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Concorde Career Institute - Miramar Reviews

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Great school. I am learning a lot.
Great school. I enjoy the school and learn a lot.
The school is very good and professional and cost is reasonable.
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very fourth coming and flexible
it was a great experience. especially for working parents
they have a 2 month internship and they also assist to find jobs
very friendly and willing to assist
its a career not just a job. You will learn various positions through out the medical office.
Admission was easy, financial director was very helpful.
i wouldnt receommend concorde to any student

Campus Resources at Concorde Career Institute are just what you need to reach your goals and obtain your career in a short amount of time. There might not be any athletic programs or facilities, but the student centers where hands on training is being instructed are top of the line. The books needed for your courses are provided by the school and so is all the technological resources that you need in order to obtain a career in 9 months.
The student body at my school is really supportive and friendly. Everyone in the school seems to be sure of what they want and motivated to complete their courses. Everyone at school is about their business but also reliable when help is needed. Our classes require us to engage in plenty of team and group tasks while conducting our hands on training sessions. Team work is very necessary in the medical field and Concorde's student body makes it easier and more enjoyable to want to study at school.
A very unique thing about Concorde Career Institute is that you can attain your own career in a short amount of 9 months. There are various medical programs to choose from such as, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Physical Therapy, Medical Office Administration, Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, and Surgical Technologist. They also provide Associates in Sciences Degrees in Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy. Everyone from the staff to the students are helpful and very friendly. They make my educational experience one of a kind and supportive to strive to success.
At Concorde the computer network is always great. I know I can always count on my resources given by the school to help me with my tasks. The technology and tools provided are more than just what you need for the hands on training that is being instructed daily for our future careers. Concorde is sure to gurtantee the latest technology with high speeds and excellent network reliability. I know I can always count on my school to deliver with what is needed in order to help me succeed my goals in becoming a medical assistant.
Going to concorde is a great experience, they have worked around my work schudule and also help me with my personal schudule too, i took my credit from my other school and it was not taken under consideration,now that was a huge let down.
I took online course at the other campus but its like it does get you a little nervous but once you get the hang of checking or logging in and getting starting it becaome easy .
because the computer network is always in a good condition. download, printing wifi all fine
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My professors have been helping every step of the way which is so hard to come around. Any question I have I know I can always trust in my professor to help me with any questions I have. I have no problem with the class registration because once you pass your classes my Admissions Consultant will add the next class for me so I will always have my classes I need without worrying about if all the classes is taken up.
I qualified concorde career instittute with A plus because Its Our training programs are short, affordable, and hands-on, providing you with the education you need to succeed in the exciting healthcare community. our Financial Aid department can help find the funding needed for your education. If job availability is a concern, our experienced Graduate Employment team will assist you in finding the right employment opportunities. Concorde has responsibilities with respect to education loans may accept from a lender, or an affiliate of any lender, any fee, payment, or other financial benefit as compensation for any type of consulting arrangement.
I choose this grade because attending this college my FASA didn't really give me enough to be able to support myself going to school, but the administration has been trying their best and going above and beyond to help me receive as much money as I can in order to continue my education to eventually reach my goals. They have given me different options to try out in hopes the I will get some money to help me out.
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