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Concordia College - Alabama Reviews

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I would like to change the location have new cookers my experience will be that it is a small school the professor's are great
My experience at Concordia College Alabama is awesome. The professors are the best and they care about the progression of the students. I've met students from different walks of life.
Residential life is always on capus especially t night.
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The campus housing is not bad at all but an update would be awesome.
It's not alot of sorority or fraternity on this campus. Hopefully, as the years go by more come to the college.
My experience at school has been good. The reason why I chose this school was because of the great education program. It is a small campus. You are able to bond with people from different places & backgrounds as well as the great professors.
Athletes difinitely get the support from the student body as well as school spirit. The sports at this school get supported because they perform well. The facility is not bad but it could be updated for sure.
Many people on campus are very judgmental of what other students do in their life. We have many students who are passionate upon expressing themselves... sexually, physically, and spiritually, many people don't except them nor do they respect them.
Transportation is not good at all! because the crime rate is soo high, it is not likely that you would want to walk, and Concordia doesn't use its campus shuttle too often!
the computers at concordia college were not working well you had to keep cutting them off and on to fist the problem.
i felt unsafe at some point because students were fighting each other, and doing CRAZY things around the campus..
i have gotten this grade on account of my work ethic
Concordia College Alabama offers just two majors; one in education and the other in business management
Virtually, off-campus housing for students is practiced by students who are residents of Selma.
The school has no restaurants on campus but is located close to a number of restaurants and supermarkets. However, the question is whether these students are able to afford the exorbitant prices charged by the providers
The athletic team if fairly good with good records from the soccer team and bitter ones from the basketball team.
The supposed building on campus expected to be the library is more than a stadium. Literally, i mean to say the library is very noisy.
I would rank my school as one of the most boring places to be as a college student.
The greater percentage of the faculty here at Concordia College are committed to their dream of providing holistic education to the students
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When one enters the halls of residence on campus in general and the males in particular, the obvious smell one is greeted with is that of drugs
Go CCA – Our athletic teams are great. Especially our soccer and girls basketball team. They are awesome.!
No Drama – There are not really any problems within the students that would need attention from security. I feel safe at all times.
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