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This school has an abundance of kind, helpful, and well-educated professors however where they lack they do indeed LACK. The primary goal of the school seems to be getting more money (from students) in order to maintain practices that clearly aren't working. All I can say is that the best part of this school is the diverse and wonderful cultures you will encounter and the many different kinds of people you will meet. That being said, this is NOT a valid reason to pick a university. Especially one that will do absolutely nothing for most post-academic careers.
Concordia's mission statement is a small school with a big impact. I couldn't agree more. The professors actually care if you pass, they're very invested in your education and success. Since the school is small the students per class are perfectly sized. Making it a comfortable environment for one to study, learn, and have the professors undivided attention. Many services are offered to help further your education, such as a student writing center, and tutoring center. I gave it 4 stars due to the administrative staff. They really make things harder with their lack of knowledge. To get any answers one must go to the person in charge of each department, at least that's my solution. Overall it is a great school and I couldn't be happier to be attending.
This school charges an arm and a leg just so that you can get a B.A and not get a job in your chosen career as no one has ever heard on concordia college. While the school looks beautiful in spring and summer beware of the things that will go wrong starting with excess partying in dorms and fire alarms going off all the time.
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The staff is so helpful and nice. Every time I have an issue with my account or question, I receive help right away, contrary to other colleges that I have attended. I have great professors! I don't attend the campus, so I go to night classes in my community that works with my schedule. This works out amazing since I can work, and attend classes without being distracted by campus life, and I save time traveling too.
I am part of the Concordia College online program. The administration and faculty have been extremely helpful, professional, and responsive. I have been treated with respect in all aspects and they are there to help you succeed.
The atmosphere of Concordia College - NY is inviting. Everyone knows everyone and is treated with respect. The professors have a personal relationship with each student making the campus very friendly.
My experience at Concordia college has been nothing short of exceptional. The staff at Concordia is very accommodating and help students achieve high academic standards. They also offer many activities on campus and encourage students to get out and explore NYC. I wouldn't change anything at Concordia College NY because my experience has been great!
Concordia College has great customer service, very nice to communicate with. The teachers are professional and easy to talk to, they are always available after class.
If you’re reading this, you’ve contemplated up to this point of attending this school. DONT. It’s a waste. I wasted so much money in this school for nothing. Disorganized. People are snobby. The professors are fantastic but everything else is crappy. Commuters don’t get any benefits, the food prices are expensive and the parking is HORRENDOUS.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself $40 grand and go to another school that’s cheaper and better.
Being an athlete made college a better experience. But was very stressful when it came to the communication among the different offices on campus, which got very frustrating.
I enjoy Concordia College-NY's small campus and class size. Each student is able to get one on one attention in the classroom. The small campus also allows students to get to know each other easier. The only thing I would change is to have better food.
This school is perfect for students who want to be considered a person - not a number - in the eyes of a professor. All professors are sweet, caring, understanding and want to see you succeed in your field. There is ample of time to meet with your professor after or before class starts and if you have any concerns or clarification, they will help you.
Concordia is good college with small intimate classes that allows your professors to know you and your learning style. The food and cafeteria was excellent with a variety of choices. The library is beautiful and clean. might need a better security system. Someone has stole money from my bag which I left on the desk to use the restroom, when I reported it, the camera that was there wasn't actually working. The library reimbursed me my money with petty cash. Overall it was a great experience.
Good school with many degree options and program paths. I enetered the accelerated adult degree program in August of 2015 and transferred to the nursing BSN program. My anticipated graduating date is December 2018! The college sets students up for success in their studies you just have to work hard. The college is costly but financial aid and scholarships are available thanks God.
My experience at Concordia has been phenomenal. Since the first day I stepped into Concordia, I felt welcomed from teachers and peers. Another thing I love about Concordia are the courses they provide. They make sure that students are challenged and pushed beyond their limits. Classes are small which makes it easier for everyone to learn. My overall experience at Concordia so far has been amazing.
I enjoyed meeting the staff and teachers and the school was very nice, but i felt that it was a little unorganized compared to last year.
Always security around and you need to swipe to get into buildings. I feel safe all the time.
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I don't think getting degree from Concordia will get you the job but the recommendations will.
The professors care and have real life experience. They understand if you need an extension and are accommodating to schedules. Course could be more advanced and better organized.
I enjoy living in the dorms. The rooms are large the people are generous and it is usually clean.
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