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This school is perfect for students who want to be considered a person - not a number - in the eyes of a professor. All professors are sweet, caring, understanding and want to see you succeed in your field. There is ample of time to meet with your professor after or before class starts and if you have any concerns or clarification, they will help you.
Concordia is good college with small intimate classes that allows your professors to know you and your learning style. The food and cafeteria was excellent with a variety of choices. The library is beautiful and clean. might need a better security system. Someone has stole money from my bag which I left on the desk to use the restroom, when I reported it, the camera that was there wasn't actually working. The library reimbursed me my money with petty cash. Overall it was a great experience.
Good school with many degree options and program paths. I enetered the accelerated adult degree program in August of 2015 and transferred to the nursing BSN program. My anticipated graduating date is December 2018! The college sets students up for success in their studies you just have to work hard. The college is costly but financial aid and scholarships are available thanks God.
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My experience at Concordia has been phenomenal. Since the first day I stepped into Concordia, I felt welcomed from teachers and peers. Another thing I love about Concordia are the courses they provide. They make sure that students are challenged and pushed beyond their limits. Classes are small which makes it easier for everyone to learn. My overall experience at Concordia so far has been amazing.
I enjoyed meeting the staff and teachers and the school was very nice, but i felt that it was a little unorganized compared to last year.
Always security around and you need to swipe to get into buildings. I feel safe all the time.
The professors care and have real life experience. They understand if you need an extension and are accommodating to schedules. Course could be more advanced and better organized.
I don't think getting degree from Concordia will get you the job but the recommendations will.
  • 12 months ago
  • Value
I enjoy living in the dorms. The rooms are large the people are generous and it is usually clean.
  • 12 months ago
  • Housing
They're not as involved with the school and students as I think they should be.
The athletic program is not the best. The athletics deserve a lot more than what they receive. The facilities need improvement and more money should be put into the uniforms.
My school is right outside of New York City and I believe that you make the most out of your school. I enjoy going to the city with my friends and experiencing new aspects of life and my school allows me to do that
My abuser was in a position of authority over me and when I spoke up about feeling unsafe I was told "it's always awkward living with an ex," and "are you sure you're not just imagining that he's doing/saying those things?" This went on for weeks before something actually came of it.
The professors and some of the staff are absolutely lovely. Everything else is a joke. The leadership is a joke. The courses could be quite good but often get cancelled last minute. The campus is too small to breathe, no one listens to feedback, and the only reason I'm still around is that Lutherans get okayish scholarships.
The temperature is sporadic, there's no kitchen, the rooms are awkwardly designed, and the lounges are downright uncomfortable. There are no apartment options and you will probably always have a roommate
  • Jan 20 2016
  • Housing
I absolute love the professors here. However, the campus did not feel safe, it was way over priced not to even have a kitchen(!!!), and it took an inappropriate amount of time for a very dangerous situation I was in to be considered dangerous and not just "in my head." Very bad leadership as far as I'm concerned.
There are many people that are available incase we are ever in a bad situation, they provide services which will allow them to have a case and figure out the situation with clarity
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The career development person is very interested in helping us succeed and learn about all the opportunities available for us.
  • Jan 4 2016
  • Value
the school facilities are not worth the value spent
I personally am a pledge and it is pretty interesting the journey to become a sister
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