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Concorde has a great LVN program. The staff are really nice and they will go above and beyond for the students and everyone is treated like a family member rather than a student. The environment around the school is good like its next to a church which made me feel as if god was with each and every one of us during every test we took.
They have morning afternoon and night classes making it easy to be in school.
Everyone is a family and if your struggling they are so helpful in getting you successful.
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I have been unemployed for a while and I have no luck getting a job even with the help of the staff at Concorde.
The class rooms were not big enough to fit our big class so it was a little hectic at times.
I was in externahip at a family practice for 3 months doing a certain amount of hours and I learned a lot from the experience.
Learned ekg, blood draws, injections, medical terminology, medicines, ua, front and back office, hippa, osha and procedures
Concorde career college really helped me with the hands on experience. Everyone is so nice and we're all like a family. Everything I learned in school I came across working in a clinic. It's very expensive but if I had the money I would carry on my education with Concorde.
I had to plan around my classes because you don't really chose them they just give you the hours the instructors chose which are not changeable. At first it was a little hard, but after giving my boss my academic schedule he understood
In my online class we had one discussion board, one essay, and one quiz due per week. This was not hard at all, however a lot of the older students in my class had trouble navigating the site. It was very educational, and the students worked very hard together to understand the online curriculum.
We don't have much of an alumni network. However the career center is extremely kind and helpful
Clinical rotations are individually equipped for each student to be successful. After graduation there is a whole team to help you find a job. There is lots of encouragement!
My class was a class of 8 which gave us the individual time we needed to learn. The instructor is helpful and kind. The students all help each other in troubled areas and communicate well.
I am taking polysomnography and although the workload is a lot it is easy to cope to, Clinical rotations give you on the job training to apply your classroom learning's. Clinical rotations also give you experience to put on your resume to find a good job. My instructor is very kind and helpful. The program is tough but it is the best learning experience
Concorde is a very fast paced learning environment. It is fairly easy to cooperate with instructors and directors as long as you are flexible and persistent. You must persevere because the constant changing is a little tough to keep up with, but you are surrounded by helpful students, instructors, and directors.
All classes are set in stone. Although there is very little flexibility, the student is well aware of this in advance.
They did not really help. They asked for a resume but then didn't really help in writing a resume. They provided a very badly worded template which was not very good.
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The courses were well chosen but they had no real instructors teaching us. Our class size was too big as they did not have enough clinical sites for all of us. The quality of courses was excellent but they were always scrambling to locate instructors. If 1 could not be located, they would just have someone come sit in the class and watch us. Many times the instructors were late or would have to leave early and we would just be sitting in class with nothing to do. We were not allowed to leave because we would be counted as absent.
Prospects for job employment in this field is excellent.
It was an intensive 10 week program. We had clinicals the entire last 5 weeks. Unfortunately, they placed 8 students at 1 clinical site which was not prepared to handle this many students. We did not really learn much. We asked to be moved but were not moved until that clinical site closed. The school workload was manageable and most of us were still working as well. The one good thing was all of us who applied for a job in this field were immediately hired. The school stated they help with resumes and employment placement. Most of us wrote our own resumes and found our own jobs.
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