of opportunities to make the most of their college experience through residence life, clubs and orgs, music, theatre, athletics, and student government.
I love the people. Everyone is welcoming and they make you feel at home. When I am away from campus all I think about is when I get to go back.
Amazing arts programs. They do a great job preparing students for jobs once they graduate. They keep everyone in mind and treat everyone as a person, not a number.
Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help you no matter what it is you are dealing with. The professors here are super funny as well.
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Campus is very same.You can even walk without any fear at mid night.Academic is very good and professors are very caring.
I thoroughly enjoy Concordia-Moorhead because I do not feel like just another college student/number there. The professors care about each and everyone of their students, coaches put their heart and soul into the sports, student organizations motivate kids to broaden their horizons by expanding their knowledge, and the campus has a very "at home" feel.
One thing Concordia could improve on is affordability. They could offer just a few more scholarships/grants that would allow a greater number of people to experience the amazing campus they have. The cost of a college is what, in most cases, makes the decision for a prospective college student. By making it a bit less expensive, more kids would be willing to look at Concordia as a college option.
Concordia College has offered me a very open community where I can be myself. Since it is a relatively small college I am able to also have a close relationship with that I would otherwise not be able to have had I chosen to go to a bigger university.